Monday, June 24, 2013

"I can see whats happening.... WHAT?.... Our trio is down to two..."

Hi Hi Family!

How are you all doing? I hope all is well. It sounds like you all had another really busy week and that you are all involved in some wonderful activities! I am happy to hear that all is well. I miss you all and love all you all too. I hope you know that. Give grandma jensen a hug for me and send my love. I can't imagine that, that would be so insanely hard for grandpa to watch his best friend and love suffer like she is. It breaks my heart too. I love her so much. All of my grandparents. What special examples they are for me! I didn't hear about kendra's hair. I am glad katelin could help her fix it?

As you see from my title. We are down to 2 companions again. Hermana Hansen got her Visa on wednesday and she was gone friday morning. It was crazy that it happened so fast. It was fun serving with her while it lasted. :) I guess I wasn't doing as good as Heavenly Father wanted so he said...I better get this girl out of here before she is corrupted anymore! :) I think she was a bit nervous to go but we received an email this morning and so we know that she made it and she is okay.

This week was a good week. It went by so fast. We had a few beautiful miracles. We had a lot but a few that were really special are the following.

La Familia Moreno: We had the chance to go and visit them two times this week. We went once when we were on exchanges. Hermana Gibson and Hermana Deloya were with me. We did this really cool Protecting the Family rather than the City with Alma 50. It was cool. Hermano Cue came with us and they had a good connection with him. Jesus wasn't there because he was working but Juan knows him from school because he is a teacher. It was neat. We also saw them on saturday. Hermana Isabel says that she feels that it is true and that Juan her son is changing a lot. They are in Enos of the Book of Mormon. When we talk about it they are totally understanding the principles. I think it is so cool. On saturday, they told us that they were going to visit church. It was far away because of the broadcast and so we were a little nervous to see if they were going to come. 15 minutes before church because, we received a phone call and it was isabel. She said Hermana, we are outside but we don't know where to go and we can't see you all. We went out and got them and wow. It was a beautiful sight. Even Jesus was able to come. All of them were dressed so nicely and they behaved soooo well. Other than the part at the end when one of their little ones was putting ctr and soy una hija de dios stickers all over jesus. It was quite hilarious. But even then they were super quiet and very behaved. It turns out that they used to live in what we call the "mormon complex" where a bunch of our members live and so they know a ton of the members. It was cool because they have the possibilities of social conversion. They are so special. I feel so blessed to be able to work with them.

Last night after the mission broadcast we didn't have any set appointments. Hermana Crandall said, what about The Rodrigous Family (Tirsa y Daniel) I was like yeah, why not. They weren't able to come to church because they were out of town. We didn't know for sure if they would be home but we went over there. They were home, and Daniel was like come in come in. He is normally super quiet but was talking to us a lot more than normal. Tirsa was really excited to see us even though they had just arrived home about 1 hour before we went over. We were talking and then Daniel comes in and just sits down with us. He NEVER does that. He is normally in the back room. He was just visiting with us and he made us a mango smoothie. He was so kind and just different. It was seriously beautiful to be in their home, with both of them sitting by each other and talking with us. We asked if we could share a little message. They said that was fine. We read out of Heleman 5:9-12. We talked about what Christ did for us and what repentance is and how we can build our foundation on Christ. It was so special because Daniel was just answering the questions and participating. Although, we had given him a book of mormon and he has come to church like 5 times. He has never talked to us. He would say like 3 words. I never felt that I could invite him to listen or that we could have a gospel discussion because He wouldn't talk. About 3 weeks ago, we gave him a book of mormon and I was able to bear my testimony about the plan of salvation and the book of mormon. He was listening so intently and said he would begin to read it. (It was the same day that Chris got the priesthood) I asked him last week if he was reading and he just gave me a thumbs up and said si! I asked him if he had questions and he is just like nope. So yesterday was a big change. I was bearing my testimony and we invited him to really start learning more and seeing if this was true. He was just like nodding his said saying yes yes yes. I said, if you want to and he just had a smile and said yes. It was seriously so special.  We are making them a darling fhe chart and so hopefully they will just be on a short trip this time so we can go back and teach him and their family this week. Hermana campos (tirsas mother who lives with them) told us that Daniel is always like Where is my Book? I need my Book of Mormon! :) This work is so special.

Wow. The Mission Broadcast was fantastic! I loved it. The spirit was so strong and it was just a very neat message. I am sure all of you can feel as I that The Lord is really hastening his work and he has stuff for us to do. As I sat and watched the broadcast I was just thinking, wow this work is so sacred and I have the blessing of being a part of it. Dad, you asked me what we were implementing. We are doing a lot. President Pingree has been working hard on trying to get a ward mission plan in every ward. It is hard in our ward because we haven't had a ward mission leader basically the whole time I have been serving in this area. Hopefully that will be changing soon. I feel that we need to encourage and inspire the members to find ways to invite their friends to listen to the missionaries. Through dinner appointments or whatever it may be.

The more and more I am on my mission, the more and more I am realizing that this is so important and the things that I used to think were important are like the least important things in the world. I am coming to understand more about our purpose, about how we need to do our part. I love my mission so much. I love this work. I know that Heavenly Father loves his Children so much and that is why we have this Gospel. I know we need it in order to get back to live with him again. I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior and that the way is prepared but we just have to choose if we are going to follow it or not. We have all the tools, the scriptures, prayer, prophets and church etc. I love this gospel. I hope that you are all reading daily and praying. I know life can get busy but we can't forget about those things. Thank you for all your love and support. Your letters inspire and uplift me and help me keep going. I love you all so much and hope you all are taking care. Remember who you are and to whom you belong to.

Off finding and teaching the 10's of 1000s.

Love you! Texas forever. Your little texan,

Hermana Rife

Sister Rife with a new fancy hair do!!!
"Hermana deloya is a hair ninja. She did that to my head!"

"Hermana I love her sooo much! :) she doesn't like my taking pictures of her!"

"Look at my plant that I am growing! It is going to have flowers soon. It was like 2 in. tall when i got it."

"Kynsie's"  Trio
Hermana Rife, Hermana Hansen and Hermana Crandall

Monday, June 17, 2013

It flew by...


how are you all doing? It sounds like all of you are just sooo busy and involved in wonderful things. I loved seeing all of those pictures. It looks like a lot of fun. Happy Fathers day Daddy - o. Sorry I am basically really lame and didn't send you a card but don't worry you will get one soon! Know that I love you and I am so grateful for all that you do for me! I hope that your toe is getting better and that you are enjoying your otter pops and zero chair.

This week seriously flew by. I can't believe how fast time is flying. We had a really awesome week though. It was crazy to see Bishop Hoopes but fun as well. We were excited that he could take frank to the conference. Okay a few awesome miracles that happened!

Maria y Emily : Maria and Emily are doing so great. They are reading, they loved church and we were able to commit Emily to getting baptized as well. Maria just understands it. We watched Joseph Smith Restoration movie with them and they really liked it. Maria was tearing up. It was really special. Sadly they weren't able to come to church yesterday but we will be seeing them this week.

We ran into Frank - Black Frank again this week. He told us that he had been thinking a ton about us and he has been telling people about us. He asked us some questions about  missionary work and when we told him that we don't talk to our families he started to cry and express how wonderful this sacrifice is that we make to preach the gospel of Christ. All week i had been feeling that we needed to go to this investigator fireside but we didn't have anyone who spoke english. It just came to my head to invite Frank. He said yes he would come but that he needed a ride. Then everything happened with Bishop Hoopes and I thought it went perfect. Frank loved the fireside and i think it really helped him to understand about this gospel and why we are different. He just randomly called us on Saturday night to thank us again for the chance he had to come with us. I know that God is working with him to help him accept and listen to the message.

President Pingree and Elder Golden spoke at the fireside and it was beautiful because it was like they were teaching the first lesson as missionaries. It was awesome to see how they explained things and how strong the spirit was as they spoke. I seriously learned so much about how to teach and how i can teach better to explain the principles of the first lessons better. Elder Golden is a very special man. He is very educated all well.

On Friday we had the chance to have a zone conference with him. Hermana Hansen sang I heard him come and I played. It was a bit nerve racking playing for him but I thought it went very well. :) He spoke and I learned so much just about missionary work and the principles of the gospel. I know that he is called of God and that he is a true servant of the Lord. He is a special witness of Christ. It was wonderful to meet him and talk with him. He did a special trainers meeting at the end and it was very powerful. It was a small group, when he was bearing his testimony I could feel the spirit so strong. I also received an answer to one of my questions that i have had for a little bit. It was very comforting. As he was answering it. He seriously looked right at me. In my face. I know that Heavenly Father wanted to make sure I knew that he was talking to me. It was a wonderful day and I ate american food. It was the first home cooked american meal i have eaten in 10 months. Hawaiian Haystacks! It was pretty good but not as good as Mom's food. Just saying! :)

Saturday was awesome. We helped the cowan family paint their house and we got to visit with their parents. They aren't members. They are so nice and I think that they will eventually accept the Gospel. They have the cutest family and the most darling little boy named Nathan! We also had the neatest lesson with Maggie and Luis. We contacted them about 2 weeks ago and they told us that we could come back. We went back and got to know them a bit more and taught the restoration. The spirit was really strong the whole time. Luis said sooo you are telling me that Joseph Smith saw God and then He also told us Well I think that I have the same question as joseph smith. What church am I supposed to join? He said he and maggie are going to put in the time to really find out if this is true. I feel really good about them. They told us how sisters used to come to visit them but they don't really remember anything about what they would teach just that they loved praying with them and that they really loved the sisters. When Luis said the last prayer it was totally how we pray. It was really special. I am excited to go back to see them

Well I think that is about it. This week has been really special and i have just felt the spirit a lot. I love this work. I know it is true and I know that this church is true. I know that Jesus Christ died for us so that we can be cleansed from sin and so we can always know that he is there with us. I know that God loves each one of us and that we are his Children. He knows us personally and knows our needs. He knows what will help us and all we need to do is turn to him. I love the scriptures. They are sacred and precious and we need to be studying them daily to be able to stay close to God and stay on the straight and narrow.

I love you all so much and I am thankful for your love and support. Thank you for the little package and the card. It was a nice surprise. I hope all of you are taking good care of yourself and remembering who you are and to whom you belong too.

Love you
off finding the 10's of 1000's
hermana rife

A family in Kynsie's ward
Itzia and Jose
"Cutest little girls EVER!"

I saw this picture on facebook that Bishop Hoopes had posted with this caption:
"Sister Rife and her companions. Dinner at Red Robin in Tomball, Texas. Testimonies shared over a hamburger. Priceless."

With Bishop Hoopes

American Food for a Change!  Hawaiian Haystacks...Yum!!!

"America!!!! my planner. Cute right? :) I love america!!!!"

Doing Yoga!!!  

 Mission Tour with Elder Golden

Hello from Houston!!! (Dated June 10, 2013)

Hello Family!

How are you all doing? It sounds like you have all had quite the week? I am sorry about kylee girl being sick. Thanks for the picture of her with the strawberries. It is seriously darling! :D I loved it. I think I will probably print it out! Kylee girl. There is a card in the mail for you! Happy Birthday Little Lady!!! I love you and miss you! :) It sounds like you all had a good time on the trek. I am glad you could have those experiences. Some of my funniest memories are from youth conferences and such. I think they are hard and a lot of work but definitely worth it!

This week was very interesting. Do you want to hear the truth right about now I want to cry. haha. I have been feeling yucky all week. I have been sick to my stomach and not sleeping good. I think I am kind of stressed about training and trying to help all these people. Last night I woke up and was sick from about 4:30-9. I am feeling a bit better but I am so tired. We were doing companionship study and I told hermana crandall. I just feel like crying. Really really I am good though but today I am going to take a nap so that I can hopefully get some strength in my body. Hermana Crandall and I have had some sort of bug. We have been sick all week long. It sounds like the week we have all been sick. Utah and Texas. Poor Kylee, has it been 24 hours yet? Cute girl.

Okay well, Other than that, things are going really good. We had a very successful week. We were able to set 3 baptismal dates with Fransisco, Maria, and Panoncio (the uncle of Fransisco) Maria came to church yesterday with her 3 children. She really like it. We are super excited for them. :) They are progressing really well.  Maria told us that she is seeing the blessings of the gospel in her life. She said her husband is more happy and more relaxed and even wanting to come to church.

Daniel, Tirsa, chris, jon and princess and hermana campos - tirsa's mom. were all at church again yesterday. I love them so much. They are such a special family. We talked to daniel a little and he is reading the book of mormon. He is sooo quite but opening up little by little. Hispanics are so funny. yesterday during sunday school they were joking around about when juan (another investigator) gets baptized who will make the cake and bring the food. Two hermanas were bantering playfully over it and then one of them looks at daniel and says. Hno you aren't baptized either right? He She said well forget about all of that I am making you your cake! We were all just laughing super hard. Daniel even thought it was pretty good. They make me laugh. I love this ward and these people. :D

This week we have visited a few members and had some really special experiences with them. As we have been planning for them we have felt to share specific things and we don't even know them that well. With two appointments we felt specifically to share the book of mormon and commit them to reading it. Both times they confessed to us that they weren't reading and by the end of the appointment we were able to commit them to doing it. It was so special to feel the Lord working through us. It happens a lot but those two just were very meaningful. Sometimes it just hits me as I am studying or sharing my testimony about how special this work is. It is a good reminder for me to remember what i am doing and not just get caught away in the work. 

Well you are all probably wondering about my new companion. Her name is Hermana Hansen and she is from Spanish Fork. Hermana Crandall and her know the same people. She is a sweet girl. She is waiting for her visa to go to peru, cusco? Yup. Emperor's new groove style. It is fun to have a third person. She is adding another dynamic to our companionship. It is good to learn and get new perspectives on things.

We had a blast with Hermana Folsem. She is seriously hilarious. We were always laughing and talking. It was fun to be able to spend a few days with her. Well I am going to send ya'll some photos. Hope you all have a wonderful week and that you can rest a bit and get some extra sleep and that no one gets sick. Love you all soooooo much. You are my favorite family in the world!!!!!
Off finding the tens of thousands and remember who you are and to whom you belong too.

Ps I seriously love texas. I can't wait to bring ya'll here It is the best ever! I love pretty much everything about life right now. This is soooo wonderful. Ps. I basically am not picky food wise anymore. I love watermelon. I know I know. I am like another person. Hermana Folsem and us and Hermana Hanson and us. (she is the blonde one)

Love your texan. Hermana Rife

Kynsie's New Threesome!  
Sister Crandall and Sister Hanson 
(Both are from Spanish Fork)

Kind of a Fun Thing...Kynsie was able to be companions with Sister Folsem who is Amy Bingham's niece for three days!  
"We had a blast!   She is seriously hilarious."

Who is this girl that now likes watermelon and other foods that she seriously DID NOT LIKE when she was home?!!!  Crazy girl...I would always tell her, "Just try them...You might like them!"  ;)

WELCOME JUNE!!! (Dated June 3, 2013)

Hello hello! 

How are ya'll doing? I hope all is well. This week has been awesome..I have some crazy news though...

1- president pingree called me yesterday...I have to come home. Okay not really but we are totally going to be a trio! I am going to be double trio training. Sooo we are getting a new hermana this thursday. Lets just say...I am like ohhhh man. But Heavenly Father has trust in me sooo hopefully I will survive. :) I am excited though. I LOVE Trios. 

2- We are going to have an english companion for the next 3 is sister folsom. The binghams cousin. So that is kind of funny! It will be fun and I guess we will have some english appointments so that might be a bit weird in an english area but who knows maybe i'll eat american food one day!

I don't have any time sooo sorry about that but I'll tell you a few awesome things of the week!

Morenos - We had a lesson with Morenos on wednesday. It went really well. We talked about baptism and about what we do at church. Juan the 13 year old is reading in the book of mormon everyday and is in 2 nephi. He said I am not much of a reader but this just catches my attention. They were asking a lot of really good questions. They are still struggling to come to church. She said that she feels like she is playing with God if she comes to check it out. I don't quite understand and maybe it could be something else behind that but we don't know. She said possibly this next week. They seem to be doing good though. They are a super special family. I can't believe how awesome they are. 

Maria Rios - One day we were going to an appointment at the Lopez's house and they canceled so we began to talk to this one lady named maria. She said we could come by and talk to her. She canceled on us 2 times so we kind of felt...Lets not go back. We ended up being over there and trying. She said can you come back tomorrow. We were like...ahhh again? When we went..she was there and we taught the restoration lesson. It went super good. When we asked if she thought that maybe there was one church that was true on the earth she told us oh yeah. It is just about finding it. We asked if we could come back again and she said yeah. What about saturday. On Saturday we were a few minutes late...i know bad hermana rife...and she said I thought you hermanas weren't going to come. She was bummed. We introduced the book of mormon and she promised she would begin to read. I feel that she is super prepared.

During District meeting we were invited to ask Heavenly Father to pour out his spirit among this area as well as that we ask him to really help us find the people who are ready to be baptized. We have been asking every prayer and I feel like He is leading us to people. We had two really other good contacts this weekend and I feel a good spirit from both of them. We have appointments next week.

I love this work so much. I seriously and so grateful to be here. I know that God is involved in our live and in our everyday actions. He knows us and he knows what we need. He is their waiting for us to ask him for help and then he gives it to us. I know that this is the work of the Lord. I am so happy to be here serving. This is the best thing I have ever done! I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior and the only way that we may be cleansed from sin is through the atonement. I know we have to use it and apply it and it will make us happier. This work is so special. 

On a little bit more crazy note. We had a Fathers Day Activity with our ward and we created this little skit. It turned out pretty funny. We couldn't stop laughing. I am sending you some picture. It was that I was hermana crandall's voice and arms and elder barney was elder trotters voice and arms. In this little Show Elder trotter was telling us the 3 most important things his dad taught him that he learned on his mission. Then we had to demonstrate them. They were tying a tie, shaving and eating whatever people gave him. It went pretty well and everyone loved it. It was fun.

It is getting warm. I bought a water bottle the other day that was bigger than my head and hermana crandall is making me addicted to cinnamon fire jolly ranchers and strawberry limade sonic drinks. She is awesome. I love serving with her! One of the pictures was Hermana Gibson and I on exchanges and the other was of our zone. Don't mind the awkward hands. It was on purpose. :D It is a funny picture.
Okay well I love you all a lot. Take care and I'll talk to you next week. have a happy week
I wrote the girls letters last week but I didn't send them soooo they will come this week.
Remember who you are and to whom you belong to.
Off finding the 10s of 1000's
con amor! hermana rife

Becoming addicted to Strawberry Limeades from Sonic

Fathers Day Activity with our ward
Sister Rife and Sister Crandall and Elders Barney and Trotter

On Exchanges with Sister Gibson

Kynsie's Zone
Don't worry about the awkward hands!  It was on purpose!!!