Thursday, October 4, 2012

This is a letter from Kynsie to her brother Tyler.  Encouraging him to write to her....
dated: Sept.12, 2012

Dear Tyler,
Once there was a teen, 
His teeth were not green.
He was quite handsome in fact, 
In fact, he had a lot of tact.
His smolder was dashing,
Even when his clothes were clashing. 
It was heard from a far,
He was driving a car. 
And that he was quite sad,
So his sister felt very bad.  
She wrote him a letter that was quite crappy, 
Instead of a novel that was indeed very sappy.
the point of this poem being written,
is to say I'm as sorry as a kitten,(& they are sorry)
I have heard it said & I'd have to agree, 
Mom's are as right as you could possibly be.  
Your sister far far away, would like to hear what you have to!
Therefore write me a letter, as soon as you can.
<3, your sister
Kyns :) 

To say the least Tyler got busy and FOR SURE had a letter in the mail to his sister the very next week!!!  Along with this poem with some help from his Dad!  :)

A Poem From Your Brother
By Steve Rife 
16 September 2012

(Written in response to Kynsie's poetic gestures to Tyler as a result of not getting any letters from him)

Hear from your dear brother 
Who is handsome and lean
Whose smolder is dashing 
Who is surely not mean

Time has been very short 
NOT from driving the car
Thoughts and prayer are with you 
Tho' pen to paper is far

Can't we speak by the spirit?
If not, why are you there?
To make you feel better 
I write because I care

Tried to write a poem
It turned out kind of bad
But I am resourceful 
So I turned to my dad

So while I have not written
And this poem is not mine 
I've been thinking about you
I am surely doing fine

Glad you're on a mission
And doing very well
Your words are inspiring
They have made my heart swell

So serve with the Spirit 
Engage with all your heart 
I will write more often 
And try to do my part

These both made me laugh and I had to share!!!  :)

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