Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Just a little howdy from houston.

Hello Family!

Thanks for your emails. :)  It was so sweet reading them. I don't have tons of time today to write because we are writing from our office because of all the computer labs being closed. I was worried that we weren't going to be able to write and then that I would have a mom calling president pingree asking him what happened to me! :) Just teasing. You never know though from some of the funny stories I have heard. haha Hna Koerner called home for Christmas from our phone and her dad joked with her about texting her a few times to say hello. She said don't but...we have definitely received a few from him. haha She is like AHHHHH its my dad. She doesn't text him back and she finally asked him again over email to stop. It was so funny. She is so patient. He is just a concerned dad. :)  

We had a lot of wonderful things happen this week! :) We had a Zone conference this last week. It was great. We were able to learn and do a lot. I really enjoyed it. President Pingree talked about how he used to run up and down a street on the harbor of Oregon with Ships and how they had all these ropes tying them to shore. He said he often wondered what would happen if one of those ropes wasn't untied. The ship wouldn't be able to go out to the ocean. He spoke to us about the ropes that hold us back in our life or mission that are holding us back from being or becoming the best missionary or the best person we can. He talked about how we all have the potential but if something is holding one part of us back we can't progress and get to where Heavenly Father needs us to be. It was a good thing to think about. Even for people who aren't missionaries. What are little sins or little things that we don't want to give up to the Lord. What are little things that we can do better. Is it forgiving someone? Is it listening to that one song that doesn't have the best lyrics but they aren't Terrible? Is it holding grudges or thinking bad thoughts about others? There are lots of things to think about. I have been trying this week to evaluate myself personally as well as a missionary. It was a great thought to think about. He is very good about helping us think in an interesting way. I enjoy listening to him speak. He also told me that He got an email from brother jarman and that he told me hello. I was able to play the piano for this conference. It was a bit nerve wracking because I had to play prelude for like 20 minutes while people were studying their scriptures but Sister Pingree and Sister Chappell (our 1st counselor's wife in the mission presidency) said that I did great and that the spirit was so strong and that I helped prepare the meeting. I was thankful that I passed with them. I enjoy playing so much. I miss being able to just sit and play for a long time but its okay. I know heavenly father is improving my sight reading skills a lot! There are a lot of Hymns in spanish that aren't in english so it is my first time and it is scary but I am able to do it! A blessing. :) I always wonder why i didn't practice the hymns more! :) haha

Since we had a zone conference this last week and so we didn't have lots of miles to drive.  We spent thursday walking. It was quite painful not going to lie cause I was breaking in a new pair of flats. We ended up walking about 8 miles. It was a funny day. We were laughing all along. We saw so many miracles along the way though. One of the coolest ones was that Hna Koerner lost her coat. I had to use the little girls room sooo terribly bad and we were in the middle of nowhere. She noticed her coat was gone and we turned around and couldn't see it along the long stretch of road when all of a sudden this random car comes driving down the road and honks and then holds the red coat up. It was crazy because she just knew it belonged to us and it must have fallen a long time before cause it was a long straight road. It was just crazy! I think heavenly father was helping us to remember that he was watching out for his Hermana's. It was a beautiful day too. We were blessed this week with pretty good weather. I wrote one of the other miracles in the letter I wrote to mom. 

I can't remember if I told you about Veronica. I just looked and I haven't. We found Veronica knocking doors. Before we had even finished saying We are missionaries from she was beckoning us to come in. I was like thinking in my head...hmm is she a member? Why is this lady so nice! :) haha But she isn't and she is so interested in learning about the church. She is doing all the things that she is supposed to and she came to church on sunday! WOOOOO HOOOOO :) Her husband and her and their darling baby are from Honduras and her husband has already heard the discussions but couldn't ever go to church cause it was too far away. He was explaining the difference between the book of mormon and bible to her and I was like woah woah woah! :) this is awesome. She really is open with her questions and doubts when they come up. She is so special. She told us that she can feel that we are her new special friends. It is so special when people are sensitive to the spirit. 

Our other investigators are progressing as well. We were so excited to have a few of them at church! :) All our ward was greeting them and everyone is all excited and on best behavior to help them and do anything for them. It spreads the excitement of the work through all the members! When we take member presents they are all asking how is so and so? Are they going to come to church? All of that! It is fantastic! The Becerras came to church as well and it was wonderful to see them there. They LOVED IT. Ruben had to take some medicine so they had to leave after sacrament but Gisellie and Justin (their grandkids) (maddison and Junior are the other two)  were begging them to stay. PLLLEEASE can we just stay. it was cool. They always tells us that every day their grandkids ask are las hermanas going to come today? They will be playing with their friends when we walk by outside and they will all run inside to listen to our lesson. They are so special. it is so humbling to me that I am one of the people that have been placed in their path to teach them the truth. 

I love this work so much. I am going to write one of you about Ltn. Cheeks the police man and tell you that miracle too. Every day I just feel so blessed to be a missionary. Next week I get to speak in church about missionary work and why I am here. The question is why wouldn't I be here???? :) I know that people can change through this gospel and they can reach their potential. i also know that through the Atonement people can find the comfort and peace they need. 

Love you all lots and lots.Hope you are all reading the book of mormon...EVERY DAY! remember who you are and to whom you belong to.

"I have found that, rather than dwelling on the negative, if we will take a step back and consider the blessings in our lives, including seemingly small, sometimes overlooked blessings we can find greater happiness." - President Monson

Well If you need me...I'll be off finding and teaching these 10's of 1000's for another awesome week in houston. :)
Hna Rife

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