Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Dia de Gracias/Pavo...aka that means turkey

Hola Mi Familia,

I hope all is well far far away in provo. Well here in texas the sun is still shining and I am still here on my mission. We survived Thanksgiving and if I do say so myself...I think we pulled it off quite well. :) Hna Koerner did a great job on the turkey and on some of the sides. I made mashed potatoes and deviled eggs. It wasn't quite as good as dad's Famous Mashed Potatoes but they were good sooo i count that as success. We had turkey, potatoes, green bean cassorole,  deviled eggs, stuffing, mixed veggies, rolls (bought) and a drink as well as pumpkin pie. I sent a picture. You can see Hna Koerner as well in the picture. They really loved the dinner! It turned out perfect. We were happy. It was a long day as I am sure it was for you. It sounds like you all had quite the fun and the food! :) I am glad you all enjoyed yourself. 

The Santillans still haven't received the birth certificate and so they are still not married. We had to move their date. We are just waiting on that and remembering that it is the Lords timing!  :) They are a special family. I love them all a lot. 

As for Nora. Wow she is doing great. I love her. She has a lot of faith and this week we made up a fun "game" for her to do so that she will be able to read the book of mormon. We have a question and a scripture passage for each day this week and then she has to answer the question after she reads. Her date is next week on the 8th. We think this will help her prepare for baptism and that she will understand the importance of reading the book of mormon. She loved the idea! :) We took Hno. Pedro (Hna' Rivera's uncle who she taught and baptized in March) - That is who is in the picture with us. Nora was embarrassed that she didn't change her don't mind them! :)

The Sorto Family. Wow they are great! So humble. We taught the restoration lesson to them this last week and they loved it. Marisol who is 26 said she prayed and she felt so much peace and slept better then she has her whole life! :) haha. The next day when we called to remind them about church Ana and Oscar (the parents) said they weren't going to be going and then we called Marisol and she said she would be there and that she invited her auntie and her 3 kids...Who would have thought an investigator inviting more investigators to church! :) Well we got to church and a few minutes into the announcements here comes Marisol with Her auntie 3 kids and ana and oscar! It was quite a sight. Everyone in our ward was like WHAT is this! :) It was awesome. Marisol already told us she was going to come next week and they would be staying the whole 3 hours. We are excited to teach them this week again!

So I caught a lizard the other day. It was kinda scary and really funny. i screamed and Hna koerner and rivera were laughing really hard. We always try to have a good time as we are working. We are working hard and having fun as we are working.

Today a funny happened. We were washing our car at the mission office and President Pingree came and he said...hermana rife, I always see you running around without your shoes. :) Its kind of a country girl style. I love it! :) Hna Rivera told me too, Hna Rife I love that you are just yourself and you don't care what other people think. I asked her if that was a good thing or a bad one. :) haha President Pingree just came right behind me just barely and asked me if I had shoes on again..haha :) I said I didn't want to get them wet and its just way more comfortable with out them! he just laughed. I assured him I always wore shoes when I was "on duty" :) He is such a good man. I learn a lot from him every time I interact with him.

I received my package of music on friday. Thank you so much! It was perfect and so fast. Mom about that shirt. ( you can take this out of my blog) A medium will work and whatever brand is fine. Yes, please a cap sleeve. I use it for a layering shirt under a few of my white shirts. So that would be great! Thank you. 

Well I still love this work. I still am doing good.  I still am off trying to find the 10's of 1000s with my companions. I still am trying to be the best missionary I can be and....I still love you all a lot!!

Until Next week. Enos 1:27 - this is the reason we must endure to the end and stay worthy by repenting even for the little things daily, reading the book of mormon daily, praying daily and going to church weekly. Because when we meet God and Jesus Christ we want them to welcome us in knowing that we did what we were supposed to do here! :) 

Off Finding & Remember who you are and to whom you belong too...

Hermana K.M.R. over and out. ;)


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