Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ohhh Hey

Hi Family,

How is everyone doing? I hope everyone is doing really well. I know I am. :) Well another good week in houston texas. A few things of the week! 

So for new years we celebrated! We are pretty wild. So we had to be in bed on time at  10:30. We went to bed. We def. set our alarm for 11:57 and woke up went on our porch with pots and pans and yelled happy new year. Drank a mug full of martinelli and then I said okay I am going back to bed. Hermana Koerner went to the bathroom and i was asleep soundly by 12:03.  What a way to enter in the new year! :) haha I am glad that she will be a bit crazy with me and totally still obedient at the same time! 

I cut my hair this morning. I was just a trim. I really love it. The Sorto Family is a family I have mentioned before and they have a son and his name is Marvin. His wife cuts hair. So this morning we did that. It was nice and feels good to have it a little lighter.

Well the work is still going good in Houston! We are staying busy trying to teach and help people. We had kind of a funny week. We had an awesome Powerful 1st lesson on the restoration with a recent contact through knocking. She accepted the baptismal date of Feb 1st. We were excited. The spirit was so strong and it was just neat. She asked us at the when would you like to come back. We always think that is a great sign! :) 

We are still working with the Bercerra family as well. We are trying to help them understand authority and the difference between our church and the other churches. I think that authority as well as church attendance is the thing that is challenging us this transfer. We have come to the conclusion that church is one thing that is really hard for people to do. Its kind of weird for me because growing up we always went to church and if we didn't it was weird to us. The week was off. So hopefully we can help them get going to church. That is what all of our investigatory are struggling with a bit. 

We had a funny experience. Hna Deleon is a less active member because she works on sundays. She is hilarious. She always wants to take us to Quiznos. She always is like "Vamos Vamos a Quiznos" The other day she walks in and says Mi Princessas are here to Eat. She always talks to the workers in spanish even though she is totally fluent in English. She tells them to not talk to her in English and just Spanish. She is hilarious with a bit of Crazy. She brought her friend named Eula with her. Eula is from Aruba. Like the Aruba, Jamaica  ooo I want to take Yeah. Never heard of it before.She is very intelligent. She is working on her 8th language that she is fluent in. She ended up telling us this crazy story of how she lost her passport so she was there and hna deleon let her stay in her house because she was stranded at the airport. She is cool though. She ended up feeding us and coming to church on sunday...She bore her testimony too. I don't know if I have ever prayed so hard that she wouldn't say anything out of the ordinary. She has read the book of Mormon in 2003 and she knows a lot about Mormons  She believes that all churches are true. :) haha there is another one of the authority people. It turned out okay. :) She was so open to comment pretty decent things through out all the meetings. I was praying the whole time that she wouldn't shake up the ward though. She was well accepted and after I gave her a letter that explained the authority of the church. She understood better after that the phrase "only true church" It was quite the day. She asked for our information and so over the podium she said and those are my little angels. Miss Hna Koerner and Miss Mckenzie. She couldn't remember my name or last name. We were relieved when the meetings were over! haha 

Well I love you all a lot. Thanks for your love and support. I hope everyone is reading the book of mormon daily! I also am loving the general conference talks. Wow. They are fantastic. I really like "Beware concerning yourself" - Elder Anthony D Perkins, and Elder Eyrings talk in priesthood as well. Take the time to read them. It is further revelation from God! Oh yes. Will you take out 23 dollars from my account and pay my tithing??? Thanks!

Take care and remember who you are and to whom  you belong to. 

Off Finding the 10's of 1000's

Hna Rife


Christmas Conference with Kate Pingree and Hna Kelly

Me and PB and J

Christmas Eve with My Christmas Book from Hna Koerner. 

For Kate. Our finished Words with Friends Game. :)

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