Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Howdy from your Texan Missionary

Puessss Bueno.

I can't believe it is another week in texas. It is already november. Woah! 

1st things 1st.

Kendra - beautiful girl. I saw your picture and I was like she is getting more pretty by the day. I loved your pumpkin. I heard you went on a spill the beans woman.

Mila Baby - Happy Birthday to my little 1yr old. I want to see some birthday pictures or something. I know kate will be doing something fun for her birthday so I am expected some pictures! :) PS Kate ----- i need a letter from you as well as some halloween pictures of their costumes! ;) 
I am glad Christian is doing better. I have been keeping him and the Terry Family in my prayers. :) please keep telling me how he is doing.

I got the piano music..Thank you so much! I loved the letters I got this week as well. I received the letter from my little lady kylee and from grandma. Thank you. Bishop asked me to play in church in 2 weeks. I am excited. I am going to play For the Beauty of the Earth.

First A Few Funnies....

Juan Solano - He cracks me up. He is just super funny because he makes sound effects when he is talking and he gets super involved when he is talking. With his hands and eyes and body. It is really hilarious. He was confirmed yesterday it church. It was a very special blessing. He was promised that his wife would come along and know the truth through his example and he would touch many peoples lives. He is a very special man. I am excited to see him progress and grow in the gospel. After he was set apart he said...while breathing in deep sticking his chest out and flaring his nostrils..."I feel so strong, I feel like i have the power of a....Dragon" hahaha :) We were laughing pretty hard. 

Brownies - Well Halloween night rolled around and I bought some brownie mix on monday so that i could make a treat for halloween night because we had to be in at 6:30. I start making them and i am wanting to taste them but something inside me was telling me no. I start dumping them into the pan and the chocolate smell is smelling more like I smell them and they are coffee brownies. I was thinking what the...why are these like this. I bought the fudge brownies. Welllll in spanish mucho means much and on the box it said like family pack and so i related the word mucho to the word on the box...I wasn't reading very careful. :) I look on the box and in cursive it didnt say mucho but mocha...:) soooo yeah. I was pretty mad not going to lie but after calling our Alberto and Hno. Berges who were going to  dinner that night anyways, we convinced them to stop by the grocery store and get us another mix! :) We gave them cash. I was happy after. It was a funny thing. I was like dumping them down the drain and I was all sad but it worked out. 

Other experiences of this week...

La Familia Faz y Santian is progressing so well. We have visited them every single day this week. They are going to be getting baptized pretty quick. They are all very special people. I love teaching them. It makes me happy cause it reminds me of all my little brothers and sisters. They are very willing to keep commitments and move forward in faith. They all know it is right and true. Randell (10yrs old) reads the book of mormon every day and tells us about it. He has so much love for the book of mormon. I have some cases for my spanish scriptures that I got in the mtc and he said...I have been trying to find a case for my book of mormon like that. It just shows how much he loves it. All of the children tell us their favorite stories from the book of mormon. As for Lorena and Jose...:) Wow. Special. So I can't remember if I told you this but they aren't married...we have been praying that they will fall in love again because as of right now they don't want to get married but they are living in the same house with their kids in different rooms. Over they last week there has been a lot of change - Lorena is trying for Jose to look pretty and they have been more loving and touching. All of us our like giggling little girls because they gospel and Heavenly Father is helping this before we know it..."going  to the chapel and they're going to get married...going to the chapel of love....." :) haha its pretty great. The bishops family has been helping us so much with them. They had dinner last night with them and then we came over after and taught the restoration. Jose hadn't been taught that yet but when we told him the first vision he started crying...he could feel it so strong. It was powerful. :) 

We had exchanges this week. hna busenbark and I stayed here and hna Bartholio came. She is a really cute girl. She taught me a lot about sharing a powerful testimony. When ever she opened her mouth, her testimony was pure and powerful. I was very impressed. :) 

Things with our other investigators are going very well. We met with Cindy again and she told us that she wanted to continue meeting with us as well as Grace is going to read the book of mormon as well as pray to see if it is true. I am excited to see her tomorrow. 

I love this work. My testimony of this gospel grows day by day! It is a very special work. :) My testimony of the Atonement is growing as well. I am starting to understand our purpose in life more than ever. Keep up all the good work at home. I miss you all (in the good missing way)  and Love you more!!!

Alma 37:44-47: the way is prepared and all we have to do is do what is right and we will find true happiness! is our blog- i think it is updated pretty often.

Remember who you are and to whom you belong to.

Off finding the 10's of 1000's

Con mucho mucho mucho (not mocha) amor
Hermana Kyns


You can keep sending letters to my apartment or to the mission home (I prefer my apartment until Dec 17)

18203 Westfield Place Drive # 618
Houston, Texas 77090

(This is my mission home address just so you know its better for packages around Christmas)
16623 Hafer Road
Houston, Texas 77090

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