Tuesday, September 24, 2013


hellllo family! how are you all doing? I am sorry to hear about the byu game. but as i always have said and even though some people will be mad at me for this comment...it is just a game. :) It is funny about all the craziness that happens when that game is on.

Once again it was quite an awesome week in the Texas Houston Mission Bear Creek area! Some awesome things happened and crazy things too so when it comes down to it you just say....woooohooo! 

The 3 Amigos: We had a few really solids lessons with them this week. We talked to them about the gospel and really worked with them on understanding the need to get baptized and follow the gospel of Jesus Christ. They felt the spirit and Alfonzo shared with us a dream that he had received the night before. We asked Elisa what she felt and she didn't understand the need to be baptized again if she has been baptized because she has already been baptized. We found out that she doesn't really understand the whole authority thing. She did explain to us how she feels really good about what we talk about and share. It was good because we figured out some more of their needs and they will continue progressing. This week we are going to re-explain the restoration and help her understand the priesthood. They are fantastic people. Alfonzo and Eugenio have a musical group, i don't remember if i have told ya'll that before but Alfonzo played and sang for us this last week. it was so fun. They he asks me, do you want to play the accordion? He just comes over and puts it on my lap and begins telling me to put my fingers here and there and everything. It was funny. I wasn't very good....but it was fun!

Ponchos: On Friday Night we had an activity for Hispanic Celebration month. Don't know what it is really called but that is what I am calling it. Anyways. So Hermana Knappen and I parked our car in an apartment complex. Then we were walking around down the road and over at some shops contacting people. It had been raining off and on all day but it had stopped. We were trying to be seen and talk with all that we walked by. We are at this thrift store talking to some people and we walk out and it is dumping buckets. We were about 7 minutes away from where our car was. We were going to be drenched and we were supposed to go to the activity in about 10 minutes. :D We went into this dollar store to by an umbrella. We ended up buying a poncho for a buck and thank goodness because the umbrella wouldn't have done anything!!! :) In the Dollar store we were able to contact this lady named Lou and she said she wants to hear more. The Lord always provides when we try to do our part. We also talked to a few other people who we feel like we planted a seed and one that we will be able to talk to again. The water was mid calf in some areas. We were really wet even with the ponchos. Hermana knappen was just laughing hysterically. :) It was a fun memory. 

Ashley is the daughter in law sort of...of one of our members. It is just hard to explain. She is english but we are teaching her because the sort of mother in law is in our ward and she wants us to teach her for a bit. So. We taught ashley the restoration this last friday. It was so powerful. We were explaining all the principles and she was just understanding and asking good questions. At the end of the Lesson we invited her to pray and she offered a beautiful sweet prayer and then we gave her the baptismal invitation for the 27th of Oct. She said I'll try, I am not promising if i am not ready but i'll prepare! :) It was great! She is such a sweet girl. We were really happy how it went.

Alysia: She is a new hermana that we are teaching. She is catholic. like super catholic but likes listening to the word of God. she likes to learn and wasn't super open the first few times that we went but has opened up a lot. The first lesson we asked her to pray and she wouldn't. The second lesson too and she wouldn't. Yesterday we told her our purpose and asked her to pray at the end and she told us that she would try but that she always prays alone and not even in front of her husband. She said a super beautiful prayer. She felt the Holy Spirit and she began to cry. It is the best feeling ever watching people pray for the first time and watching them understand things. We read with her Alma 32 and she loved it. I really like her a lot. She is super sweet and has a special spirit.

I will study D&C 39. I am glad you are doing the Family History Work!!! I think it would be against the rules to do the skype thing...:D sorry dad! haha. I know you all want to see me...but we can't make those exceptions. ;) How is your spanish by the way? Coming along??? It was fun to get your letters this week. Thanks for sending them. I love this work. I love my mission. Keep staying involved in good things! I am glad to hear everyone is doing so well. I love you all a lot and pray for you often! Take care and I'll talk to you soon! :)

Off finding the Tens of Thousands! Remember who you are and to whom you belong too.

Con Amor, hermana rife

Kynsie in the rain with her "cute poncho"!!!

In spite of the rain they made it to their Hispanic celebration and enjoyed some yummy food!

 Kynsie LOVES music!  Here she is testing her abilities on the accordion.
In her words, "I wasn't very good....but it was fun!"

Monday, September 16, 2013

hopefully you are able to get this. It isn't working..I keep getting failed responses...

Hellllloooo! How are you all doing?

Who did tyler go to homecoming with??? Cory Garrett got married? Woah. Didn't know he was getting hitched. I was thinking about Christian Terry the other day so thank you for letting me know about him! :) 

This week has been a wonderful one. We have a LOT of less actives or inactive's in our ward. We have been working hard with them so that we can get them reactivated and they have friends who aren't members and so we are hoping to get two birds with one stone. Find people to teach as well as reactivate and bring some wandering souls back to the path. 

We had a few really special experiences. The first one was with the Valerio family. Hno Valerio is super faithful and strong but his family isn't. We went over there and visited with his wife and him. We were able to relate the conversation we were having about the blessings of heaven exactly into the lesson that we wanted to teach about God's love for us and the blessings of the gospel of Christ. We talked about 3 nephi 14: 7-11. I think it really touched her and she told us that we are welcome in their home whenever we want. We felt that it is her time and the Lord is preparing her to come back. 

We also visited with a another Family. Their name is the Cantus. We read a passage in the scriptures and their daughter started crying and told us that she really needed this message. I know I have said it many times but seriously, Heavenly Father is so involved in our lives. He loves us so much and wants us to have success and happiness. He is prepared to give us what we need in the exact moment that we need it. It was special that it could touch her heart the way it did.

Well I know you are all probably dying to hear about our three amigos. Alfonzo, Eugenio and Elisa. Let me let you know what is happening. Man. they are AWESOME. This week we had two really spiritual lessons with him. We made swedish pancakes for them and then we watched the testaments with the Ramierez family. It went great. They loved the swedish pancakes. They were amazed that we made them. Thank you Grandma Vedana! :) Anyways. So by the end of the movie they were all crying and we had a beautiful moment to share our testimonies about the book of mormon and about the savior. Thursday we were able to talk with them about the Sabbath day and a bit about prophets. We invited them to be baptized again and they told us that they needed more time. Alfonzo starts telling us about how he needs to be ready and worthy to receive this beautiful gift from God. He basically feels that he wants to be really perfect and ready so that he can be worthy of it. We are trying to help him understand that he won't be perfect and that that is why we have the atonement. Then he tells us, hermanas, We are part of a band and I can't continue playing in the band if I get baptized because I want to just devote my life to God and write songs about Jesus Christ. :D He is such a sweet man. I love them a lot.

At the end of the lesson they were telling us how much they loved us and how grateful they are for Heavenly Father for sending us to them. They have really felt the spirit and now it is just about getting them to act. Now it isn't a matter of if they are going to be baptized but when. We are planning a really wonderful lesson about the gospel for tomorrow. SO EXCITED!

We were reunited. Who? Well Hermana Koerner and I. To celebrate we ate a chili whole from a plant and almost died. SOOOOO HOT! haha we were laughing so hard. I am going to try to attach the video that was taken by accident instead of a picture. :) We had a good exchange. It was really fun. I am so excited because I have some great news to share. I found a few people who are ready to get their temple work done! I am going to send you the papers. I have like five names for Tyler and Tanner to be baptized for and one for Kendra and then mom and dad you two can do the rest. The first lady that I found. I am going to keep her to do her work. :) Sooo please do them sooon. They are waiting for their pass to progression. Hermana Koerner is basically a family history search ninja. It was so neat that we could find them! LOVE FAMILY HISTORY WORK. 

A side note. I think i can officially pull off being latina. I made rice and beans from scratch and it was super yummy. Expect a super yummy meal when I come home! HIJOLE!!!! :D

Atonement and Repentance: This week, I have been studying a lot about Atonement and repentance and how we can apply it. I know that through the Atonement of Christ we can really be healed of all that we have gone through. I have truly felt that power as I have healed from the past on my mission. I know it is possible. I loved this quote in this talk. "healing comes when we move away from the darkness and walk toward the hope of a brighter light. It was in the practical application of faith, hope, and charity that she not only transformed her own life but forever blessed the lives of many, many others" You should all watch it! 

Hey...start preparing for conference. It is going to be really good and if we come prepared with questions. Heavenly Father will answer them and give us further guidance.

PS. Grandma!!! you are the best ever! LOVED YOUR LETTER!!!

Okay. I love you all. I miss you all. I am excited for Hawaii but i still have forever in TEXAS!

Hasta Luego!! Off finding the tens of thousands. Remember who you are and to whom you belong to.

Love your missionary

Hermana Rife

Alfonzao, Eugenio and Elisa eating Swedish pancakes that Kynsie and her companion made.
Kynsie said, "They were amazed that we made them.  Thank you Grandma Vedana!  :) "

To celebrate being reunited with Hermana Koerner (a former companion) they ate a chili whole from a plant and almost died.   "SOOOOOO Hot!"  haha they were laughing so hard.

Finding the family history work.  

"A side note....I think I can officially pull of being latina!"  Her home-cooked mexican meal!  
"Expect a super yummy meal when I come home!  HIJOLE!!! :D" 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I've been HIT!

Hello Family,

how are you all doing? I hope well. It sounds like it was a bit crazy this last week for you all with the water. I am glad that everyone is well and that you were able to help with other peoples houses. 
It rained here yesterday really hard. It will not be raining at all and then it will just pour. Hermana Knappen and I were dripping. It was super funny because we had appointments and we are like man...how are we going to show up to peoples houses dripping wet. It worked out okay though. We looked pretty rough but whatever! :) We were walking to one of our appointments with Hno Israel and we were waiting at a stop light. A ton a birds were up on top of the electricity lines. I felt a large drop on my shoulder and it was a replay of Knotts Berry Farms. I had been hit. Hermana Knappen just was laughing and laughing and I was like AHHHHH gross. Israel was looking at me like I was crazy because i was like SICK! GroSS!!! EWwwWW. Then he realized what had happened and we flung it off with an old paper. I could smell it the rest of the night though. I learned a new spanish work from it though sooo i guess it made it worth it. :) What kind of luck do i have. the chances of getting birdy bombed...happens to me! :D

We had a beautiful week. it went by so quick. We had a Mission Leadership Council Meeting, Zone Meeting Planning and then Zone Meeting, and then An Exchange. It was a really wonderful week. we were able to see a lot of miracles. We had a few that i wanted to share.

Alfonzo, Elisa, Eugenio: On Tuesday they came to our book of mormon class and really liked it. Then on thursday we went over and Alfonzo was just sad. He wouldn't tell us what was wrong but I felt like they are going through some hard trials. He started tearing up when we were talking to him. We felt that we shouldn't share what we had planned to share. A random thought came into my head of something we did in the MTC. We had then write down one of their doubts or concerns and then we began reading a chapter in the book of mormon. We didn't know what they were or where we should read. Hermana Knappen felt Alma 7. We began reading and then at the end we wrote down the answers that we felt like we had received from Heavenly Father. It was a very sacred experience. The spirit was there very strong and there was a lot of silence as we wrote. They all expressed that they had felt that they had received a lot of answers. Alfonzo told us how he felt a lot of tranquility and peace after we had read. On saturday we heart attacked them and they wouldn't stop telling us how much they loved it yesterday. They came to church on sunday and really enjoyed it. They were welcomed and greeted by a lot of people. It was wonderful. :) I feel really good about them. I feel like they will be able to get baptized soon.

I hope all of you know how much i love you. I know this work is true. It is such a special and sweet chance and blessing to be here serving a mission. I feel blessed everyday even though it is hard at times. I know that I am here for a reason and that this gospel is true. I know people can be changed through the atonement of Jesus Christ. I know that God loves us and knows what we need. I know through the gift of prayer and the scriptures we will learn about why we are here and know what we need to do in order to endure this life and return back to our Heavenly Father.

I love you all. take care. Keep doing the little things to stay on the path. Thank you for your unfaltering love, support, and prayers for me. I know it is through your prayers and faith that Heavenly Father can pull me through those hard times. 

Off finding and teaching those 10s of 1000s

Texas Forever. Actually probably just Mission forever! :) 

Hermana Rife

Kynsie and showing a little bit of Texan Personality!  :)

She has always enjoying "heart attacking"!!!  
The family they did this to sure loved it.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Happpppy September!

Hello and Happy September! 

Thanks for your letter! How was your labor day? I hope that it was good. It was a slow day for us but it was still good. I missed emailing you all. :) 

This last week. Man it was rough to say the least. I may or may not have started crying 3 or 4 times. :) Don't worry I am feeling a lot better now. It is a new week and I know that a lot of wonderful things are prepared. 

Sooo you are probably wondering what made me cry...haha

well we definitely got dropped from a few of our investigators. we contacted this lady and she said we could come back. We went back and taught her the restoration ish lesson. She didn't like the book of mormon. We testified and did everything that we could and at the end of the lesson we asked her to read and pray about the book of mormon and the message. We promised her that God would reveal it to her if something was true. She took the book of mormon and then as she stood up told us...do you know what...I am not going to be able to take your book. You can have it back. After trying a little bit more she gave it back and said that it hadn't been lost time. It was hard. I started tearing up and then on the ride home pretty much started sobbing. I think hermana knappen was shocked because she hasn't seen me really cry for something that wasn't the spirit. She said how about we go get some ice cream...so we ate ice cream for dinner! haha :) Really healthy I know. We are at the ice cream store and I thought I am not going to let one thing like that stop me from sharing the gospel. We sat down and a nice family walked in. I complemented the lady on her toms and then i explained who we were and what we had to offer. She shut me down with a hard no. Then I asked if I could at least give her a card and she told me...this store is as far as it is going to get....haha I was like WHAT IS THIS!?!

I know that it is for a reason but sometimes I don't understand how people can tell us that they believe in Christ and then can deny the chance to learn more. I know that Heavenly Father just has other prepared people and that we are supposed to learn from these experiences. I am learning. :) Life is still good though and the mission is still wonderful. I think I was just a bit emotional last week from Grandma passing and all the sad things. Don't worry there was still success! Now it is just funny but back in the moment...not quite as funny. Still a little bit though. :)

Alfonzo, Elyssa, Eugenio: Saturday night, we had a really beautiful lesson with this family. We talked about the book of mormon and Alfonzo brought up baptism and how he knows it is super important but he feels that he needs to know more. He told us that he feels like the Book of Mormon is inspired words from God. It was so great. He told us to keep working hard because we are involved in such a great work.It was so sweet to hear after all the craziness that had happened this last week. He and Elyssa committed to prepare for the 21st of September. We are praying for it. 

Olivia and Jr: Olivia is a less active member and Jr is her brother. We have been working with them over this last transfer. This last week we went to visit them and she lost her job and felt like there wasn't any hope at all. They committed to coming to church and they came! It was great. Jr was super excited and really liked it. Olivia said that all the questions that she had been having were answered. She said it felt really good to be there. It was a blessing that they came!

Hna Lugo was another less active that we started visiting when I came. She is now super active and finished the book of mormon this last thursday. We visited her the first day I got to Bear Creek and hasn't missed a sunday since. She is super faithful now. She is such a special lady. She gives me a big kiss on my cheek every time i see her. It is a little bit much but....its the thought that counts...I don't think I'll ever quite get over my dislike of people touching me! :) haha

This morning I went to Mission Leadership Council Meeting. It was wonderful. We talked a lot about prayer and how important that communication is. I know that Heavenly Father wants to talk to us and how even though we can't be in his presence that he has given us the wonderful blessing to talk to him but we have to do it. I know that he is listening and waiting to respond to our prayers. I know he loves us.

Moses 5:8, 16 & D&C 93:49

Keep praying and reading the scriptures.

Remember who you are and to whom you belong too.

Love you lots. Until next week, take care. Off finding the tens of thousands!

Hermana Rife

Hermana Lugo on the day she finished the Book of Mormon
with the "twiners"!  We will have to ask Kynsie if there was something behind these blue skirts and black shirts when she gets home.  ( I'm trying not to get too excited about the fact that she hit her 5 months to go mark this past Sunday, September 1, 2013)  We are getting closer!!!

Texas Forever!!!