Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pues...Bueno Email from Wed. Sept. 26, 2012

Hello mi familia!
How are you doing? I hope everyone is doing so good! :) Welllll a few things.
1- The shirts were PERFECT! Oh my gosh. Everyone loved them so much! :) I loved them so much too. Thank you a Million and a half times for making them. I know I have been so lucky to have you all so close to ask for little favors! Lucky me! :) We were trying to match the color blue to the Argentine flag cause Hermano henderson served there and then hermano harker served in Canada so they couldn't have been more right! Thanks mom! :)
2- Flight plans flight plans flight plans. I leave next wednesday morning at 9:40. My flight number is 4497 don't know if you needed that but just in case...? We will leave the MTC around six. I am planning on calling but I don't know exactly what time...Probably around 8:00 ish. no se. but anywho. I can't remember our phone number....just kidding but I want dad's cell if he won't be at home...i don't know if he could work from home. I don't know. Sooo just dear elder me and tell me whats up. If you dear elder me later than monday around 11 AM I won't get it and that is the same with packages. Don't post market packages on tuesday cause i normally don't pick them up until wednesday and i'll be gone. Soo I want to call and I am excited to talk to you. whoever is there. :) but no skipping school to talk to your favorite sister just saying
3- Can you figure out what i need to do to get an absentee ballot? I want to vote but I don't know what I need to do.
4- I need some cash if possible....I am supposed to have $ 80 dollars in cash for my bags for the air port. I won't have anymore cash because i had to spend it all on my 3 more prescriptions but more about that later. So i don't know if you could sneak it with bishop jarman on monday. They are in hawaii but he will be back monday and we were planning on stopping by to say bye...sooo if so that would be great. Sorry to do that to you but i don't have any cash from the cash i brought cause of my prerscriptions.
Okay so this week. I have 17 minutes left. These last three weeks have flown. But not going to lie these last two weeks have been not the best cause of how sickly i have been. I finished my prescription on sunday and i was still like coughing like a crazy.  Every night for the last 2 weeks i have just been coughing. At night I would be up until like 1 just with constant coughing. Then through out the night it would be off and on. It was awful. I am exhausted and I have to just go go go all day. so I wasn't getting better. My chest is so tight and hurts and i can't breathe and I fall asleep sitting straight up because i am exhausted. I cough so much that I am gagging and on sunday and monday it was finally coming up. Close your eyes cause this next part is gross. but I was throwing up mucus. like tons of nasty green mucus. Okay open them up. My mouth was raw and I had all these weirdo cankers in it and my tongue was not doing good either. It was not fun. On monday I just ended up crying for like 10 minutes straight cause i couldn't take it anymore. But that is the first time I have cried since week 1 soooo that's good. :) but then it was awkward cause elder mann and elder baldwin saw me crying and then the hermanas did and i didn't want to be crying and so i went into the bathroom and got a grip and made hermana kelly stay in the hall cause i am stubborn and don't like crying. I was saying sorry after and they were like we don't think you are dumb we understand so i felt better. We went back to the doctor and he was not nice. It was a new guy and he said you look like you are improving so here is some genetic cough syrup and  take a benedryl at night to fall asleep. I tried it that night and it didn't work. I was still just as bad and I was like AHHH. so that was monday. Then yesterday president hollister, brother rogers and brother gerke all told me to go back. President hollister told me that I would have to stay at the mtc if i didn't get it cleared up then he told me to do all this stuff like ask for the old doctor and then call him if they wouldn't get me to him and get me some stronger medicine. Brother rogers heard me coughing and said is sounded like i needed an inhaler and was asking me if i have asthma? So today i went back and got a different doctor and he put me back on a different antibiotic, a super strong cough syrup with codine and an inhaler. soooo hopefully this will fix me. He also told me he had no idea why the other doctor didn't give me something cause i am still sick.
Jenessa is in the room next to me. We looked her up in the system! :) I wrote her a little welcome note and she lives with my hermanas so i am super excited for her! I know who her comp is too but i'll let her tell that! I haven't seen her yet but I will tonight and i'll write how she is doing.
I saw Mr. Davis from Grandview yesterday and he said to tell everyone hi. He and his wife are in a branch presidency here. He told hermana kelly "she was a cute little girl and still is" haha. :)
So can i say how much I love having tucker here. Cause I do. I love talking to him everyday. He is doing great. I have a funny story but i don't have time to write it now so i'll try to later.
I am sleep talking again in spanish. I think that is a good sign. I was trying to explain a principle in spanish. Subjunctive. Hermana Kelly said I was going on for a few minutes and i guess it was funny cause i was saying all the tenses but i kept repeating them.
I love this gospel so much. The more I am here the more I am realizing how true this church is. I wouldn't want to ever not have it. I am so excited for Houston. I am scared to speak spanish but I will do my very best. I know joseph smith is a true prophet of God and that through God, joseph translated the book of mormon. I hope that you are all trying to read the book of mormon because it is so important. We have to do all the little things in order to gain testimony and faith. A testimony isn't good enough though. As Elder Bednar says "a testimony is the holy ghost confirming truths of the gospel, but true conversion is being true to what you know" soo this week prepare for general conference. Think about questions. and i know if you listen you will find the answer. I am going to try to write a few letters but I don't have lots of time today. so i am sorry. I love you all so much. Talk to you next week
Ps. Tell holly congrats on her baby! He is darling! :) I am praying for his health and also. Tell whitney jensen I better get an invitation to her wedding! :) excited for her
Remember who you are and whom you belong too
Love Hermana Kynsie Rife

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