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Your Hermana in Texas October 15, 2012

Okay soooo second week in Texas. And...everything is bigger...especially the people. ;) haha okay just kidding. Well life is good. This week was full of lots and lots of crazy happenings but fun happenings.
Some good news
1- our apartment was inspected and we got a PERFECT. Since being a missionary I make my bed daily & am a lot cleaner. Mom you should be proud!  :) Hna Rivera was hurrying cleaning up a few things in the bathroom while we distracted our cleaning people checkers by hna busenbark showing them my organization skills of our cupboards. They were kinda (really really) messy and so i pulled everything out and fixed them. Sister Isom said...I need you to come organize my pantry and I also have the job of organizing the clerks and bishops offices this week because they have been bragging about how it looks...I think I got those skills from my mother! :)
2- I bought a bright yellow umbrella that has a duck for the head. Its pretty fun and bright and I feel like a little girl with it! But its fun
3- we had tri mission conference on saturday. Elder Callister, Ellis and Echohawk (he spoke in conference about the book of mormon and his army/navy guy not yelling at him because he had the book of mormon) spoke to us. I got to see Jessie Maughn, Hermana Kelly, and this boy from provo high named Darrian Lupton. It was fun to see Jessie. She seems to be doing great. I LOVED getting to see H.K. I miss that lady. She misses me too. She almost started crying when she saw me. We didn't get to talk much but I think she is doing okay. She is struggling a little bit. She is in a Trio too but hopefully things will get better. I hope that we will get the blessing of serving together in our mission. I hope I hope. Fingers Crossed. :) She and I just get each other. I love it.
4- Elder Kovacs gets home today! WHAT? crazy. Go to his homecoming and Tell him a Big Hello from TEXAS. I have a letter for him that I am sending home to you to give to him! :) Along with some letters Familia as well! Woo hooo ;
5- Its cold there and its warm here. ha ha ha ;)
Now for my real email....
This week some cool stuff happened.
 We are teaching lots of letters and preparing people to be baptized. This week we were planing to go on splits but it didn't work out and it canceled. At every house they decided they wanted to give us dinner. We ended up eating 3 dinners. Lets just say I may or may not have said a prayer with my companions and asked Heavenly Father to bless us with space in our stomachs. He helped us out and I didn't even gain weight but I am now praying that people will not have the desire to feed us. If we don't eat their food some get super offended unless they are americanized and then they understand.
We went knocking doors last wednesday and we knocked on this one. His name was luis and he looked kinda scroungy but we started talking to him and he is awesome. He is super devoted to following Jesus Christ and being a good person. We talked to him about our purpose as missionaries and the gospel. Everything that he said fit right into what we were telling him. It was cool. We wanted to leave with a prayer and he asked if he could pray for us first. It was the most interesting experience of my life. I was laughing pretty hard by the end of it. I couldn't hold it in. He was like "Father, The holy spirt of the Lord is filling these sisters with Joy. Keep it flowing Father oohhhh Keep it flowing" That is what he was saying with our giggles. He has some special gifts though. I can tell that if he was a member of our church he would do some sweet work. We ended up giving him a book of mormon and he committed to read it. He wanted us to come back and talk to him again. We are planning on talking to him again this week. So we will see how it goes. He was very open to us and our message though. I have a feeling he will be baptized sometime during his life. It was a fun experience. There is more to it but it is better acted this is a story that has to wait for 2014. :)
We went contacting on Thursday down a main road. We were handing out pictures of Jesus and prayed and taught mini lessons to 11 people. But probably handed out 50 pictures of Christ, the passalong cards. It was really fun. People would be smiling so big. Some side roads in Texas there are huge medians by the roads so we were standing on those and when people were stopped at the light we would hand them the picture. They were so happy. Don't worry grandma. We were being careful. It wasn't dangerous. Promise. We talked to a man named "d" but his real name is clint. He was homeless but probably about 25 yrs old. He didn't look good. We asked him if we could pray with him and he said yes. We talked to him abit and after we prayed with him he said I really really needed that. We inivted him to church and gave him the directions he came to church on sunday. ( to the english ward but its a contact for our elders) and stayed the whole 3 hours. He is coming back next week as well. There were many many people that told weren't placed in my path today by coinsidence. I truely believe that too. Heavenly Father helped us to be guided to certain people that need His message, that need to know they are loved and that need hope in their life. I have a huge testimony that this Gospel is the Good News and brings so much hope for the future and that it doesn't matter where you have been but it only matters what you are doing now and where you are going. It is because of Jesus Christ and His Atoning Sacrifice that makes this possible. It is such a neat thing.
We went to the church Wednesday night because I needed another blessing for my we wanted to meet there so the elders could come help me out. We got their as our ward was finshing up a clothing exchange activity. There were boxes of clothes that were just going to DI and the hermanas in our ward start telling us to take these clothes. They were like putting them up against us and telling us that this would be perfect for us. It was pretty funny because they were not clothes we would wear....Welll Hermana Buse got trapped....:) She had to end up taking this really really UGLY jacket and its our lucky jacket now. We made her wear it one day and it was our lucky day. We had so much sucess with it. It was hilarious. :) We were laughing all day and we have decided that all of us have to wear it once a week. She looked like a grandma. Its like Mint green. It would look nice for an old person but not for us...haha. :) Good times good times.

 Hermana B was also having a bad day yesterday soooo we were trying to get her fire going again. We were home for lunch and I convinced her and Hna. Rivera to go in our room and we would jump on our beds and sing 5 little monkeys. Both of them were like Heck No. but I ended up convincing Hna. Buse. Hermana rivera says there is NO way I am doing that. I am 29 years old. It is not happening. I was like No no no girl. You Ain't pulling the age card here. She acts like she is our age so i wouldn't let her out of it. She ended up doing it with us and we were all laughing by the end. We re lite hna Buse's fire back and had a good night.
I am sorry to hear about Christian Terry. I am keeping Him, His family and Eric in my prayers. Keep me updated. I wrote Eric a Letter so I will send that off
I need something from you if possible. I need you mom and dad to write your testimonies of the blessings of a temple marriage / being sealed in the temple and how it has helped our family. We have some recent converts who need a little boost and we felt this might be a good idea. If you could please email it to me by next monday morning at 8:00 that would be great.
Uno Mas Cosa...Our mission theme is "Finding the Tens of Thousands" President Pingree talked about how there are tens of thousands in our mission that are ready and waiting to be baptized. Elder Callister told us the same thing but that the only way our mission is going to find them is through the Members. He said that is for all of North America. Sooo you have a job to do. Look for people who aren't members and help them get their info get it to the missionaries. Go on splits or be the member present in missionary lessons. Tyler...Start preparing now! Get going now! :)
I love you all so much. Letters this week! :) Take care!
Remember who you are and Whom you belong too.
Off Finding the Tens of Thousands
Love Hermana Kynsie.McKell.Rife.

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