Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Welll...its 82 degrees & December

Hi Family!

How is everyone doing? :) I hope all is well. I can't believe it is December. I made it 4 months on my mission. That is kinda a long time. :) Another week has flown by. Its been a crazy one but good. Every week we are doing so much good stuff. 

A few random facts....

i am starting to LOVE Hispanic food. Like LOVE. i crave it all the time. We eat it all the time too. 

i have converted hna rivera to the comfort of night gowns. :) We got some pretty cute ones at walmart. Picture attached. We also sometimes...make brownies and ice cream and eat them in our night gowns...just saying. 

Hna Rivera goes home in two weeks....ahhhh I am going to miss her so much. but I know she has a lot ahead of her. She might be calling you just fyi. She has taught me so much. She is such an example missionary. Sometimes I swear she is perfect! :)  Every day I am trying to become more and more like her. She is so consecrated even now as she is almost done. She is incredible. I know you all will get to meet her in the future. 

I think Hna Koerner and I will be staying Houston Seis. But we shall see. I am learning from Hna Koerner too. She teaching very well. 

As for the Work

Nora is doing great she had her interview this last weekend and she is prepared to be baptized this Saturday. We are excited for her! She came to the 1st Presidency  Devotional last night and really enjoyed it. She is also gaining a testimony of the Book of Mormon. We made this little activity for her to do every day with questions and then a section to read in the Book of Mormon. She always calls us and asks us questions and if she misses a day she always says...Hna. Rife..i didn't do my homework. Whenever we say we have something to give her-She is like I hope it is not more homework! haha :)

As for the Santillan Family. They got their Birth Certificate finally and now we are just working through a few little things to prepare them for baptism. We were able to go to the temple grounds with them and teach them a bit more there. They could feel the spirit so strong. We went to there house to drive with them and Jose wasn't home. Lorena said I don't know if he will be able to make it tonight cause he has a lot of work. We said a prayer that a miracle would happen so that they would be able to go as a family. She called back and Jose said I can come. I'll be there soon. We were like okay everyone go get all ready and we will go. So everyone got dressed up and Jose came home and started getting ready. As they were getting ready we cleaned their house up so the spirit could be there stronger. As they were walking out all dressed nicely the spirit was so strong in that home. We had church Christmas music playing and it was just so special. Randell said...My dad is wearing his Alligator Cowboy Boots...that means he is really trying to dress up. :) We went to the temple and it was beautiful. They all touched the outside of the building and Jose said wow i can feel it. He couldn't stop looking at it. He knows it is true. He also shared a very special experience with us about an answered prayer. As we were leaving we opened up the temple doors so they could just look inside. It was like the angels had prepared it for them to look. All of the temple workers were standing there at the desk smiling and Lorena and Jose were both in awe. Lorena said wow its like a bunch of angels. It was definitely a night I won't forget. I'll think in about a year they will be going back in dressed in white :) Keep praying for them! 

On Saturday, We had the baptism of Edwardo Ovalle. They are members of our ward. It was a special experience. The missionaries are a big deal to that family. They have been members for 3 years. Karen (18) comes with us on splits a lot. Elder Torres, Cheney, and Sinaca, Hna Rivera and Koerner sang called to serve and Army of Heleman and I played. I also played through out the service and said the closing prayer. I am so grateful for my piano lessons (aka thanks mom and dad and aka tanny and tyler keep playing) as well as I think heavenly father is blessing me with extra sight reading skills! 

The Christmas Devotional was really good. I hope you guys go to watch it as well. The Mormon Tabernacle Choir did wonderful as always. I really enjoyed it. It totally doesn't seem like Christmas not going to lie. I mean its 82 degrees here. :) I never thought I would say it...but I miss the cold and the snow. It is probably good though cause I have summer clothes and then I won't get homesick cause I won't think it is really Christmas time! :) anyways. are you all preparing for Christmas and singing lots of good Christmas Carols? I would love to see a picture of our house all decorated! You have the tree up yet? We have a cactus for ours....just kidding. 

Tyler - A boy named John Kevin Escobar might be adding you on Facebook. Don't worry that is my Bishops son. He speaks just spanish soooo start learning. ;) just kidding he speaks both. When I write your letter today I'll give you the details of how that happened! haha. :) 

I loved all the Pictures. Kate sent me some ones as well. Your costumes looked great! :) 

Well I don't have much more to say. I love my mission. I am learning lots. I pray for you always. :) Talk to you soon! Love you all!!!!

Remember who you are and to whom you belong to.

Off doing the Mission Thing in Texas. Ya Know...Finding the 10's of 1000's

Hermana Rife

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