Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Here is a letter that Kynsie sent to her Grandma C.  I wanted to share it because it told us a lot that was happening at the MTC.  

dated: Sept. 12, 2012

   Thanks for your cute letter!  I love hearing from you!  I try to write people back as they write me but it is hard to keep up!  :) I hope you got my 2nd letter to you a few weeks ago!  It is hard writing every week cause I forget what I want to say.  I have to jott stuff down during the week if I want to remember!  On Sunday, we had Richard Heaton speak to us.  He is someone in admin. here at the MTC.  We sing as a choir on Tuesdays & Yes I sang - I always do every week.  It is so nice!  We sang Where can I turn for peace.  It wasn't my favorite arrangement but that's okay. The food at the MTC is hit & miss.  It doesn't make my stomach happy all that much because a lot of it is processed but I try to eat fruit & veggies.  I like the bagels and the chicken cord on Blu.  And the grape juice and the Sunday Sundaes.  :)  On Sunday night we listened to this talk by Jeffery R. Holland.  It was called missions are forever.  It was amazing.  He talked about how everything good in his life had come because of his mission.  It is so neat to see these apostles from God speaking and bearing their testimonies of Jesus Christ, God & this Gospel.  I really liked our Tuesday night devotional by Elder & Sister Bruce & Vicki Carlson of the 70ty.  Sister Carlson talked about America and to never forget 9/11 and the sacrifices people make for us to be free!  Elder Carlson was a general in the military for 37 years and he gave a great talk about missionary work.  He started his talk by saying "you have made a great decision to come here...now it is time to follow through" He talked about how if we decide to obey we won't have to struggle through deciding to obey or not.  It was a good talk.  Jessica Crandall sent me 2 packages.  Cookies two weeks ago and brownies yesterday!  It is SUPER NICE!!!  My whole district loves the treats we all get from my packages!  We feel blessed:)  I just say "I know I have the best family & friends!"  My Spanish is definitely  moving a long.  It is really hard to be patient at times but I am keeping a good attitude and working hard in trying to learn.  On Mondays and Thursdays - We only speak Spanish which is interesting & difficult but we all learn a lot from it!  How has church been for you?  What did Jeness talk on?  I am sure your sugar cookies were a hit.  They always are!  :)  I miss good cookin!  Hopefully in Texas they will have real food!  :)  Whitney comes in today & we looked her up on this program that our elders found.  haha - it has all the missionaries for the last few years.  We looked up Matthew - our teachers- Jenessa.  Anyways, it says all of their info.  Kinda creepy but I found out Whitney lives on the same floor as me a few rooms away & I know before her that she has 2 companions!  haha :)  Its kinda fun!  A good MTC "facebook" or way to look missionaries up!  haha Well I am sending all the letters to you so you can get a letter & I don't have to waste stamps.  But there is a letter to my family that has a very special experience in it.  If you want, I am sure you will love to hear it.  :)  It will be a prayer answered to you & my parents as well as it was to me.  I would like you all to read it together though.  :)  Well thanks for your nice letter!  :)  I love letters!  :)  I miss you lots.  Hope to hear from you soon!  Reading any good books lately?  What are you reading in the scriptures?  I am working hard to finish the Book of Mormon by the time I leave in 3 weeks!  la lgelsia es verdadera y me gusta el libro de mormon.  Este libro es las Palabras de Dros y la Palabra bueno!  Cuidese mi abuela!:)
                                                                (Take care my grandma)
                                                                 all my love,  :)
                                                                  Hermana Kynsie Rife                                                                                        

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