Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Puessss it is me again :)

Hola Mi Familia!!!!

Okay I don't have much time today at all. I swear p-days are more busy than other days. Its nuts. Both my companions tell me its not normally like this but...I guess since we all have so much fun together Heavenly Father is trying to keep us out of trouble! :) ha ha

A Few of My Funnies

-Manuel: He lives in our apartment complex and he is awesome. He has a 2 year old son and is divorced. He is so nice and we always talk to him as he is going and coming from work. The other night we were on our way out with brownies to the bishops house and we started talking. He was asking us who we were and what exactly we did because he said I never knew what you were up too until last week when you prayed with me and then I still am wondering what you do all day everyday. It was funny. He said I thought you were running a shelter of some sort at first because you are out running every morning and such but now i understand more. He was very impressed that we would leave our homes and families to serve and go and teach people about God and Jesus Christ. It was a neat experience but funny what people think of us :) The things we hear are hilarious sometimes.

Elder Segura's Birthday is today. He is a huge basketball fan. We decided to make him a basketball cake. It ended up really good. On our way over this morning we decided to do a happy birthday song and I suggested a funny rap. Sooo thats what happened. :) I made a rap up really fast on the way over. Hermana River Beat Boxed and Hermana Busenbark danced. Lets just say it was legit and super hilarious. haha. Elder Cheney Filmed it. I hope that I can get a copy. The rap went something like this...

Happy Birthday,

Happy Birthday to you, You are 20,
In this mission you'll touch many
Thanks for Bein' our District Leader
One day, you'll be like Dieter (f. uchtdorf)

This days a little different as you can see,
But be the missionary, you ought to be.
Ride your Bike, Preach the Gospel, and Baptize...
and we'll still realize....

its your birthday. so happy birthday

This cake is for you, so eat it all up
even eat it with some milk in a cup
It's a basketball cause you love to play
your the best out of the elders, by the way

Never forget the love we have for you
and our gratitude for all the things you do
Times now up and we gots to go
But you'll be our friend, as you know

Hafter Sisters Represent...word :)

It was sooo good. We were laughing way hard. They loved it. They were impressed by my rapping skills, the beatboxing of Hna. Rivera and the dancing of Hermana Busenbark.

Sooo a few wonderfuls of this week

Nora - I can't remember all I have told you about Nora but she was scared to get baptized and it was just not going far with her. So we taught her and her son Edgar a few weeks ago. We extended a commitment to them both and she declined. She "wasn't ready" we encouraged her to pray but we didn't really think she did. She came to church without us even calling her last week and then tells us how much she has been missing us and she wants to talk to us. We go to lunch and she tells us her doubts and all. We clear them up teach her Gospel of Jesus Christ and then she tells us that she wants to get baptized. She told us she wanted to get baptized this week. 17th. but it was way to soon so she decided on the 1st of december. We were all in awe and so happy for her. She is one of the pictures that I sent to you!  I was blown away. It was awesome. She came to church yesterday and is working hard and will be preparing her for December 1st.

Faz & Santaillan - Guess who is going to the chapel and going to get married??? :) Yup. Jose and Lorena. They are an incredible family. We see them almost everyday and every day I have soo much more love for them.They always tell us you are all like family. It is so true though. We are going to be eating thanksgiving with them next week. We are cooking too cause...haha yeah. Well cool. :) All are progressing well. They make me laugh so hard. We have had some special experiences with them.

Last week we walked a lot. We spent all saturday and sunday on leg and a bit in the cars of members. We prayed with a family called the Sorto family. They are special. We taught them last night and the daughter Marisol (20's) really felt the spirit of the 1st vision as well as the book of mormon. I am excited to see where this goes. :)

We got to go to the temple this week. It is small compared to Provo and Mount Timp but still fabulous. it was fun

This week we have transfers. I think i'm staying put with my companions. :)  ummm


Brownies I made
Us and nora
Our district at the temple.
Elder Seguras Birthday
Us with Faz family and Hna. Rivera's auntie and uncle (the ones with glasses) and little camilla

Hermana Rivera got to teach her family and baptize them in March! They are great people and examples to me.

Life is good. Sorry I didn't send letters last week. The week past by quick and it just kinda slipped off my list of things to do. I wrote them but didn't send them. I love you all and hope you are doing great. Keep reading the scriptures and praying daily as a family. I know its hard but when we do it we will be so blessed and by those small things we stay holding on to the rod. Satan is always trying to bring us down and the book of mormon and prayer is really our armor to fight off our little devils and temptations! Even if it is 5 1 Make that important because it is the reason we are here! :)   Everyday I am seeing miracles. It is incredible. I love this work. it is indescribable. Thanks for all your love and support. I hope you all had a happy and safe halloween.

Love you lots

Remember who you are, and to whom you belong to.

Off finding the 10s of 1000s and loving life.

Hermana Rife

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