Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Hey, Hi, Howdy!

Hi Family,

How are you all doing? Well Since everyone was kinda asking me about my migraines I guess I'll save that for next week to help everyone learn patience! Do you think you all are okay with that? :)

This week I had the opportunity of attending Zone Council Meeting. It was so awesome. All of the zone leaders and about 4 companionship's of sisters attend once a month. This is my second time going. The AP's and President Pingree present the themes and Ideas for district and zone meeting for the month and we have a training and then after we get to eat lunch at the mission home. It was so wonderful and so needed. It gave me a wonderful burst of energy and excitement for the work. It was inspiring for me to be always working to be a better person and missionary. 

A lot of what we focused on was praying in faith. It was a wonderful topic. We talked about many stories from the book of mormon and bible about people who prayed in faith. President Pingree talked about how all of us need to have powerful prayers. Elder oaks said a quote that said something to this effect that without faith our prayers are just words, with faith our prayers connect to the powers of heaven. We also have to be willing to act. Without our willingness to act on the answer we receive Heavenly Father isn't going to answer us. When Joseph Smith prayed he didn't pray to know what church was right but which church to join. He went in to that prayer saying he was going to act on the answer he received. I love the Aps (Elder Pliego and Kauo) as well as President Pingree. My spirit was so energized when we left. It was wonderful to be filled with the spirit and filled by sister pingrees home cooked food! :) While the elders like 20 ish of them were getting their food all their shoes were at the door. They are all black dress shoes so we may or may not have grabbed one and moved it with a different one. It was really funny. They still don't know it was us! :) They were like how did my shoe get all the way over here and where is my shoe! :) haha Funny funny There are some really good missionaries in our mission. I love talking to them and getting to hear their stories. 

Hermana Flat Kylee hung out with us all week. It was fun that she could celebrate my 6 month mark with me! ;) haha I am going to be sending her home in the mail this week with the girls letters. I hope the pictures are okay and my letter is too. 

Well our car had a little problem this week. So we took it to the shop and elder ohern our senior car missionary came and got us with his wife at the shop. He said well i am going to spoil you sisters and let you drive the nicest car we have. 2013 ford fusion. It had 17 miles on it. He called us like 2 hours later and told us that he asked president pingree and he said we can keep it because ours was needing to be retired. It was my 6 month mark, and this week is hermana koerner's birthday and her 9 month mark so we were like HAPPY CELEBRATIONS to us! :) I was also told that i will have sinned the unpardonable sin if I crash it so i have been praying to be safe and being very careful! I am the driver but who knows if it will be the same this transfer. It is transfers this week. 

We had a busy week. Full of lots of lessons and wonderful things but I am running a few minutes short on time. We were able to get 5 investigators to church. We also reactivated one of the women in our ward! We were so excited! :) We didn't know if lilly was going to be able to come. We stopped by her house and she said I am getting dressed and I'll be there so don't worry about me! We were soooo excited! She loved it! She was crying and felt the spirit. She also brought one of her friends and she lives in our area. Our investigators are sharing with their friends! What a blessing! Lilly is so special. She always tells us that we were sent by God and we are her angels. The other day we gave her the baptismal commitment and she said of course i'll get baptized if I get my answer!! She had been reading the book of mormon and praying so i know she will be converted. The santiallans finally came to church again! We were so happy to have them there. The Bercerras are progressing along. Their prayers are changing and they are learning a lot. The other day Maria could really feel the spirit.  It is amazing what reading praying and going to church does for a person. By small and simple things... great things come to pass! We have a goal in the mission to baptize 100 people and reactivate 100 people by April 30th so we are all trying to participate in that great work. That is enough to create a small ward in Houston!

Honestly, I am so touched almost every single day. I am overwhelmed with gratitude at times that I am lucky enough to be able to be experiencing all of these wonderful things. I love this work. We had a wonderful little miracle yesterday. We went through our ward list to find the less actives and inactive's with our ward council. There was a family that no one knew and they lived in our area. The bishop asked that we check to see if they still live there. Yesterday night, our appointments were canceling on us. We were trying to think of things to do or who we could visit. It was  like a blank and then I remembered that one of them lived pretty close. We went to the house and a man opened. We asked if he was Ulyisses and lived there. He said that it was him. He asked if we could come in and we went in. We started talking to him and his wife and their little daughter. We asked how long they had been members as well as their story. We found out he had been a member for a while but that she wasn't. We ended up sharing a scripture and talking to them for a few minutes and then getting a return appointment with the wife, the nonmember. We have been praying for people to reactivate and investigators to help to meet our goal. We found both! It was awesome that we were able to see them. :) They seem like wonderful people.

Okay, I guess I won't make you be too patient! :)  as for the migraines. I'll write home about it more but for the last 3 weeks I have been having more migraines and I am not sure why but it hasn't been fun. 2 days in a row I woke up at 4 in the morning with one and i ended up having to get in the shower to stop shivering and then i ended up throwing up but its okay. We were still able to go out to work on time. It just isn't fun cause I am super sensitive to light and feel weak all day. I have been taking care of myself though so don't worry. I talked to the doctor and he said he was going to try to prescribe me this medicine but then he gave me some other things to try first. In all honesty..I don't know if it will help because it is relaxation excercises but I am trying to do what he is asking. It is a bit hard because I know my history with them and so I wish i would have just got something when Dr. Carn asked me if i wanted a different medicine, but i will do what he asks and hopefully Heavenly Father will help me. I haven't had one for 5 days so that is good.

I hope you all have a wonderful week. I love this work. It is so special and I feel like I am learning so much from being out here. I hope everyone is reading the book of mormon. I know it is the word of God and that it can really help people to have the strong foundation they need in order to grow and improve and stay strong during trials and hardships. I also am gaining a very strong testimony of how much Heavenly Father loves his children. He is always wanting to bless us and we just have to be obedient and look for the blessing he is giving us. I love you all a lot and I pray for you every night and day! Keep being the best you can because you belong to someone really important. Make sure to always represent him well!

I'm off to find those 10's of Thousands!
Love You Little Texan Missionary,

Hermana Rife

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