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Hey Ya'll,

well I have almost survived my first week here. I thought the President should be sending a email with a picture with me and my companions but i guess you didn't receive it. A post card should have come as well. Not sure why you didn't get that. Any ways. It was so wonderful talking to all of you last wednesday. it was definitely hard to say bye again but its okay. Did nick get my voicemail? Lets see. I am still sick but everyday doing better and better. So hopefully soon. Dad was right I hit the pillow and the next thing I know its morning again. It is flying by. 

Wednesday and Thursday morning- we spent at the Pingree's house. It was so nice to stay in a home and use a bathroom that wasn't a stall. That was the first time in 2 months. I also got to take a tub! Which was AMAZING. It was clean and i didn't even have to put a towel down. We also had a home cooked meal which was fantastic as well. I really love the Pingree Family. They are amazing people and I have a feeling that I am going to learn to love them even more. I was able to talk with President Pingree in an interview and it was a good experience. We were talking about how our life is a play that God has written for us and we are the main character. God has the full script but only gives us pieces and parts at a time that we can learn and become better acquainted with the "character" we need to become. We are also cast in other peoples plays and play parts in their play. And people are cast in our plays. It was a neat analogy. He was talking to me and sharing his testimony about the Atonement as well as Jesus Christ. I could feel the spirit so strong and I know that He knows that it is true. He is so humble and funny as well as caring. Before we went to bed me and Hermana Kelly talked about how we knew that he could tell the worth of a soul and he can see people how God and Christ see us. They see our Soul, not the person we are now but the person we can become. 

Thursday we went to the church and had transfers met our companions and all that jazz, along with some meetings. I have 2 companions. I am in a Trio. My companions are Hermana Busenbark (booze en Bark) and Hermana Rivera. They are both amazing girls and missionaries. They have so much love for this work, each other and me. I have enjoyed learning from each of them these last 5 days. They are always focusing on the Spirit and what His plan is instead of ours. It is amazing. I have already seen miracles happen in this companionship. They are very encouraging and supportive to me which is a HUGE blessing. I lucked out big time to say the least. Our apartment has a kitchen with a living room attached, a bathroom and a bedroom with a closet. It is small but plenty of room for study, eating and sleeping. And it is a place I can call my own and has a door on the bathroom and so i am completely happy! :) I live in area called Hafer. 

The first few days have been full of crazy things. 

Thursday - we taught the Turcios (part member family) The Dad Jesus isn't a member. We were able to teach him the first lesson and I was able to recite the 1st vision in spanish and try as hard as I could to share my testimony with him and his family in spanish. We have a return lesson today. The spirit was there and i feel like i was helped as I did my best. 

Thursday, I met a few other people Juan Solano, Nuvea, y Carlitos y Jonathan (Juan is the dad and getting baptized the 20th) We taught him a bit and tried to talk to Nuvea. She doesn't like us being there cause she thinks we are taking Juan aways from her. Jonathan is nuvea's son and he is 17. He and his girlfriend just had a baby.  During a talk on the saturday session, all 3 of us felt like Jonathan's baby is going to die...and that he is going to get baptized. So we will see what happens. 

Friday - we had a service project with starbucks corporation where from all over the world store owners and mangers come to a certain city to make it a better place. A bunch of people dropped out so they called the mormons to come help out. Our whole zone was able to participate. We were leading groups of 100s all around the town, picking up trash, painting houses, building gardens and parks. It was cool that we got to do that because we got to show people that we may not drink coffee but we are normal people. We met a few great people and got some contacts. I was able to share with a Lady named becca the story of joseph smith and a man named jerry about the afterlife. It was fun but a long day. From 7-1 and we were fasting for that night which was ....La Noche Latina! but we got free t -shirts and sunburns and to share our testimony and serve so it was successful! 

Okay La Noche Latina was an activity with our spanish ward where everyone brings food from different cultures and has a talent show. Everyone comes, members, non members, all people. I got to meet a ton of members from our ward. They were very welcoming and understanding of my bad spanish (even though Hna's Rivera y Busenbark say it is great) One hermana kept yelling and jumping around me Ella es Nueva! Ella es Nueva! It was so embarrassing! I was bright red. That means She is new she is new! :) Oh the Hispanic culture! And all of the women hug and kiss your i am getting used to being touched by strange women....the Lord is helping me...not going to lie...It is a big adjustment. I got to try some food and it was pretty good. I made sure to try the mild stuff though so it wouldn't make me sick and I didn't eat much. I got to watch them do latin dances and sing songs. It was a fun experience. At the end the missionaries did a little thing on the book of mormon in the chapel. I didn't have a part of the introduction but Hermano Alverado kept calling my name from the stand to sit up there so I had to sit by my district. So at the end of it he got back up and said something in spanish with my name and oracion. I looked at elder cheeny who was sitting next to me and said what did he just say...he said  "you have to give the closing prayer" my heart dropped there was like 100 people there and i had to say it in spanish. I prayed and hurried and sat down. Like all of my district looked over at me. After Elder Johnson came up to me and told me that my spanish was amazing and that he is a grammer nazi but I didn't make one error. Hermana Rivera y Busenbark were flipping out cause I guess they looked up and all of the members were like talking and wide eyed cause it was good for a new comer. I KNOW the spirit definitely helped me but i still thought i said lots of things wrong. A Hermano in our ward said i didn't have an accent and hermana rivera (her parents are from el salvador so she is fluente) said that is the best compliment because Argentine's are like the biggest spanish snobs. But I still am struggling a lot with spanish. So please keep praying that I will get it. Both Talking as well as understanding what others are saying to me. It is stinking hard. But I shall keep trying.

Saturday, we had conference and I met Javier who is the Nephew of Jose who is our recent convert. He and I talked (spaglish) and I really feel a connection with him. He is struggling and we are going to teach him about the plan of Salvation. He is a great man. Very humble and classy. I am excited to see what happens. Hermana B told me something really we will see if it comes true.

Sunday we got our car towed so we spent the morning tracking it down and picking it up. It was a pain but we ended up getting 4 contacts and a lady who told us she had been praying for a miracle and something to happen all week. So the Lord works in Mysterious ways. We did miss they first session of sunday morning conference but we will be able to listen to it later. We ate at the Alvarados home last night. He is the ward mission leader. They are WONDERFUL people. So great. They have had a lot of trials in life but are staying faithful.  They we taught Juan and Jonathan again. Jonathan really accepted the book of mormon and the plan of salvation of what we told him.He is so humble and mature for being only 17. I think he is going to go far in life if he accepts this gospel. 

The Hispanic people  are so humble. Like so humble. They give you everything. I was coughing last night in one of our lessons with Laura (who accepted baptism on Nov.3) and her mom gives me a whole box of Theraflu. They always give us food and water and like everything. It is so so so sweet. If you don't take it they get offended. I am learning a lot from my companions. I know this is the Lords work. I know that Satan is aware of the good works being done so he will do anything to break you down. Sorry this is so long. Probably will be boring but that is what i have been doing and I love it. I can feel the Love of God. I really enjoyed conference. I loved the Family History work Talk. Teenagers can keep satan away by doing it! (Aka Wink Wink Nudge Nudge...learn how. brothers and sister) :) Take these talks and apply them in your life. Do the work and will of God. Be better and don't let satan have power over you.

 I am so glad I am here, but it is hard. Keep praying for me. I need your prayers. I pray for you specifically daily. Keep reading the scriptures and praying as a family and personally. That is our protection. Love you sooooooo much. Take care

***I need Uncle Nathan's Address please. As soon as possible. 

This is my address (Please provide the Hermana Kynsie McKell Rife) It is important that it is specific or you can send it to the Mission Office as Well...the Hafer place (Send packages there)

I'll be at this address for 2 transfers 12 weeks. 

Hermana Kynsie McKell Rife
18203 Westfield Place Dr. Apt # 618
Houston, Texas 77090

I don't think I'll be writing as many letters home. I will do my best to write personal letters when I can but I am just forwarning. I think of you all daily and that isn't an excuse to stop writing me! :) haha

Remember Who you are and to Whom you belong to.

Love Hermana K.M.R.

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