Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The sweetness of this work

Hi Family,
Right now, I don't even know where to start. This week on my mission has been sacred. Very Special.
A mission is a hard thing to express because its so personal and special to you. It is hard to explain because it is an unreal feeling. The things I am learning are neat.
Dad thank you for writing me that letter. It really touched me. We are at a college emailing today and again I am sitting here crying cause I can feel the spirit through your letter. :) It is amazing how people can leave such incredible impressions in your heart.
Hna Rivera is getting close to finishing her mission. She will leave the 19th. I am going to miss her a lot. I really have learned so much from her. She is a role model missionary. I feel so honored to have the chance to serve with her and learn from her as my trainer. She told me the other day, Sometimes I wonder why we couldn't have served longer together but then I realized that it is because we have to much fun together. it is like we would be on vacation with a best friend and then just seeing all these miracles. She just said, we wouldn't be learning as much cause we would just be loving life! I am glad she feels the same way I do. I know she and I will be good friends forever. I am excited to see what Heavenly Father has in store for her.
Saturday, we were blessed with the baptism of Nora. The whole day was kind of spent with her. It was pretty funny actually. We started out on her roof putting up her Christmas lights. Edgar her son was like freaking out cause he was like they are girls they can't do that they are going to fall off our house. Hna Rivera and I climbed up the roof and started hammering the little nail things/picture hangers. I was laying on my stomach nailing and she was sitting below me so that i wouldn't roll off the roof. It was so funny. We were laughing the whole time up there. All of Nora's neighbors were looking at us like WHO ARE THESE GIRLS. :) She was like Hna Rife you are hammering like a man. Nora was laughing the whole time too but she kept saying cuidado cuidado. Be careful in spanish. We didn't quite finish so we are going back tomorrow but it was funny. We then went to her baptism. It was a wonderful service. Many people showed up to support her and she looked like an angel. Her daughter Maria and her husband came as well. It was the first time we met her husband. I let her borrow my temple dress because we didn't have any pretty dresses and she is a classy ex catholic woman and I really felt strongly that she needed to use my dress. We were careful and I made sure to check if it could get wet and everything so it was fine. She loved the dress and she was so prepared. Hna Busenbark was able to come, as well as the Santillans. Jose and Lorena loved the service they thought it was beautiful. You could feel the spirit. We went out to dinner with them after and spent a little time with their family. It was good because then they could see we were normal people. I think maria is going to be accpeting too. She is awesome. I like her a lot. On sunday when Nora recieved the Holy Ghost she said that after when she was recieving it (by the man & (his wife) who gave her to us as a refferal) that she felt something go through her body. In the blessing it said Heavenly Father has a special mission for her,  and that her family is going to come follow because of her example. A very special day! :)
The Santillan family is doing very well. They came to church yesterday as well as a musical stake youth fireside. They enjoyed it. We had a very sacred lesson with them last night. :) Keep praying for them that they will get married and prepare for baptism.
This week I went on exchanges. I went to Conroe with Hna. Busenbark and Hna Demmit. I learned a lot. It was a good experience. We had a fun time cleaning horse stalls and was gross but fun service. We went to this 65 acre ranch. It was pretty. We got feed a good lunch after so it was worth it.
I loved hearing from "the boys" it was so great. I loved all of your letters. I am glad you are doing well. Well I love you a lot. I am glad you are all working on reading the book of mormon. That book is so incredible. If we want to be converted members of the church we have to read that book. Even if it is just one verse a day.
Love you all a lot. Take care and have a good week.
Remember who you and to whom you belong to.
off finding and teaching the 10's of 1000's
Hermana Rife


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