Wednesday, January 23, 2013

It is FREEZING - 36 and humility makes me want to die! :) I thought texas was warm...

Hi Family!

Well another week has come and gone. It is flying by. I can't believe the month of January is almost over...well sort of but 2013 is almost coming to an end ;) I always tell Hermana Koerner that it is almost done and she tells me to stop it. I just like to tease her about it. :) Time really does fly so fast on my mission. In 2 weeks....I am 1/3 the way done from my mission. CRAZY.

A lot of wonderful things happened to us this week. Every day from 6 to 7 pm we go knock for Power Hour. We try to find the people who are ready, we are trying so hard to pray with faith to find. We found 13 new investigators this week to teach. It was awesome. :) We were like are we counting right? But we were. It was awesome.

Our investigators are still struggling coming to church though. It is so hard because we work all week so hard to get them to be there and then we spend all morning chasing around checking up on them and inviting them to come and they all come up with excuses of why they aren't able to come and on and on. Its like...SERIOUSLY MERIDITH! El Enemigo (aka the enemy) works so hard to ruin the plans of church. I just don't quite understand why they don't have the desire to come after they talk to us about how they know and feel it is important but then they won't just go...Oh well we aren't loosing faith. As president hinckley said...even if there is a spark of interest, don't give up! so we aren't giving up and they will come next week! :)

Mayra is doing good! She is progressing and we had a wonderful lesson with her. We made some progress and she said she was going to begin to read and pray. She finally told us about some of her doubts. We talked about how she can get rid of them. She admitted that she knew that she needed to figure it out for herself and decide what she was going to do. She is so special! :) I am excited for her to find her answer. She texted us through out the week and let us know of different parts of scripture and how heavenly father was answering her prayers. I know that she will get her answer through the Big Three.

I don't know if I ever told you about Lilly. Lilly was a reference that a few other missionaries found. She is 84 years old. We tried and tried to contact her over and over but we couldn't get a hold of her but we always felt like we needed to keep trying. A few sundays ago we talked to her and it was a super spiritual moment. She talked to us and was crying about how she was ready to go when God was ready to take her and that she didn't want to be a burden on any of her children. She said that she wanted to help others not be helped. I testified to her about how she was here for a reason and that we had a special message for her. She said she wanted to hear it. We went back and she told us that she almost died and was in the hospital and tons of her story. She is soooo special and virtuous. I hardly cry on my mission just when the spirit is really really strong. I was crying through out the whole lesson. We have a special connection. We shared with her that there is a little more that she needs to know. We talked with her about the book of mormon and she said that why did i just feel something from the top of my head to the bottom of my toes? When we were leaving she had committed to praying as well as she hugged me and started to cry and said I feel something so beautiful. We were just crying together. We are excited to see her today or tomorrow! :)

All of our recent converts are progressing well. We are trying to set up a date that they can go do baptisms for the dead. We were talking to Hno. Juan a little bit about the temple. We are sometimes worried that people will think it is a little weird and so we always make sure to testify to help them feel the spirit of the work. Hna Koerner was testifying and he said that isn't weird this work is actually...Divine work of God. No one else can do it! :) He is still reading the book of mormon daily and is loving the book of Alma in spanish Alma means soul so I think it def. is the book of the soul :)

We had a tri mission conference this weekend. All the three missions in texas were together. Elder Ballard, Elder Nielson (of the 70) and Bishop Davies came and spoke to us. It was so awesome. The spirit was so strong and it was awesome to see them and feel of the authority they have. I will write home some of the things that we learned.

Katelin - You are lookin like a Skinny Mini! and I loved those pictures! I can't believe that they are growing so much. Kylee Lady! I am so excited to get your Flat Stanley. I have been thinking of places that we can take him and take a few pictures. Hermanita. I loved your letter. Thank you for sending it!  :) I also go the letter from grandma as well!

Well i need to get going cause my time is up but I love you all SO MUCH.

Off Finding 10's of 1000's and remember who you are and to whom you belong

Hermana Rife

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