Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving Week!

Well Hi there,
Honestly I am not in the mood to write a letter so I am sorry if this letter is a tad bit crappy. :) But it isn't anything against you. I love you a lot!
A few big things of the week...
Hermana Busenbark got transferred and we got a new companion. Her name is Hermana Koerner. She is from Indianna and went to Byu. She taught high school before she came here. It was a surprise. I don't know why I am always in trios...but I guess I need double the trainers! ;) haha She is really into the doterra oils. Its sort of funny but we all have our passions so its fine! :) We all get along really well. She is perfect for us cause she likes hiphop and dancing and it works perfect with our rapping. We have been rapping tons. Almost every single day. i am getting good at just flowing in my raps. it is pretty fun. It makes people laugh too so that a plus.
A thing to ask. In the piano box or piano bench there is the song Breath of Heaven. Hermana Kelly and I are doing a musical number at the Christmas Mission Meeting. So I hope you can find it and send it soon. If possible this week...? You can send me any other music that you feel like is good to send. I am finding out I should have brought some cause I am using it a lot more than i thought I would. I played in church yesterday and it brought a good spirit to the room. After I was done the High Council man from our stake said wait stay there. I was like huh? He said I want to you bear your testimony. It was super scary. Dang..I thought I was only playing and then I had to bear my testimony in spanish. Yikes. It is a lot better than it was. It helps that both my companions speak beautiful spanish though. I thought my heart was going to jump out of my chest though. But I survived. As for the piano song.. Bishop said he loved it and asked me to do another in December.
Two great experiences of the week!
La Familia Sorto - So we met this family as we were praying. We have taught them 2 times and they are reading the book of mormon. They are special. The spirit is in there house and they are so pure. It is awesome to see. They are Oscar (the pappa) Anna (the Mama) Marisol and Marvin who are in there 20s. Marvin is married with a baby girl Scarlet and Marisol is so awesome. She is an athletic trainer for a high school. So they are so neat. The other day we stopped by and Ana said oh i have been thinking about you guys because Marvin wanted to invite you to Scarlets 2 yr old birthday party tonight. I knew you had that wedding so you couldn't come and we were sad. ( The wedding had been postphoned because the paper work didn't come through ) but anyways so we had the night open. We went to the party and they were excited. It was really fun a huge party. That is something I have learned here Hispanics are all in or all out. Its crazy. They had a bunch of music and it was very fun. I was enjoying listening :) we were holding in our dancing though...for the most part. The sorto family is coming along. We have been tied up in Santillans and Nora a lot so hopefully we can start splits and do double the work in these next few weeks.
La Familia Faz/Santillan - Wow. I love this family. Sooo much. I am excited for Thanksgiving this week with them. We are cooking for them a american Thanksgiving Dinner! It is going to be great. The other Night our ward had a Thanksgiving dinner and they came. Jose asked what are plans were for thanksgiving just kind of checking to make sure we remembered we were spending it with them. Hermana Rivera said joking...Well we have this incredible familiy that we are going to eat with. We are so excited..and so on. He sorta look at us confused but they she said...You guys. He was like Oh...He told us later I thought you were replacing us and it broke my heart. Hahaha :) I was laughing so hard. He always tells us you are my family we love you like family and he is so sweet. I love all of them. I hope one day you can meet them. There was dancing at that activity. We convinced Jose and Lorena to dance for us. It was so cute. I am not going to lie...we pray that they will fall in love and it is fun to watch them fall in love again. :)
Hno Jose has accpeted the baptismal date of Dec 1st. He is doing great. They love church and learning more. Yesterday we taught word of wisdom and Lorena gave us her beer and we dumped it down the drain with them. It smelled so gross. They are willing to keep all the commandments and just move forward. Satan is working hard on them at times but it is good. We have a few more kinks to work out with them but I think after that they will be ready. Hopefully the paper work will arrive this week and then they can get married. This family is bringing the missionary spirit to our ward. Lots of people are willing to come as member presents and do family nights. The spirit of our ward is different. it is awesome.
It sounds like you are going to have a fun Thanksgiving with everyone. You won't even miss me! :) Okay well i gots to goooo but Just so you know....
I love you all :)
Happy Turkey Day!
Remember who you are and to whom you belong to. 
Alma 34:38-39
Off finding the 10s of 1000s
Hermana Kyns


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