Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Letters for All!

Mom & Dad  (Sorry grandma - I'll write you soon)                                                  Sept. 19, 2012

Thanks so much for our letters & support.  It is so good hearing the updates each week.  It sounds like everyone is staying busy at home which is good!  I bet you are so good at YW's mom.  Its also fun you are still participating in PTA.  But I am sure you are busy!  I know you can do it though.  Just to let you know - Dad can access my account & UCCU knows I am going to Texas.  I called them last week-maybe this.  I can't remember!  Well I know this is sorta short but we are going to eat dinner.  How is grandpa Cherry by the way?  Did he say if he got my letter?  Tell Grandma - I love her & appreciate her letters & I'll write her next week for sure or tonight if I have a few min. before bed.  Love you lots & Thanks for you sending those cupcakes & card & hair shampoo (for Sis. Kelly's b-day). That was very nice!

Love, Me!

Ken!                                                                                                                          Sept. 19, 2012

What's up woman?!?  I am glad you got a kick out of Elder Seastrand's letter.  He is funny & crazy!  :)  Mom is eventually going to miss those ice packs Ken!  haha! I don't think you will get it in.  Thanks for trying though.  Honestly I hope you don't try to send it again cause it will probably be melted before it gets to me.  I bet Gray's is so good!  I say "seriously Meridith" all the time.  Don't be negative like Mare!  :)  BE HAPPY! We have many reasons to rejoice!  For your hair?  It's up to you.  I love your bangs so keep those!  I am going to grow my hair out.  When I get home it will be to my knees!   :)  I got a hug from Whitney from you.  She lives on my floor so I get to see her a lot.  She is doing wonderful.  :)  She made it to Sunday too so that's the BEST!  I am really excited for you about your math test, 85% is great!  :)  Good job with getting your homework done cause that is what is best.  Keep trying to find the good in your English class.  You will learn lots.  The other day I went to Shopho & bought this really cute sweater.  It was on sale.  We went to get H.K.'s glasses and then I bought it.  There are some super cute purses there for cheap.  A black owl one for only $16.  How is Macey's?  Does Collin still work there?  Is he still dating that girl?  I am glad you are enjoying Institute as well as the temple.  I love the temple.  It will be something I miss super bad when I leave the MTC.  Go often & take Tyler & Tanner.  It is so important that people can have their work done!  :)  Don't you dare come Wed. afternoons!  We have already said bye!  I don't want to again.  hahaha!  You are doing missionary work on the other side of the veil, so good job!  :)  I am glad you are reading the scriptures.           Love the Book of Mormon.  It is how we can learn of Christ and learn how we need to become. As General Conference is coming up have questions (specific) and if you pray they will be answered.  Want to know a secret?  I have a huge crush on my teacher Hermano Henderson :) haha!  He is fantastic and may I say a very attractive guy.  23 - Blue eyes & Blonde hair.  But don't worry I'm focusing on my work here.

 Love you & Miss you Ton's!!!  Write me soon.
<3, Kyns

Dear Ty,                                                                                                                         Sept. 19, 2021

First...I'd like to say 
There is no better way 
Than to listen to dad 
OR else you might be sad.  
Both your parents (Heavenly Too)  Know whats best 
So do your part & They'll do the Rest.
I'm kind of Bad at Poems
But I find it quite .... Entertaining!  :)
I am glad you wrote me a letter
It made my day a whole bunch better!

Okay Okay.  enough with my poem!  :)  Iam glad you had fun at Lagoon with Adri.   I approve of Kelly.  She is cute.  You will have to email me some pictures of you together!  :)  Remember to be good - no kissing -you promised!  :)  haha!  I am glad you are having fun in high school.  Seriously high school was my favorite thing ever.  It was a blast to get involved in.  Are you taking woods from Uncle Scott? What have you made?  Even though they (Timpview) are stuck on themselves, be nice!  You better always bleed green!  :)  I might disown my hermano cuyo es caliente como 'el fuego!  :)  You make me laugh.  I don't think that sentence will convert people.  Just sayin.  I am glad you are doing good.  I am also glad you have the desire to serve a mission.  Ty you are so great.  I hope you know how much I love you!  :)  I am glad you like seminary too.  Keep doing great things & no more slacking- a Flojo (slacker) is espanol.  WRITE Me!  :)

Love you - Miss you!
<3 Kyns

P. S.  The MTC is great but I am very excited & nervous to go to Texas!  I know Heavenly Father will help me though.   Spanish is coming a long.  Its hard but I am learning & being blessed with the gift of tongues.  I memorized the 1st Vision in Spanish too - so I can teach that!

Hey Tanny!                                                                                                                     Sept. 19, 2021

Thanks for your letter & little drawings.  We had a good time reading it.  I can't believe you snuck out!  :)  I was laughing but you need to be obedient so that you will be safe.  ok bud?  I heard about the game.  That isn't good that we lost!  Did you see #3 Spencer Hadley?  (his number is really 2 :) )  That is one of my friends - so watch for him.  I think he is a lineman or a linebacker?  The missionary Elders were just laughing at me because I didn't know if it was a lineman or a linebacker.  :)  I think my favorite thing was the weird thing picture.  That was funny.  Umm...Interesting things...Elder Balwin put a gobstopper in his nose.... :)  Don't try that.  Its not wise.  He is a crazy kid.  How is school going?  Are you making any new friends?  I am almost leaving the MTC in just 2 weeks.  I am excited but also nervous because I have to talk to people in Spanish & my Spanish is far from good.  But hopefully I will be able to say some things!  Tyler says I just need to know Tyler escaliente com el fuego but...I don't think that will convert people:)  haha Well bud - Thanks for your letter!  Be good, Choose the Right & read the Scriptures!

<3 ya,
Kynsie aka (Kin - see)  :)

Tanny aka (Tan-nie),

See what I did there?  Well I'm glad youk're learning so quickly.  I really am so cool.  :)  I love hiking & camping.  :)  Anything in the mountains or even trails in the forest are nice.  I have 3 sisters and 2 brothers.  We're all spread out in age but I'm the 2nd oldest.  My sister is oldest and all the rest are younger.  I guess you can say I'm top-knoch-class.  I'm a pretty big deal...just kidding, but seriously.  I hope you're doing well & that your siblings aren't driving you too crazy back home.  :)

Hermana K.

Dear Kylee  aka (my little lady !!!)  :)                                                                              Sept. 19, 2012

I was so excited when I got your letter and Beautiful picture!  Good Job with your letters & hearts!  :)  I was showing Everyone in my district!  I am doing really good.  I am going to Texas in 2 weeks.  I think I will see lots of cowboys & cowgirls.  What do you think?  How is school going?  Are you learning a lot?  What books are you reading?  I am glad you wrote me a letter.  I am going to put your picture in my room. :)  Love you sweet girl.  Give everyone lots of hugs for me.  Have you been playing with Kinley & Mila?  Love you & Miss you Lots?

<3 Kynsie  :)


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