Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Drops of Awesomeness in Texas!

Hello family!!!
Tengo  gozo in mi alma hoy! :) Today is such a wonderful day. Well everyday is but today for some reason I am extra happy! :) I really love missionary work it is the best thing I could be doing. I am not saying that it is easy by far but it is so special and worth it through all the other crazy not so super things! :)

Well I am going to tell you my good things of the week or my “drops of awesomeness “ as ken would call it! 

Veronica – Veronica is praying to know if this is true. She said she is waiting for God to let her know because she wants to do His will. She was already baptized in this other church but she said if Heavenly Father tells her she needs to join this church that she will do it. She is so special. She is only 21 too, but mature. Every time we teach her she just wants to learn and always asks us when we are going to come back! I think she is enjoying learning. Her Husband is reviewing the pamphlets too to refresh his memory! They are good people!

Lilly – Wow is all I can say about this woman. She is sooo amazing. :)  We had an awesome time talking to her and teaching her about the book of mormon and joseph smith again. We invited her to read and pray and she said “ I was already going to before you even asked me…whatever! “ :)  We are hopefully going to see her tomorrow and see how her prayer went. She always tells us how she sings and praises Jesus with her music and how she thanks God everyday for what she has. She tells us about this song that says if you can’t praise him with your hands and if you don’t have your hands then praise him with your feet and if you don’t have your feet then praise him with your heart and if you don’t have a heart then you are already with him! J she says oh that song is sooo funny. I love that lady so much. 

Exchanges – this week we had exchanges. Hna Guitierrez and I had an awesome time. I learned a lot. She has only been a member for a 2 years. Her testimony is so strong. I really like her. Watching her teach was awesome because she just relates to people and relates the gospel to people so easy. She is also so bold. I loved it. We had an appointment and went to their house and the Dad opened the door and said sorry I was going to call to reschedule. She said we have just a 20 minute message. Do you have just a few minutes. He said no and then she said what about 5 minutes and a prayer? He was like umm but then something happened and he ended up coming out on his porch and talking to us for like 30 minutes. It was awesome! :) He felt the spirit. I was like dang…way to go hna! She is super happy and touchy all the time. She was always hugging me and I was like AHHHh stop the touching. :) But I didn’t want to make her feel bad so I just put up with it! Oh man…

Jose and Lorena Telling the Preacher – So The Santiallans are starting to understand and know how true this church is. Jose and Lorena went to two difference churches and I guess didn’t like either one because it was yelling and preaching and you couldn’t feel the holy ghost. I guess one of the people speaking started to rag a bit on mormons and jose and lorena were both not happy because what they were saying wasn’t true. They were with some of their friends who were of that congregation and said that is a lie. That isn’t true. They asked for the phone number of the person and are going to call him and tell him that it isn’t true and to study his info! Haha Hna Koerner and I didn’t say much because we felt like they are being taught through their experiences. We just laughed about it in the car after. :)  We only try to teach the principles of the gospel and never try to put up our church by ripping others down. It was just a neat thing to see. Lorena always tells us how when she doesn’t do the big three she just feels awful and how once they get stuff figured out that they are going to do what they know to be right…aka baptism! :)

Talking in my Sleep – I still talk in my sleep and supposedly it is getting worse! :) Hna Koerner told me that Saturday night she woke up cause I kept saying ”hna koerner” and then she finally said “what hna rife” and I said “our investigators have to go to church to get a testimony, How can we help them get to church? We just have to.” Ha ha :)

Conference Goodness I loved this quote by Elder Eyring in the recent relief society session
“Keep the faith.With all your differences in personal circumstances and past experiences, I can tell you something of what lies ahead for you. As you keep the faith, you will find yourself invited by the Lord often to serve someone in need when it will not seem convenient. It may appear to be an unpleasant and perhaps even impossible task. When the call comes, it may seem you are not needed or that someone else could easily give the succor. Remember that when the Lord lets us encounter someone in distress, we honor the good Samaritan for what he did not do as much as for what he did. He did not pass by on the other side even though the beaten traveler on the road was a stranger and perhaps an enemy. He did what he could for the beaten man and then put in place a specific plan for others to do more. He did that because he understood that helping may require more than what one person can do.”

Well I am going to go ahead and get going but I am including some pictures of Hna Koerner and I shoe shopping…don’t worry we didn’t get them although I was very tempted to and send them home for when I can wear heels again! A picture with Lilly and I. One of Hermana Koerner and I at district mtg with our mustaches. And my Shoes that I bought.

Hermana Rife and Hermana Koerner at their district meeting with their mustaches.
(not sure about the story behind this one)  :) 

Kynsie and Lilly

Kynsie and her companion trying on "high heel shoes" and wishing!!!
She was tempted to buy them and send them home for when she could wear heels again!!!  :)

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