Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Howdy from Houston (email from Oct. 29, 2012)

Hi Hi everyone.

I hope you all had a fantastic week!  :) I know that I did. Every day just gets better and better. As HK would say "its like this Church is true or something" :) I miss that girl...not going to lie. But its okay! 

A few randoms to start this little letter of mine.

- Brad Wilcox is speaking on the 17th of Nov. at a Chapel about 30ish minutes from my area. They announced it in our Stake Conference and I was like Hey!! I know him! :) I think i might try to convince my mission president to let us go with an investigator! just kidding. its out of my area so we can't but still its kinda cool.

- Can you send me the recipe for banana bread and muffins? We have rotten muffins we need to get rid of. Thanks~ you are the best in the west.

- If you haven't sent my package...you want to send me some of our really good jam? Like....3 bottles? :) I have been bragging about it and smuckers isn't cutting it for me. If not its totally fine. Like really don't worry about it. I will be completely fine and happy! :) Honest T. 

- The CHI straightener store is in my area in Houston. Its like this HUGE warehouse. I just thought that was interesting. And...a man owns it. hmmmm do you think he straightens his hair too?

Okay soooo news of the week. Shall I start with good, Better, or BEST? I will start with good. 

Good: I loved stake conference. 1st cause it was in English! Booyah. I actually understood. It was really fantastic. They talked a lot about family life. To make family prayers, scriptures study and dinner times consistent. They aren't going to be perfect, there might be fighting but consistently trying is what counts. As well as going to the temple. I know it is so easy to get caught up in the so called "important things" of life but make sure you are really focusing and remembering what is really important and what our Father in Heaven has Commanded us to do. It isn't a suggestion. They are commandments and when we keep His commandments we are blessed. I know this and am learning this more and more as I obey on my mission. It is even in the little things. By small and simple things are great things brought to pass. I know you are all trying so keep up the great work. It was just a good reminder to me that even when I come home I still need to set apart that time to do the things that are MOST important and CRUCIAL for my salvation and for keeping satan and our little devils (that tempt us) away. We need to be untouchable...you ask how...but doing the small things every day. I really enjoyed that meeting to say the least. It reminded me of our stake conferences and how the church is the same all over the world. 

Better: Cindy

So we had a lesson with Cindy - It was very amazing to say the least. She is an incredible woman! We asked her about her relationship with God/Religion and she told us that she didn't have one because she had been mad at God since she was 16. I think she is in her 50s. She told us how she never gave up but that her life has been really hard. She has a really good outlook on life. We taught her the plan of salvation and she said...for once this seems normal and it seems right. She told us how a lot of things in churches just didn't fit smoothly with her but that this sounded exactly right. When we told her about the spirit world with paradise and prison she kinda freaked. She told us about this dream she had with a lady in prison and she said I have been waiting for you cindy for 200 years to free me. We talked to her about the temple and about the work that she can do there. The spirit was there really strong. She said she would come to church but wasn't able to make it. We had something strange happen with her boyfriend yesterday but we will see cindy again soon. She is a very awesome woman. I am excited to see where the Lord takes us with her! 

Best: La Familia Faz/Santillan y Hermano Juan Solano

As you can see from my pictures Juan Solano was baptized on Saturday! He is an amazing man. I love that guy. He has been through so much this week with his wife and family. She didn't end up coming to the baptism and it was really hard on him but he told me I am here to stay with or without her. I am here to stay because this is Christ's Church and it is the right church. He is such a strong man. His testimony is amazing. Every time I talk to him I am just taught so much and blown away by his testimony. Juan was baptized on Saturday. It was a very special experience. I was able to play the prelude music at the begining and it was just nice to be able to sit and play the piano. I was playing primary songs and the spirit was so quiet and strong. Juan loves that I can play the piano he always makes comments about how he thinks it is amazing. It was a blessing and I felt i was also able to serve by playing. The talks were really good and after he told me Hermana Reefy. (thats how it sounds) I feel like I am floating. I am a different man and I have a different life. This is the start of my brand new life. It was really cool. I am so excited for him to receive the holy ghost next week. I wish you all could have been there and meet him and hear his amazing testimony. He will be a great leader in our church.

The second best highlight of the week was our lessons with La familia Santillan and Faz

Jose and Lorena are the parents. Alejandro 14, Randell 10 (who reminds me of my little tanny man sooo much and it makes me love and miss him so much:), Abby 9, Rodrigo 7 (who is adorable and so shy but loves coming to sit by me) and Little Camillia who is 4. They are a special family. We have taught them 3 lessons. Last night was very special because we taught them all how to pray and all of them prayed. The parents have never prayed until we came along. All of the Kids said prayers and it was very sweet. We all knelt and helped them learn how. It is definitely an experience that I will never forget. Randell is so ready and special. He has read 17 chapters in the little kid Book of Mormon. He takes notes and he told us how his favorite story is when Nefi kills Laban and gets the brass plates. Randell, Abby, Rodrigo and Camilia came to church yesterday. Randell was all dressed in a vest and dress pants. He had his little book of mormon and told us how much he loved church. He soaks it all in. His mom told us last week that he was crying when they weren't able to go so they were so excited they could go this week. Their mom wasn't able to make it and neither was Alejandro but they are so behaved. They came with our Bishops familiy. (Whom is also such an amazing family) I love Obishpo and Gloria Escobar and their little daughters Rebecca and Sophie and their 16 yr old Kevin. I am getting to interact with such strong people and examples. It is awesome. We are having a family night with their family and the escobars tonight. It should be great. 

The moments I have had teaching people about Christ here are moments that I will never forget. They are so sacred and special to me. This is the best work one could ever do. I know i have said it before but this is the best decision I have ever made in my whole life until now and I am sure that will stay true that it is one of the best I will ever make. Do missionary work. Help Bring others to Christ by your example and Love. Teach them the true and happy way of life.

A quote from stake conference yesterday 

"Living the Gospel and Keeping the Commandments isn't the hard part. It is when we fall short of living up to what Heavenly Father has asked us to be and Repenting and changing that makes it hard." So live the gospel and you will find true and ever lasting joy. Find the little things that you can become better at. Look at the things you are reading, watching and listening too...could they be better? Then find the better. We are blessed with so much wickedness as well as goodness so find the goodness and don't settle for less.

I love you all so much. your pumpkins look so fantastic! I love the one of Texas!! It made me feel so special. I am truly blessed to have you as my family. I pray for you all every night and think of you often. Know that I love you and to keep smiling.

All of my Love! Your Texan Hermana

Juan Solano was baptized on Saturday!

Sisters Rife, Rivera & Busenbark with Juan Solano  at his baptism

Thursday, November 15, 2012

On October 27th the boys got their LETTERS!!! :)

The letters to the boys had been written on Oct. 22, 2012

Hey Hey!  Hows it going?  I decided I am going to try to switch off every week.  Girls one week & Boys the other.  I don't have the time to write everyone each week and get all the stuff done that we need to.  We have to email, clean our apartment, shop, put our groceries away,do study, run other errands (doctor, hair cuts) & then our night stars at 6.  You know the drill.  We normally try to  have a little break from it all as well & go play volleyball with our zone or do an activity of some sort for an hour or so.  I always feel bad when I am sitting at the activity writing letters!  So I am going to TRY it this way.  I also don't like getting behind on writing people.  The Harringtons, (Jason & Robyn) & their family wrote me and sent me pictures that their Kids drew for me in family night.  It was very nice.  I also have heard from the Wilcox's (Brad and Debi), Jana Hill & Sister Cook sends me the newsletter every month. Oh, and Sister (New Relief Society President) sent me an email last week.  Can you or Mom tell her thanks?  I only email family.  I can email others but then I would be disobeying so I can't!  :)  So...how is the ward?  Do you like your new calling?   How's work?  You survived another session of Conference.  That is so cool that your team gets to help spread those wonderful messages around!  Well right now we are in the doctor's office.  Hna. Busenbark has a planter's wart so she's getting that taken care of .  I am just sitting on this really comfortable couch.  So I can handle waiting.  Honestly it feels nice to just sit and not have to talk Spanish or use all the brain power I have to try to understand what is being said.  At times it is very frustrating.  I know I need to be patient but it's hard listening and really not having a single clue of what they are saying.  Oh well.  With time.  Hno. Villarruel is from Argentina and always compliments me on the lack of accent I have which is I guess way good from him or that is what Hna. Rivera tells me.  I really like my companions but at times it's hard being the "new girl"  in the trio.  They are like best friends and I feel pretty left out/3rd wheel with them at times.  It doesn't bug me that much but it's just hard at times cause I almost feel like I am a burden.  They whisper and tell little secrets a ton or know what each other is thinking?make comments but if I ask what they are laughing or talking about they will just ignore me or say don't worry about it.  I feel alone at times but I try to just focus on the work  & I try to find ways to serve them.  I also just pray that I can not feel left out and that I will not be affected by it.  It could be lots worse because they are very consecrated missionaries, very obedient and we do all get along.  One of the reasons why they whisper is because of spiritual promptings they are receiving.  That is the other thing next to Spanish that is way hard for me.  I am doing my very best and really trying to be exactly obedient but I don't get huge spiritual promptings like they do.  I get little thoughts sometimes.  I can feel the spirit and I can feel when Satan is around and when we need to leave because danger is near but this other stuff....I don't get it.  I don't know if I can't receive it cause I am not being a good enough missionary or if I don't know how to feel it.  They are just so sure and I am like....I don't know if it is the spirit or me.  I am not being disobedient so I hope it will just come with time.  Also, in Moroni 7 (I think)  it talks about if it is good works it is of God and bad works/fruit it is of Satan but do you have any other advice or did you feel like this when you were on you mission?  I really do love my mission but it is hard work.  I feel very inadequate to what I am doing.  I don't talk to my comps.  or anyone about it much just write in my journal and I let it out in prayer.  So sorry that this is coming out on you and Mom(cause I know she will read it)  :)  I can see the Lord's hand in this work daily.  It is so neat.  I always feel so blessed to see the miracles that are happening. When a miracle happens it's hard to stop smiling.  :)  It's  true that bringing souls to Christ is the thing that will bring you the most joy.  Seeing people change is like such an amazing experience.  I would love to read some of your mission journals or entries Dad if you have them.  You could just send copies of the pages.  I didn't get the chance to read your testimony of temple bu I know it is so amazing.  I'm printing it out later today.  It will bless the lives of many people.  I am going to have a guy in our ward translate it into Spanish.  I know it will bless so many people.  So right now we are at the mall and it is the weirdest thing ever.  It reminds me a lot of the Provo Towne Center.  My companions are cutting their hair.  I was thinking about cutting mine but it's $27 and that is a lot of money....so I am passing!  I feel like I am learning how to budget  & become more responsible with money here as well.  Honestly,  this is the best decision I've ever made .  It's hard but very worth it.  Just barely I was talking to Hna. Rivera.  I like her a lot. She is easy to talk to and she really is selfless and cares about people.  She goes home Dec. 19th.  Okay well I need to write Grandma Jensen and Jessica Jensen so I need to get going but I love you lots.  Keep doing great.  I loved the poem.  It made me cry.  It is perfect.  It's good that you express yourself. (Steve had sent her a poem he had written about Grandma Jensen.)  I hope to hear from you again soon.  Your letters and Mom's letters mean the world to me.  One more thing, I hope that you are keeping these letters or making a copy for me.  It will be a good journal for me when I get home!  I do  write in my journal but some stuff I don't have time to write!  I love you.  Take Care!  

Oh P.S: I just finished the Book of Mormon yesterday.  It's such a good book. The best book!  :)  Oh and I am being not to silly - I just like telling you some silly things.  I am being  a good missionary.  The Best I can! I still make mistakes & fall short but I am giving it my all. 
Love you!  <3
(your little missionary) 

<3  -KYNS

Tanner has his letter somewhere...I will have to post his later!!!

Letters to the Girls! Sorry Boys...you'll get them next week! :)

These were posted on Kynsie's blog on November 15th but they were actually written on October 15th!
Yes...Yes...I know I am way behind!!!  :)

Dear Mama,
How are you doing?  I hope you are doing so good.   I think I am only going to get to the girls today.  There is so much to do and never enough time to do it!  :)  I am trying to keep up though.   I could have spent an hour not playing volleyball but I decided I needed to have a little fun on P-Day.   It is October and it is perfect weather to play.  It's like 70 degrees.  Some days it is humid but it's fine.  My skin is always soft.  I will also have some nice tan legs & arms when I come home & a super nice farmers tan.  but it shows I was working hard...right?  :)  I really love my companions again this transfer.,  They are great & obedient girls.  We also have a wonderful district.  It is just us 3 hermanas in our zone.  In our district there is Elder Segura, Johnson, Cheeny and Sinaca.  We all have fun.  We also have 2 elders who are English Elders in our Zone that I love!  Elder Whitney and Elder Tatuaki!  They are so nice.  I have a feeling I am going to make life long friends on my mission.  Such wonderful people doing such a wonderful work!

:)  So there is this lady named Mayra Buich.  Hermana Rivera knew her from the last area.  She isn't a member but her father-in-law is and her husband is less active.  They (Hna B & R) had been trying to visit her for the last 1 transfer but it just hasn't worked out.  They always tell me, "the Lord was waiting for you."  :) Well with Mayra Buich I believe that.  We walked in their home, they have two darling kids, and we just started talking.  It was such a strong connection.  I totally felt myself.  It was the first time with an investigator that I really felt that way.  It was weird but so relieving because I had missed myself.  It's the self I am with you & Grandma.  The self who can just open up and talk about lots of stuff.  It was really neat.  We are going to start visiting her Tues. and Thursdays and the Bishops family is going to invite them over for family night with us.  Our Bishop is Bishop Escobar and he is awesome too!  :)  His wife is incredible. You can tell when you walk into someone's home the spirit.  If it is there or if it isn't.  Mom -  I know at times you feel like you fall short but honestly you are doing great.  As Hno. Henderson says..."There is always room for improvement even if it is tiny but remember we aren't sent here to be perfect but to become perfect overtime."  Just remember the little things you do right each day.  Even if it is just a few.  Those things are acceptable to the Lord.  Hna Rivera is such a good example to me of using and understanding the atonement.  She always prays for forgiveness & says Please apply the atonement & help me be better.  It really works.  I always feel like I can be a better missionary in some way but I am realizing that our sacrifices of our best effort are enough for God.  He knows our soul and what we are trying to do and be.  It has been very awesome to feel the power of the atonement and Jesus Christ in our lives.  Through the atonement people truly change.  It's really awesome.  Just today Heavenly Father put someone in our path.  We went to go pick up some elders pants because we have to sew them and this guy was pushing his car.  We got out and started helping him.  He was like can I buy you all dinner or something?  We were like no, no, it's okay.  He asked us what church we were from.  Then he told us that he has been looking for a church.  He gave us his contact info and he got ours and he is coming to church on Sunday.  It was awesome.  Well I need to write in my journal & get to bed but I love you a lot!  I decided I needed to wtite you a good letter cause I haven't yet.  Sorry Estoy un floja (slacker)  :)  But keep reading & praying, seeing the tender mercies in each day & recognizing what you are doing right.  Heavenly Father loves you!!!

Hope PTA & YW is great!

Con amor  <3  <3

Kylee Lady!
Hey Hey good-lookin!  How are you sweet girl?  I put your horse picture that you sent me on my desk & I see it everyday when I study!  It is my favorite.  I always tell everyone about you & show them you in our family picture in my scriptures.  A lot of my friends in my ward love seeing pictures of our family!  :)  It is fun being in Texas.  Even though its cold where you are it is Hot here!  :)  I haven't seen any cowboys or cowgirls yet but a few cows.  I don't know where they are!  :)  The other day I saw 20 vultures eating an armidillo on the side of the road.  It was sick!  But we took some pictures of it.  Vultures are some ugly, ugly birds!  There are lots of squirrels here too!  They run around eating acorns!  Well write me soon.  Give jugs to everyone in our family!  Love you!  Keep trying to be like Jesus!

<3 Hermana Kynsie Rife

           Adios means Bye                                                                                        Hola means Hello

Dear Grandma,
How are you doing?  I wanted to say "hi" to you on the phone when I called from the airport but I know it was hard.  I promise that I am and was Happy!  I was just crying cause I missed you all and missed your voices but I am so happy & I wish you all could know the amazing things I am getting to experience not only in the MTC but also in Texas.  It is really neat.  :)  Yesterday, we had an awesome experience.  So...Thursday, we visited Nora and she was looking really tired and so stressed.  She didn't look well at all. She told us how she just didn't have time.  We had a stressful lesson.  Her son is in jail and she told us that on Sundays she needs to visit her son.  So we basically told her all the blessings of coming to church.  I felt the need to just promise her if she came to church, she wouldn't be stressed about money and other things.  So she told us she couldn't promise and we left.  We were kinda sad but knew we did our very best.  So yesterday was raining way way hard.  We were sitting in church & I turn around and Nora & her other son Edger were there.  She looked amazing and gorgeous!  So good!  We talked to her after and Hermana R. asked why she didn't go to the jail to visit her son.  She said cause it's raining and I never go when it is raining.  We decided to pray for rain every Sunday.  :)  haha but she and her son decided to stay and both were just sucking it up!  :)  We have another appointment to teach them this week.  I really know she felt the difference and she looked different.  She was glowing.  So happy.  It was awesome!  :)  Well, I need to get going but I love and miss you so much.   Take care my grandma dear!  :)  Thanks for your example to me of such a strong woman.  I tell people about you all the time and your amazing testimony to me.  I actually told Nora about how you always paid your tithing, prayed, went to church and the Lord followed through on his promises to you and your kids!  :)  

Love ya!  :)  <3<3
Hermana Kynsie

Little side note on a post it note came with the letter!!!
Next week!
Love you boys!
Dad, yes we have a car.  We live in E 618.  It's on the first floor but I don't think you'll be able to see it cause it's the inside.
Love you all!!!  :)

(Steve had been looking on google map trying to see where exactly she lived! )

She sent pictures too!!!
(I'll post them later.)


Monday, October 22, 2012

From Your Missionary Girl in Texas

Wellll Hello My Family Dear. Happy Days to come to you all year...if I had a wish then it would be....That all of you would be full of GLEE!!! :)
Okay, We are on a music fast this week - Day 1 - and I am already thinking of songs to sing in my head! :) but it is worth the sacrifice because....we have the baptism of JUAN SOLANO this week! Woooo hoo :) I am totally soo super excited. He is an amazing man. I am so proud of him.
A really neat experience happened this week that I want to share. :) Meet Cindy, Jeff and Donny.
So the other day we were going to a dinner appointment at Hna. Lopez's home with a recent convert of Hna. Busenbarks Jose Luviano and his nephew Javier Santamaria whom is our investigator and is around 45. We went over to Jose & Javiers apartment so they could follow us to Hna. Lopez's house. So as we are turning in we see this van turn in and they looked familiar to me but I didn't say anything. Then Hna. Rivera says...They look really familiar and Hna. Busenbark says the same thing. We hurry in behind them and we get out. We just went up to them and asked if we could share a quick message and a prayer. One of them was like...umm I don't think I have time but the older brother said...Donny you need a prayer if anyone does. So we start talking to them. Jeff is the older brother and Donny is the younger one. As we are talking this woman is looking out the window and comes out. She was their mom. Her name is Cindy. We asked them if their was something we could include in the prayer. Jeff said a new start, or a better life, change in the world, (he has this huge tat on his arm that says let their be peace on earth or something like that), Donny said a place to live with my budget and cindy said the confidence and strength of my ancestors. So we start to pray and with a lot of people they want to hold your hands so we all get in a little circle and grab hands. They had a really strong good energy when we were talking to them but when we all grabbed hands it was like electricity was flying through my body. We are praying and I can feel the spirit so strong. I really really felt that we had angels surrounding us. We talked to them a little bit about the energy we felt with them. They were like we can feel that too. It was so cool. They were very grateful and invited us to come visit them this week. We are excited to go back. As we were going to Javiers and Joses all three of us were talking about it.
Juan Solano:

We taught Juan last week with this guy we met named Joseph Sanchez. Joseph just barely moved here and I know that he was sent to meet us for a reason. He has been a convert for 9 years and has an energy and passion for the gospel. He loves. it. So 4 hours before we have our appointment with Juan we start taking to him. He was talking to us and we felt like he was a perfect fit for Juan. We asked him to come with us to the lesson. He said of course. Juan had been struggling with some things but He has such a strong testimony that it was hard to see him falling again and letting Satan get him. So Joseph goes with us and we just start teaching. He asked Juan what his doubts were and he just tells us. He was worried about the book of mormon as well as his wife who is catholic and a few things like that. At the end of the lesson, he was committed to baptism and he really wasn't going to back out. He like knew it and he knew that it was the right thing to do. He told us of how he felt like Satan had been binding him and it was hard for him to get free. The next night, he had a blessing from our Bishop (who is great) and when it was done juan stood up and said...Wow. He was so touched by the spirit. It was a really neat sight. The appearance of him is changing. Over this last week you can see the changes and the Light of Christ that is in him. Yesterday he asked Bishop Escobar to baptize him this Saturday. We are very excited. This week we are visiting him everyday and just keeping him encouraged and ready to enter the waters of baptism. :)
I have been keeping Christian in my prayers. Please keep me updated. That is so so sad and hard. Hopefully he will recover. Its fun that dad got to speak at Trevin's court of honor. Tell the Ebmeyers Hello from me! :) I love them. I am glad everyone on the Jensen side is doing well. I got a letter from Grandma Jensen. I am going to write her today.
Response to your questions and emails. I am so glad to hear every one is doing well! I loved all the notes and little character smiley faces and mom the crab was my favorite! :) With out fail every week I am always tearing up as I read your letters from home. I am not home sick. I love it here but I love love love hearing from you. It always makes me so excited! :) I love getting the letters in the mail as well. I got a letter from grandma this week. It was fun to hear from her so thanks Grandma! :) I am glad everything went well with Whitney's Wedding! I want to see some pictures even if they are just from facebook! :) As for my health. I am a lot better than I was but I am still having a lot of sinus nast. Its not fun and I have to use my inhaler cause I can't always breath super well with my cough but I only have a few little coughing attacks a day. My allergies are acting up here as well. But I am doing and feeling a lot better than I was. I am not taking the cough medicine at night anymore and normally i just wake up once and pop a cough drop in and get some water. Speaking of water. The water here is SOOOOO NAST. Ew. We have to just buy it bottled and the tap water tastes like bleach. But i am adjusting. I really have not much to complain about. I feel lots better than I did and with time I will adjust to the weather, and allergies here and then it will be good. So just keep praying for my spanish to come and my health will keep improving. I am taking my vitamins most days. Some days I forget but most I remember.
Did you get my letters and pictures? I am sending the boys letters today. I also send Kinley a picture of Me and Tucker so she can remember us. :) haha. I need to get going but I love you all so much. Keep reading the book of mormon and praying as a family and personally. (OH yeah!!! we found a family with a single mom and 5 children! :) They are so special - we have a fhe with them tonight!) I love this mission so much. Everyday is better and better.

one more fun thing. The other night we went out to eat with recent converts of hna Rivera and it was a mexican resturant. the lady asked me what i wanted to drink in spanish but I didn't know if it was in spanish or english. I just knew that I understood what she asked me. It was like woah!!! I just understood and had to really think if i needed to reply in spanish or english cause i didn't know what language she asked it in. :) haha. Nerd but that is really cool.
I am going to try to send some pictures and a video from a talent show last week. I don't know if it will work but I'll try
Love you lots and lots and pray for you always!
Remember who you are and Whom you belong to.
Off finding the 10s of 1000s.
Love Hermana Kynsie

Here are a few pictures that Kynsie emailed to us...

Kynsie with Elders Cheney & Valdez

Juan Solano and Hermana  Rivera's Converts

The sisters  with Carlitos (Juan's son) in his Halloween costume.  He is so Funny!  :)

Monday, October 15, 2012

Your Hermana in Texas October 15, 2012

Okay soooo second week in Texas. And...everything is bigger...especially the people. ;) haha okay just kidding. Well life is good. This week was full of lots and lots of crazy happenings but fun happenings.
Some good news
1- our apartment was inspected and we got a PERFECT. Since being a missionary I make my bed daily & am a lot cleaner. Mom you should be proud!  :) Hna Rivera was hurrying cleaning up a few things in the bathroom while we distracted our cleaning people checkers by hna busenbark showing them my organization skills of our cupboards. They were kinda (really really) messy and so i pulled everything out and fixed them. Sister Isom said...I need you to come organize my pantry and I also have the job of organizing the clerks and bishops offices this week because they have been bragging about how it looks...I think I got those skills from my mother! :)
2- I bought a bright yellow umbrella that has a duck for the head. Its pretty fun and bright and I feel like a little girl with it! But its fun
3- we had tri mission conference on saturday. Elder Callister, Ellis and Echohawk (he spoke in conference about the book of mormon and his army/navy guy not yelling at him because he had the book of mormon) spoke to us. I got to see Jessie Maughn, Hermana Kelly, and this boy from provo high named Darrian Lupton. It was fun to see Jessie. She seems to be doing great. I LOVED getting to see H.K. I miss that lady. She misses me too. She almost started crying when she saw me. We didn't get to talk much but I think she is doing okay. She is struggling a little bit. She is in a Trio too but hopefully things will get better. I hope that we will get the blessing of serving together in our mission. I hope I hope. Fingers Crossed. :) She and I just get each other. I love it.
4- Elder Kovacs gets home today! WHAT? crazy. Go to his homecoming and Tell him a Big Hello from TEXAS. I have a letter for him that I am sending home to you to give to him! :) Along with some letters for....my Familia as well! Woo hooo ;
5- Its cold there and its warm here. ha ha ha ;)
Now for my real email....
This week some cool stuff happened.
 We are teaching lots of letters and preparing people to be baptized. This week we were planing to go on splits but it didn't work out and it canceled. At every house they decided they wanted to give us dinner. We ended up eating 3 dinners. Lets just say I may or may not have said a prayer with my companions and asked Heavenly Father to bless us with space in our stomachs. He helped us out and I didn't even gain weight but I am now praying that people will not have the desire to feed us. If we don't eat their food some get super offended unless they are americanized and then they understand.
We went knocking doors last wednesday and we knocked on this one. His name was luis and he looked kinda scroungy but we started talking to him and he is awesome. He is super devoted to following Jesus Christ and being a good person. We talked to him about our purpose as missionaries and the gospel. Everything that he said fit right into what we were telling him. It was cool. We wanted to leave with a prayer and he asked if he could pray for us first. It was the most interesting experience of my life. I was laughing pretty hard by the end of it. I couldn't hold it in. He was like "Father, The holy spirt of the Lord is filling these sisters with Joy. Keep it flowing Father oohhhh Keep it flowing" That is what he was saying with our giggles. He has some special gifts though. I can tell that if he was a member of our church he would do some sweet work. We ended up giving him a book of mormon and he committed to read it. He wanted us to come back and talk to him again. We are planning on talking to him again this week. So we will see how it goes. He was very open to us and our message though. I have a feeling he will be baptized sometime during his life. It was a fun experience. There is more to it but it is better acted out...so this is a story that has to wait for 2014. :)
We went contacting on Thursday down a main road. We were handing out pictures of Jesus and prayed and taught mini lessons to 11 people. But probably handed out 50 pictures of Christ, the passalong cards. It was really fun. People would be smiling so big. Some side roads in Texas there are huge medians by the roads so we were standing on those and when people were stopped at the light we would hand them the picture. They were so happy. Don't worry grandma. We were being careful. It wasn't dangerous. Promise. We talked to a man named "d" but his real name is clint. He was homeless but probably about 25 yrs old. He didn't look good. We asked him if we could pray with him and he said yes. We talked to him abit and after we prayed with him he said I really really needed that. We inivted him to church and gave him the directions he came to church on sunday. ( to the english ward but its a contact for our elders) and stayed the whole 3 hours. He is coming back next week as well. There were many many people that told us...you weren't placed in my path today by coinsidence. I truely believe that too. Heavenly Father helped us to be guided to certain people that need His message, that need to know they are loved and that need hope in their life. I have a huge testimony that this Gospel is the Good News and brings so much hope for the future and that it doesn't matter where you have been but it only matters what you are doing now and where you are going. It is because of Jesus Christ and His Atoning Sacrifice that makes this possible. It is such a neat thing.
We went to the church Wednesday night because I needed another blessing for my sickness....so we wanted to meet there so the elders could come help me out. We got their as our ward was finshing up a clothing exchange activity. There were boxes of clothes that were just going to DI and the hermanas in our ward start telling us to take these clothes. They were like putting them up against us and telling us that this would be perfect for us. It was pretty funny because they were not clothes we would wear....Welll Hermana Buse got trapped....:) She had to end up taking this really really UGLY jacket and its our lucky jacket now. We made her wear it one day and it was our lucky day. We had so much sucess with it. It was hilarious. :) We were laughing all day and we have decided that all of us have to wear it once a week. She looked like a grandma. Its like Mint green. It would look nice for an old person but not for us...haha. :) Good times good times.

 Hermana B was also having a bad day yesterday soooo we were trying to get her fire going again. We were home for lunch and I convinced her and Hna. Rivera to go in our room and we would jump on our beds and sing 5 little monkeys. Both of them were like Heck No. but I ended up convincing Hna. Buse. Hermana rivera says there is NO way I am doing that. I am 29 years old. It is not happening. I was like No no no girl. You Ain't pulling the age card here. She acts like she is our age so i wouldn't let her out of it. She ended up doing it with us and we were all laughing by the end. We re lite hna Buse's fire back and had a good night.
I am sorry to hear about Christian Terry. I am keeping Him, His family and Eric in my prayers. Keep me updated. I wrote Eric a Letter so I will send that off
I need something from you if possible. I need you mom and dad to write your testimonies of the blessings of a temple marriage / being sealed in the temple and how it has helped our family. We have some recent converts who need a little boost and we felt this might be a good idea. If you could please email it to me by next monday morning at 8:00 that would be great.
Uno Mas Cosa...Our mission theme is "Finding the Tens of Thousands" President Pingree talked about how there are tens of thousands in our mission that are ready and waiting to be baptized. Elder Callister told us the same thing but that the only way our mission is going to find them is through the Members. He said that is for all of North America. Sooo you have a job to do. Look for people who aren't members and help them get their info get it to the missionaries. Go on splits or be the member present in missionary lessons. Tyler...Start preparing now! Get going now! :)
I love you all so much. Letters this week! :) Take care!
Remember who you are and Whom you belong too.
Off Finding the Tens of Thousands
Love Hermana Kynsie.McKell.Rife.

A New Address for Kynsie

It was fun receiving this in the mail this past Saturday, October 13, 2012

1st Pictures from Houston
 President and Sister Pingree

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

How...day from Texas Sent on Monday Oct. 8, 2012

Hey Ya'll,

well I have almost survived my first week here. I thought the President should be sending a email with a picture with me and my companions but i guess you didn't receive it. A post card should have come as well. Not sure why you didn't get that. Any ways. It was so wonderful talking to all of you last wednesday. it was definitely hard to say bye again but its okay. Did nick get my voicemail? Lets see. I am still sick but everyday doing better and better. So hopefully soon. Dad was right I hit the pillow and the next thing I know its morning again. It is flying by. 

Wednesday and Thursday morning- we spent at the Pingree's house. It was so nice to stay in a home and use a bathroom that wasn't a stall. That was the first time in 2 months. I also got to take a tub! Which was AMAZING. It was clean and i didn't even have to put a towel down. We also had a home cooked meal which was fantastic as well. I really love the Pingree Family. They are amazing people and I have a feeling that I am going to learn to love them even more. I was able to talk with President Pingree in an interview and it was a good experience. We were talking about how our life is a play that God has written for us and we are the main character. God has the full script but only gives us pieces and parts at a time that we can learn and become better acquainted with the "character" we need to become. We are also cast in other peoples plays and play parts in their play. And people are cast in our plays. It was a neat analogy. He was talking to me and sharing his testimony about the Atonement as well as Jesus Christ. I could feel the spirit so strong and I know that He knows that it is true. He is so humble and funny as well as caring. Before we went to bed me and Hermana Kelly talked about how we knew that he could tell the worth of a soul and he can see people how God and Christ see us. They see our Soul, not the person we are now but the person we can become. 

Thursday we went to the church and had transfers met our companions and all that jazz, along with some meetings. I have 2 companions. I am in a Trio. My companions are Hermana Busenbark (booze en Bark) and Hermana Rivera. They are both amazing girls and missionaries. They have so much love for this work, each other and me. I have enjoyed learning from each of them these last 5 days. They are always focusing on the Spirit and what His plan is instead of ours. It is amazing. I have already seen miracles happen in this companionship. They are very encouraging and supportive to me which is a HUGE blessing. I lucked out big time to say the least. Our apartment has a kitchen with a living room attached, a bathroom and a bedroom with a closet. It is small but plenty of room for study, eating and sleeping. And it is a place I can call my own and has a door on the bathroom and so i am completely happy! :) I live in area called Hafer. 

The first few days have been full of crazy things. 

Thursday - we taught the Turcios (part member family) The Dad Jesus isn't a member. We were able to teach him the first lesson and I was able to recite the 1st vision in spanish and try as hard as I could to share my testimony with him and his family in spanish. We have a return lesson today. The spirit was there and i feel like i was helped as I did my best. 

Thursday, I met a few other people Juan Solano, Nuvea, y Carlitos y Jonathan (Juan is the dad and getting baptized the 20th) We taught him a bit and tried to talk to Nuvea. She doesn't like us being there cause she thinks we are taking Juan aways from her. Jonathan is nuvea's son and he is 17. He and his girlfriend just had a baby.  During a talk on the saturday session, all 3 of us felt like Jonathan's baby is going to die...and that he is going to get baptized. So we will see what happens. 

Friday - we had a service project with starbucks corporation where from all over the world store owners and mangers come to a certain city to make it a better place. A bunch of people dropped out so they called the mormons to come help out. Our whole zone was able to participate. We were leading groups of 100s all around the town, picking up trash, painting houses, building gardens and parks. It was cool that we got to do that because we got to show people that we may not drink coffee but we are normal people. We met a few great people and got some contacts. I was able to share with a Lady named becca the story of joseph smith and a man named jerry about the afterlife. It was fun but a long day. From 7-1 and we were fasting for that night which was ....La Noche Latina! but we got free t -shirts and sunburns and to share our testimony and serve so it was successful! 

Okay La Noche Latina was an activity with our spanish ward where everyone brings food from different cultures and has a talent show. Everyone comes, members, non members, all people. I got to meet a ton of members from our ward. They were very welcoming and understanding of my bad spanish (even though Hna's Rivera y Busenbark say it is great) One hermana kept yelling and jumping around me Ella es Nueva! Ella es Nueva! It was so embarrassing! I was bright red. That means She is new she is new! :) Oh the Hispanic culture! And all of the women hug and kiss your cheek..so i am getting used to being touched by strange women....the Lord is helping me...not going to lie...It is a big adjustment. I got to try some food and it was pretty good. I made sure to try the mild stuff though so it wouldn't make me sick and I didn't eat much. I got to watch them do latin dances and sing songs. It was a fun experience. At the end the missionaries did a little thing on the book of mormon in the chapel. I didn't have a part of the introduction but Hermano Alverado kept calling my name from the stand to sit up there so I had to sit by my district. So at the end of it he got back up and said something in spanish with my name and oracion. I looked at elder cheeny who was sitting next to me and said what did he just say...he said  "you have to give the closing prayer" my heart dropped there was like 100 people there and i had to say it in spanish. I prayed and hurried and sat down. Like all of my district looked over at me. After Elder Johnson came up to me and told me that my spanish was amazing and that he is a grammer nazi but I didn't make one error. Hermana Rivera y Busenbark were flipping out cause I guess they looked up and all of the members were like talking and wide eyed cause it was good for a new comer. I KNOW the spirit definitely helped me but i still thought i said lots of things wrong. A Hermano in our ward said i didn't have an accent and hermana rivera (her parents are from el salvador so she is fluente) said that is the best compliment because Argentine's are like the biggest spanish snobs. But I still am struggling a lot with spanish. So please keep praying that I will get it. Both Talking as well as understanding what others are saying to me. It is stinking hard. But I shall keep trying.

Saturday, we had conference and I met Javier who is the Nephew of Jose who is our recent convert. He and I talked (spaglish) and I really feel a connection with him. He is struggling and we are going to teach him about the plan of Salvation. He is a great man. Very humble and classy. I am excited to see what happens. Hermana B told me something really special...so we will see if it comes true.

Sunday we got our car towed so we spent the morning tracking it down and picking it up. It was a pain but we ended up getting 4 contacts and a lady who told us she had been praying for a miracle and something to happen all week. So the Lord works in Mysterious ways. We did miss they first session of sunday morning conference but we will be able to listen to it later. We ate at the Alvarados home last night. He is the ward mission leader. They are WONDERFUL people. So great. They have had a lot of trials in life but are staying faithful.  They we taught Juan and Jonathan again. Jonathan really accepted the book of mormon and the plan of salvation of what we told him.He is so humble and mature for being only 17. I think he is going to go far in life if he accepts this gospel. 

The Hispanic people  are so humble. Like so humble. They give you everything. I was coughing last night in one of our lessons with Laura (who accepted baptism on Nov.3) and her mom gives me a whole box of Theraflu. They always give us food and water and like everything. It is so so so sweet. If you don't take it they get offended. I am learning a lot from my companions. I know this is the Lords work. I know that Satan is aware of the good works being done so he will do anything to break you down. Sorry this is so long. Probably will be boring but that is what i have been doing and I love it. I can feel the Love of God. I really enjoyed conference. I loved the Family History work Talk. Teenagers can keep satan away by doing it! (Aka Wink Wink Nudge Nudge...learn how. brothers and sister) :) Take these talks and apply them in your life. Do the work and will of God. Be better and don't let satan have power over you.

 I am so glad I am here, but it is hard. Keep praying for me. I need your prayers. I pray for you specifically daily. Keep reading the scriptures and praying as a family and personally. That is our protection. Love you sooooooo much. Take care

***I need Uncle Nathan's Address please. As soon as possible. 

This is my address (Please provide the Hermana Kynsie McKell Rife) It is important that it is specific or you can send it to the Mission Office as Well...the Hafer place (Send packages there)

I'll be at this address for 2 transfers 12 weeks. 

Hermana Kynsie McKell Rife
18203 Westfield Place Dr. Apt # 618
Houston, Texas 77090

I don't think I'll be writing as many letters home. I will do my best to write personal letters when I can but I am just forwarning. I think of you all daily and that isn't an excuse to stop writing me! :) haha

Remember Who you are and to Whom you belong to.

Love Hermana K.M.R.

October 3, 2012 - On her way to Texas!

A week ago today we received our phone call from Kynsie while she was at the airport awaiting her flight to the Houston Texas Spanish Speaking Mission.  It was so good to hear her voice as she said, "Hi"!!!  And that is when the tears began to flow.  :)   From ALL of us!!!  What a blessing it was to see all of us just huddled around the phone enjoying the visit from "Our missionary".  It is a picture I hope never fades from my memory.  Steve kind of summed up everyone's feelings from this experience in his status that he put on his face book page...

Received a phone call this morning from our missionary daughter (Kynsie)! Her training is completed at the training center and she is on her way to Houston Texas!... It was great to hear her voice but the emotions of the heart was tough to bear! Saying good bye was tough enough the first time! Ready or not Houston here she comes! Your getting a great young lady who is desirous, willing and ready to teach the gospel as well as serve! Bless you my dear daughter that you will be safe and successful.

These Letters Made Grandma's Day...they were sent to her!!!! :)

Dear Family-                                                                                                                  Sept. 26, 2012

   You all get a big letter!  :)  One other thing - If possible can you send me my red disc man, some batteries and some cds.  I can listen to hymns, Mormon Tabernacle, EFY & church artists.  I had a cd named Josh Wright that was piano that I'd really like or you can even burn me a few - I don't care and if you don't have time don't fret it.  I'll survive but it would be nice.  I'll just use some speakers of companions when I get to Houston or purchase a cheap pair in Houston.  I also love any Mormon tab.
   So yesterday Brother Rogers & Gerke along with President Hollister told me I needed a blessing.  So I gave in & got one.  The cool thing is that 19 yr old Elders grow up & become men in seconds.  Elder Baldwin anointed & Elder Brown sealed.  It was a neat experience to feel the priesthood power and the peace and safety I felt with all of them around me.  It just reminded me of how glad I am that my dad has always been worthy of exercising his priesthood and for Tyler and Tanny to always be diligent in being worthy when you are able to bless and be worthy to use yours.  Just like that Mormon Message - "Sanctify Yourself" -  Jeffrey R. Holland.
   Tanny - I heard you have a question coming for me!  I'm waiting for you letter!  :)  I'll write a bit more later after I see jness.   :)
   Well, I saw J-Ness.  She is doing great and her comp is darling.  She said it has been a long day but she is happy.  She said she hasn't really cried all day and so hopefully she can get a good night of rest.  She looks great though.  I got her some sour skittles just in case she needs a pick me up!  It was great to see her & have her so close.  Her companion is very friendly and seems to be a hard motivated worker.  :)  You can let Uncle Scott & Aunt Susie know!  Well tell Katie thanks for her dear elder - loved hearing from her & to have her phone on cause I want to call her if shes not at our house.  Deal.  This is important!!!  But Love you all - hope I can talk to you all/all of you.
<3, Me

Dear Grandma,                                                                                                                  Sept. 26, 2012

How are you doing?  Right now I"m sitting in the Doctor's Office.  It's 11:33 am on Wednesday.  This is the 3rd time I've been in the last 2 weeks so I'm done here!  haha  I'll write  whats going on in my email so you will read that before this.  There is so much I need to do before next week and not enough time to do it in.  But somehow I'll get it all finished...I hope.  :)  Umm...let me think.  Yesterday we played kickball with another district in our zone.  It was way fun.  It was our district against theirs.  It was super muddy so we were sliding around.  I did get the most runs out of all our district even going to make them loose cause the other district is 10 & all pretty athletic Elders!  We Hermanas held our own to say the least!  It was so cute/funny  cause Elder Brown dept yelling "Yes!  That's my sister."  :)  He is so great!  All of our Elders are.  I love them all!  But you probably say, "Kynsie - You love everyone."  :)  haha!  I really enjoyed the temple dedication.  We went to the three o'clock session & on Sunday!  I think that I saw 7-8 people with way bad bloody noses.  Probably cause of the weather changing.  Did you enjoy the dedication?  Did you walk through it before it was dedicated.?  Today, we are going to the temple for our last P-day.  I'm going to miss it so much.  I love going.  I think our teachers are going to try to come with us today too.  So that will be fun.  I am excited for Houston but nervous at the same time!  I love this gospel & I am so excited to go teach & start a new journey!  I hope you are doing great!  :)  Miss you lots & Love you more.  Tell me whats new or a fun story of your childhood/parents or something!  :)  Take Care!

<3 your hermana Kynsie

P. S. I saw Mr. Mendenhall & he said, "We miss you in Choral" & said, "We are banking on you coming back when you get home...You know that Right?"  & I said, "...Well I am banking on you letting me in!"  Love that guy!  There I go again!  :)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pues...Bueno Email from Wed. Sept. 26, 2012

Hello mi familia!
How are you doing? I hope everyone is doing so good! :) Welllll a few things.
1- The shirts were PERFECT! Oh my gosh. Everyone loved them so much! :) I loved them so much too. Thank you a Million and a half times for making them. I know I have been so lucky to have you all so close to ask for little favors! Lucky me! :) We were trying to match the color blue to the Argentine flag cause Hermano henderson served there and then hermano harker served in Canada so they couldn't have been more right! Thanks mom! :)
2- Flight plans flight plans flight plans. I leave next wednesday morning at 9:40. My flight number is 4497 don't know if you needed that but just in case...? We will leave the MTC around six. I am planning on calling but I don't know exactly what time...Probably around 8:00 ish. no se. but anywho. I can't remember our phone number....just kidding but I want dad's cell if he won't be at home...i don't know if he could work from home. I don't know. Sooo just dear elder me and tell me whats up. If you dear elder me later than monday around 11 AM I won't get it and that is the same with packages. Don't post market packages on tuesday cause i normally don't pick them up until wednesday and i'll be gone. Soo I want to call and I am excited to talk to you. whoever is there. :) but no skipping school to talk to your favorite sister just saying
3- Can you figure out what i need to do to get an absentee ballot? I want to vote but I don't know what I need to do.
4- I need some cash if possible....I am supposed to have $ 80 dollars in cash for my bags for the air port. I won't have anymore cash because i had to spend it all on my 3 more prescriptions but more about that later. So i don't know if you could sneak it with bishop jarman on monday. They are in hawaii but he will be back monday and we were planning on stopping by to say bye...sooo if so that would be great. Sorry to do that to you but i don't have any cash from the cash i brought cause of my prerscriptions.
Okay so this week. I have 17 minutes left. These last three weeks have flown. But not going to lie these last two weeks have been not the best cause of how sickly i have been. I finished my prescription on sunday and i was still like coughing like a crazy.  Every night for the last 2 weeks i have just been coughing. At night I would be up until like 1 just with constant coughing. Then through out the night it would be off and on. It was awful. I am exhausted and I have to just go go go all day. so I wasn't getting better. My chest is so tight and hurts and i can't breathe and I fall asleep sitting straight up because i am exhausted. I cough so much that I am gagging and on sunday and monday it was finally coming up. Close your eyes cause this next part is gross. but I was throwing up mucus. like tons of nasty green mucus. Okay open them up. My mouth was raw and I had all these weirdo cankers in it and my tongue was not doing good either. It was not fun. On monday I just ended up crying for like 10 minutes straight cause i couldn't take it anymore. But that is the first time I have cried since week 1 soooo that's good. :) but then it was awkward cause elder mann and elder baldwin saw me crying and then the hermanas did and i didn't want to be crying and so i went into the bathroom and got a grip and made hermana kelly stay in the hall cause i am stubborn and don't like crying. I was saying sorry after and they were like we don't think you are dumb we understand so i felt better. We went back to the doctor and he was not nice. It was a new guy and he said you look like you are improving so here is some genetic cough syrup and  take a benedryl at night to fall asleep. I tried it that night and it didn't work. I was still just as bad and I was like AHHH. so that was monday. Then yesterday president hollister, brother rogers and brother gerke all told me to go back. President hollister told me that I would have to stay at the mtc if i didn't get it cleared up then he told me to do all this stuff like ask for the old doctor and then call him if they wouldn't get me to him and get me some stronger medicine. Brother rogers heard me coughing and said is sounded like i needed an inhaler and was asking me if i have asthma? So today i went back and got a different doctor and he put me back on a different antibiotic, a super strong cough syrup with codine and an inhaler. soooo hopefully this will fix me. He also told me he had no idea why the other doctor didn't give me something cause i am still sick.
Jenessa is in the room next to me. We looked her up in the system! :) I wrote her a little welcome note and she lives with my hermanas so i am super excited for her! I know who her comp is too but i'll let her tell that! I haven't seen her yet but I will tonight and i'll write how she is doing.
I saw Mr. Davis from Grandview yesterday and he said to tell everyone hi. He and his wife are in a branch presidency here. He told hermana kelly "she was a cute little girl and still is" haha. :)
So can i say how much I love having tucker here. Cause I do. I love talking to him everyday. He is doing great. I have a funny story but i don't have time to write it now so i'll try to later.
I am sleep talking again in spanish. I think that is a good sign. I was trying to explain a principle in spanish. Subjunctive. Hermana Kelly said I was going on for a few minutes and i guess it was funny cause i was saying all the tenses but i kept repeating them.
I love this gospel so much. The more I am here the more I am realizing how true this church is. I wouldn't want to ever not have it. I am so excited for Houston. I am scared to speak spanish but I will do my very best. I know joseph smith is a true prophet of God and that through God, joseph translated the book of mormon. I hope that you are all trying to read the book of mormon because it is so important. We have to do all the little things in order to gain testimony and faith. A testimony isn't good enough though. As Elder Bednar says "a testimony is the holy ghost confirming truths of the gospel, but true conversion is being true to what you know" soo this week prepare for general conference. Think about questions. and i know if you listen you will find the answer. I am going to try to write a few letters but I don't have lots of time today. so i am sorry. I love you all so much. Talk to you next week
Ps. Tell holly congrats on her baby! He is darling! :) I am praying for his health and also. Tell whitney jensen I better get an invitation to her wedding! :) excited for her
Remember who you are and whom you belong too
Love Hermana Kynsie Rife

Letters for All!

Mom & Dad  (Sorry grandma - I'll write you soon)                                                  Sept. 19, 2012

Thanks so much for our letters & support.  It is so good hearing the updates each week.  It sounds like everyone is staying busy at home which is good!  I bet you are so good at YW's mom.  Its also fun you are still participating in PTA.  But I am sure you are busy!  I know you can do it though.  Just to let you know - Dad can access my account & UCCU knows I am going to Texas.  I called them last week-maybe this.  I can't remember!  Well I know this is sorta short but we are going to eat dinner.  How is grandpa Cherry by the way?  Did he say if he got my letter?  Tell Grandma - I love her & appreciate her letters & I'll write her next week for sure or tonight if I have a few min. before bed.  Love you lots & Thanks for you sending those cupcakes & card & hair shampoo (for Sis. Kelly's b-day). That was very nice!

Love, Me!

Ken!                                                                                                                          Sept. 19, 2012

What's up woman?!?  I am glad you got a kick out of Elder Seastrand's letter.  He is funny & crazy!  :)  Mom is eventually going to miss those ice packs Ken!  haha! I don't think you will get it in.  Thanks for trying though.  Honestly I hope you don't try to send it again cause it will probably be melted before it gets to me.  I bet Gray's is so good!  I say "seriously Meridith" all the time.  Don't be negative like Mare!  :)  BE HAPPY! We have many reasons to rejoice!  For your hair?  It's up to you.  I love your bangs so keep those!  I am going to grow my hair out.  When I get home it will be to my knees!   :)  I got a hug from Whitney from you.  She lives on my floor so I get to see her a lot.  She is doing wonderful.  :)  She made it to Sunday too so that's the BEST!  I am really excited for you about your math test, 85% is great!  :)  Good job with getting your homework done cause that is what is best.  Keep trying to find the good in your English class.  You will learn lots.  The other day I went to Shopho & bought this really cute sweater.  It was on sale.  We went to get H.K.'s glasses and then I bought it.  There are some super cute purses there for cheap.  A black owl one for only $16.  How is Macey's?  Does Collin still work there?  Is he still dating that girl?  I am glad you are enjoying Institute as well as the temple.  I love the temple.  It will be something I miss super bad when I leave the MTC.  Go often & take Tyler & Tanner.  It is so important that people can have their work done!  :)  Don't you dare come Wed. afternoons!  We have already said bye!  I don't want to again.  hahaha!  You are doing missionary work on the other side of the veil, so good job!  :)  I am glad you are reading the scriptures.           Love the Book of Mormon.  It is how we can learn of Christ and learn how we need to become. As General Conference is coming up have questions (specific) and if you pray they will be answered.  Want to know a secret?  I have a huge crush on my teacher Hermano Henderson :) haha!  He is fantastic and may I say a very attractive guy.  23 - Blue eyes & Blonde hair.  But don't worry I'm focusing on my work here.

 Love you & Miss you Ton's!!!  Write me soon.
<3, Kyns

Dear Ty,                                                                                                                         Sept. 19, 2021

First...I'd like to say 
There is no better way 
Than to listen to dad 
OR else you might be sad.  
Both your parents (Heavenly Too)  Know whats best 
So do your part & They'll do the Rest.
I'm kind of Bad at Poems
But I find it quite .... Entertaining!  :)
I am glad you wrote me a letter
It made my day a whole bunch better!

Okay Okay.  enough with my poem!  :)  Iam glad you had fun at Lagoon with Adri.   I approve of Kelly.  She is cute.  You will have to email me some pictures of you together!  :)  Remember to be good - no kissing -you promised!  :)  haha!  I am glad you are having fun in high school.  Seriously high school was my favorite thing ever.  It was a blast to get involved in.  Are you taking woods from Uncle Scott? What have you made?  Even though they (Timpview) are stuck on themselves, be nice!  You better always bleed green!  :)  I might disown my hermano cuyo es caliente como 'el fuego!  :)  You make me laugh.  I don't think that sentence will convert people.  Just sayin.  I am glad you are doing good.  I am also glad you have the desire to serve a mission.  Ty you are so great.  I hope you know how much I love you!  :)  I am glad you like seminary too.  Keep doing great things & no more slacking- a Flojo (slacker) is espanol.  WRITE Me!  :)

Love you - Miss you!
<3 Kyns

P. S.  The MTC is great but I am very excited & nervous to go to Texas!  I know Heavenly Father will help me though.   Spanish is coming a long.  Its hard but I am learning & being blessed with the gift of tongues.  I memorized the 1st Vision in Spanish too - so I can teach that!

Hey Tanny!                                                                                                                     Sept. 19, 2021

Thanks for your letter & little drawings.  We had a good time reading it.  I can't believe you snuck out!  :)  I was laughing but you need to be obedient so that you will be safe.  ok bud?  I heard about the game.  That isn't good that we lost!  Did you see #3 Spencer Hadley?  (his number is really 2 :) )  That is one of my friends - so watch for him.  I think he is a lineman or a linebacker?  The missionary Elders were just laughing at me because I didn't know if it was a lineman or a linebacker.  :)  I think my favorite thing was the weird thing picture.  That was funny.  Umm...Interesting things...Elder Balwin put a gobstopper in his nose.... :)  Don't try that.  Its not wise.  He is a crazy kid.  How is school going?  Are you making any new friends?  I am almost leaving the MTC in just 2 weeks.  I am excited but also nervous because I have to talk to people in Spanish & my Spanish is far from good.  But hopefully I will be able to say some things!  Tyler says I just need to know Tyler escaliente com el fuego but...I don't think that will convert people:)  haha Well bud - Thanks for your letter!  Be good, Choose the Right & read the Scriptures!

<3 ya,
Kynsie aka (Kin - see)  :)

Tanny aka (Tan-nie),

See what I did there?  Well I'm glad youk're learning so quickly.  I really am so cool.  :)  I love hiking & camping.  :)  Anything in the mountains or even trails in the forest are nice.  I have 3 sisters and 2 brothers.  We're all spread out in age but I'm the 2nd oldest.  My sister is oldest and all the rest are younger.  I guess you can say I'm top-knoch-class.  I'm a pretty big deal...just kidding, but seriously.  I hope you're doing well & that your siblings aren't driving you too crazy back home.  :)

Hermana K.

Dear Kylee  aka (my little lady !!!)  :)                                                                              Sept. 19, 2012

I was so excited when I got your letter and Beautiful picture!  Good Job with your letters & hearts!  :)  I was showing Everyone in my district!  I am doing really good.  I am going to Texas in 2 weeks.  I think I will see lots of cowboys & cowgirls.  What do you think?  How is school going?  Are you learning a lot?  What books are you reading?  I am glad you wrote me a letter.  I am going to put your picture in my room. :)  Love you sweet girl.  Give everyone lots of hugs for me.  Have you been playing with Kinley & Mila?  Love you & Miss you Lots?

<3 Kynsie  :)