Monday, September 17, 2012

6 Down 3 to Go

Hola Mi Familia!
Como Estan? Estoy muy animada cada dia! Okay enough spanish for now.
Mom!!! I got your fruit snacks and oreos this morning and my district is going to LOVE you.:) I sure do to. I am not going to lie I have NO desire to write a letter right now. We are about ready to leave for the temple and I just want to go do that. I wrote you a hand written letter that has a very neat story in it and i want you to read it together cause it will be something you all want to hear. Soo that should be there soon...
This week has been long. It has been good but long. I am fine but I feel like this week has been more challenging.
A Few Funnys.
- Elder Baldwin tells the best stories ever. He tells them in spanish and it is terrible but it is soooo hilarious. We are always rolling on the floor laughing. I think Elder Baldwin is one of my Favorite Elders! "cuales su problema pollo???" haha. I recorded part of one of his stories so that maybe you can see it sometime. He just has so much attitude and he is all shaking his head and talking in different voices. He told us a story about when he had chickens and then how he was getting them water and how the glass jar broke and he cut his wrist open. So a very simple story from his past but it lasted for like 20 minutes and we were all dying of laughter. All of our Elders are so fantastic. I seriously love my district so much. We all get along really well and we study and work hard but we also can have a ton of fun which is a needed balance to stay poco loco instead of muy loco!
-I had quite the skirt malfunction. We were kneeling in prayer at the end of class and I was wearing a really long skirt. It got caught under my shoe and when I stood up it slipped down the back of me. ooops! :) Good thing the elders were in front of me and the Hermanas were not paying attention. It was funny though
- Elder Seastrand and Brown like to draw pictures of people on the board. Lets just say...they are pretty terrible and ugly to put it nicely. They are funny though. They always say "Hermana Rife or whomever..>Look sideways." Then they draw us. Yesterday Elder brown said okay come look cause Me and Hna. K were in the Hall. I go to walk in and Elder Brown puts his hands up and says...Wait before you look you have to promise me one thing....Whatever you do...Don't get Offended! haha :) It was funny. He doesn't want to hurt anyones feelings. He is so sweet. He is definately a southern gentleman but still reminds me of a little boy. :) haha He is our new district leader as of a few weeks ago and as of last week Elder Mann and Baldwin our our new Zone Leaders.

Every single wednesday morning hermana K y I get up early and go get sack breakfasts. It is so funny cause we go looking like crazies. We are always super hyper and it is just fun.
-Last night while Hermana Kelly was in the shower I dumped a bunch of cold water on her and she yells" I am going to Kill you" I go running out of the bathroom into hermana Mills and Rowe's room. All the other hermanas in the bathroom that heard her are like "What happened?" I say to our Hermanas...She is going to kill me I think i need to sleep in here tonight. A few minutes later. In comes Hermana K. in her pink robe dripping wet. She just looks and me and says...I am going to kill you Hermana Rife. Then we laughed for a really long time and I am assuming that she will get me back eventually! :)
A Few Events.
- Yesterday we had the oppurtunity to meet the newest member of the church. She just happened to be from our mission in Houston and lives in the same area as the mission home. Her son is in the MTC and she wanted him to baptize her so their whole family flew up to provo and he was able to baptize her. After her and her familia came up to our classroom with the MTC president and  We were able to meet them. Her husband isn't a member yet but I think he will be soon. I think that is super cool that The missionary son got to baptize her. So I am sure we will be seeing them in the near future!
- We watched the Greatest rerun of Missions are Forever by Jeffery R. Holland on sunday night after devotional. The talks by the apostles are the greatest. They get me so excited to go to the field. I feel like Sundays are rejuvenating. Yesterday we had Elder Carlson speak and he did a great job too. He talked about how we needed to follow through with our decision to come on a misison and talked about obedience. Obedience is talked about all the time here but Jeffery R. Holland put it great when he said.. The Lord is giving you these commandments so that he can bless you when you keep them and Obedience Transforms people which i believe is true.
- I feel like a mission is like having to swim across a huge lake. As long as you are being obedient the Heavenly Father and Jesus are right there with you though and they know what way to go and what to do. All you have to do is keep breathing and keep swiming hard. But we can rely on them so that we don't get tired and we can do their work. "Most of the Heavy lifting is done on the other side" Hno. Harker told us that and I really feel like it is true. I know that as I rely on the Lord and do what he tells me I can complete this task. I am so excited to be here. I am even more excited to get out to the field.
- Probably my favorite district (next to my own) left on monday. It was sad to see them go but good as well because we are next to go. They were a great group of elders. We had a lot of fun with them. I played for them as they sang army of heleman in spanish on sunday. The spirit was strong and it was great! I miss them already though.
-I am excited to see whitney. She lives on my floor. We may or may not have looked in the system :) Thanks to my elders. I love seeing elder austin everyday! He is a great kid!
Time is up and I have to go. Sorry this email is all over the place. A letter is coming though. :) Love you all so much. Keep doing what you are supposed too. I miss you. Hope to hear from you soon. Until next week.
Remember who you are and whom you belong to.
Hermana K. M. R.

I have also included in this blog post an email I sent Kynsie.  I was a little later than usual today in sending it to her but I wanted to make sure she had something in her mailbox when she was sending our email for the week.  So...I was typing it as fast as I could type and then quickly sent it to her.  I had been chatting with Katelin while I was typing Kynsie's email.  As I sent it to Kynsie - - Katelin chatted me and told me that Kynsie's email had arrived.  I went to look at it and saw a second little email to me.  I was so happy!!! It was as if she were so....close! 
(Thought I would share!!!)

Hi Kynsie,

I wanted to send you at least a little note before you get on to send us your email.  I didn't want you to get on and have there be nothing  there for you.  :)  I still feel bad that first week you were in the MTC and you got on and there was nothing from us.  Still so... sorry about that!!!

Hope you are having a good day today.  I LOVE ya and think of you lots.  Did you get the cookies yesterday and did they arrive in somewhat decent condition?  I was in such a hurry packaging them that I have worried about them ever since.  Hope you and all your mission friends were able to enjoy "Our Famous Oreo's".  Last night when everyone got home, Tyler asked if there were any of them left.  (They knew I had made the cookie part of them the night before.)  I told him that I had six left but I had decided to take those last few over to Whitney Wilcox.  He was like"NO WAY Mom!!!  So you should consider yourself pretty lucky Kynsie.  No one else got oreo's except you and Whitney!  :)

I am not sure what else to tell you because I wrote everything that I could think of in your letter that I sent with the package.  Other than I forgot to tell you that Sis. Nixon was excited to tell me on Sunday that she had seen our "sweet daughter" at the temple last Wednesday.  Also, Tyler I think feels bad that he only got a "index card letter" last week!!!  I told him, "Well, have you written her?!!!"  He said he was going to write you that weekend.  But...the weekend seemed to get away from him again!  He does need to write you.It was kind of funny though to see his face as I pulled out Kendra's and Tanner's letters.  :)  Also, Kendra has written you again but I forgot to put it in the package yesterday.  Last night when we went over to Wilcox's they told her that Whitney could give it you today but I don't think Kendra ever took it back over so you should be getting a letter from her again soon!  

Well, I guess I will end for now, but I just thought I would tell you, I think you are being so thoughtful in writing EVERYONE and making them all feel so special and very important.  :)  I was describing to Grandma just a day or so ago how I could just imagine you....sitting there ...and writing as fast as your  little  hand could write to everyone!!!!  It has really been great!  Thank always you bring a very positive spirit into our home and a breath of fresh air.  I appreciate you so VERY much Kynsie and I hope you realize how much you have added to my life.  I love you and look forward to hearing from you again in just a few minutes probably!!!  Have a fantastic week!  

Love ya, Mom

p.s.  Kendra just came home from the temple and I think was secretly hoping she might just catch a glimpse of you!!!  But she decided she better leave so she wouldn't!!!  :)

p.s.s  Also, I hope Whitney gives you the hug I gave her for YOU!  :)  Tell her hi from us again and that she will be GREAT!

Hi mom! I just got your email! Love you :)

Receiving this little message just made my day!!!  So fun having a missionary out!  :)

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