Friday, October 5, 2012

7 down, 2 to go!

Hi Family!

How are you all?!? I loved all of your letters so much! I was super excited to get them! :) Sorry that all of the pictures didn't say what they were. Umm the ones with HK are on her birthday and her birthday outfit i made out of that tissue paper! :) One is of us in our Texas Shirts, one is of my district at kickball, One of me and Tuck (cutest pictures ever right?) Face book that and tag me in it with "our favorite missionaries" haha Note to Kate and Nick - That pictures should be printed and make kinley and mila look at it every day and tell you who we are so she doesn't forget! :) One is of me and Elder Baldwin. One is with my favorite district that left last week. Elder butler (glasses) and Elder Newbold (blondie)  and then Elder Lawson (brown head), Boyd (blondie) and elder spalding (glasses black hair) The other elders left before we could take a pictures. It was sad but its okay. :) I can't remember the other ones I sent.

Okay. So this week has flown. Like every week. I am going to texas in 2 semanas. I am a bit nervous but also very excited. First off. I love my district so much! :) They have become my very best friends and family. I am super sad to be leaving them but I am sure we will all stay in touch. :) Everyone in our district gets along and we are so close! It has been a blessing. :) I am going to miss them a ton though! Such good Hermanas and Sisters. Hermana Rowe and Kelly will be coming to texas and then Hermana Mills will be going to Chile with some of our other elders. The other day we all went to the field and played kickball. It was SOOOO fun. We all wore our cute little flag shirts. Nerdy but I love them. :) It was so fun. We were all laughing so hard and taking some awesome pictures. haha We decided we need to all play together more often because it is seriously a blast. 

Sooo I made it 7 weeks without getting sick and then I caught it and I caught it bad. Not going to lie. I have a insane cough and my ears were aching super bad. President Hollister told me that if i didn't get to the doctor and if i had a fever or sinus infection that he wouldn't let me go to texas soooo i decided that i better go. I went on monday and the doctor said i had a really bad sinus infection. That is why my ears were aching and the mucus was irritating my throat and making me cough. He put me on some antibiotic ammoxicillion or something like that. Mucus D a decongestant that is sooo nasty and this other thing for my sinus pain. It is what kate used to take. I am glad I went cause i have to take it for 10 days and we only have 16. I am also glad i brought that extra cash or i don't know how i would have paid. I am sure they would have worked something out. haha It isn't really working yet...although i can feel constant drainage down my throat which is totally nasty but true. :) haha I have to keep spitting out the gross stuff in my mouth. Sorry if it is too much info. but haha its sorta funny. :) I haven't been sleeping at all. Especially not last night I was up all night. I would fall asleep for 30-40 minutes and then wake up. At 2:07 I woke up and just walked out of my room and went down the hall and just was walking around on our floor. It was ridiculous. but its okay. Hermana Kelly is so nice. I start coughing and coughing and coughing and she is always asking are you okay hermana? She says get a cough drop or sit up haha. The other night she went and heated up her neck wrap at 4 so that i could see if that heat would help clear out my chest. It was very thoughtful of her. I also sound like a man but its okay. :) I hope that I will be better soon. I am drinking lots of water. Too much. I am completely hydrated and constantly asking HK if we can please go to the bathroom...and fast haha! :) Coughing is rough on my weak bladder! hahaha sorry. this is a funny paragraph. :D 

The other day we went to shopko to get Hermana Kelly's glasses frames and it was weird leaving again. I bought a cute little sweater. I love it..and don't worry it was on sale! I am glad to be leaving provo because i hate driving around. On our way we saw michelle isom. I was like umm thats my neighbor. We were at 7-11 light because we had to pick up some elders from the utah clinic on state. Anyways we found her some cute frames and we went back to the mtc. 

On sunday, there are always 2 missionaries that get called out of the crowd have to give a talk in spanish to our branch. I have to play every sunday and always play when anyone sings soooo i thought maybe i would get out of it. :) but. I didn't. He called me to speak. I was really nervous but lots of people said i did good. I said...mentiras instead of mientras which is like lies instead of through. haha it was funny but i caught myself and corrected it. Then me and Hermana K did a musical number. She said "Abide with Me tis eventide" and I played a little solo thing on the piano. It was really fun and it was great! I feel like my piano skills are being blessed I can play a lot of the hymns from sight reading which is a big blessing. :) BUT thank you mom and dad for paying for my lessons. it is my favorite down time to go play. During relief society we got to listen to Sheri Dew and I might or might not have hugged her and met her after she spoke....yeah no big deal! ;) She gave a great talk on women's rights in the church. I have had such a good opportunity hearing all these amazing people while i have been here. It is cool. Last night we sang the song Precious Savior Dear Redeemer. I sang that song in Mapleton Choral and it was my favorite song. The lyrics are so good and peaceful. You should look it up on youtube or something. I also saw Mr. Mendenhall and he was like "when are you leaving" in 2 weeks...even he thinks i have been here forever! :) haha. it really hasn't seemed long. It has gone so fast. 

I saw the Griffens at the devotional as well. It was fun to see them. :) She said their week has been great! They are awesome people. Whitney lives on my floor so I see her almost everyday. The first few days for her were rough but she is doing so good like i knew she would. :) I love being able to visit with her. She is such a darling girl. hermana Mills is NOT a morning person and we saw whit and then she was like that is your friend and I said yeah that I had known her forever. She said....that girl is way too nice, she was visiting and talking with me in the morning and I was thinking in my are all cute and nice but the last thing i want to do is talk to anyone. but she said...I was nice and talked. haha. She doesn't ever talk or smile in the morning so sometimes i am like HERMANA MILLS. GOOOOOD MORNING!!! :) she just shakes her head at me. haha. 

My spanish is coming. It is still hard but I am still working hard. Its sometimes hits me...woah i can understand and speak spanish or i will be laying in bed and i am like...Woah I am a missionary! :) 

Okay well time is up. but I love you all so much. :) Thanks for your letters and support and the cupcakes and the information about the shirts. I have some letters to send home. It was fantastic to hear from you all. I am going to try to write grandma but i don't know if i will have time. I will also be getting my flight plans this week and sending a box of stuff home with brother jarman. He said it was okay! I love this work. I know i am doing the Lords work. The Gospel is the Good news and it will bring so much joy to others and ourselves. As we are obedient we have the freedom to soar. I am so grateful for our Savior, and the atonement.  I am so happy here. Be happy! Find the good in all things. miss you all. Love you. 

Remember Who you are and whom you belong to.

Love, Hermana K.M.

Here are some pictures she sent home
September 19, 2012

Kynsie's MTC District
They had been playing kickball in their "cute little flag shirts"
Her words were, "Nerdy but I love them.  :)"

Sister Mills, Sister Kelly, Sister Rowe and Sister Rife

Celebrating Sister Kelly's Birthday!

Looks like it was "Super Exciting" party!!!

Kynsie and Elder Baldwin

The sisters in her district and then another of her favorite districts
Elder Butler, Elder Newbold and Elder Lawson

Kynsie and her companion with Elder Spalding and Elder Boyd

Working and trying to learn lots!

In Kynsie's words..."Our Favorite Missionaries"  
And then she added...note to Kate and Nick 
This pictures should be printed and make Kinley and Mila look at it every day and have them tell you who we are so they don't forget who their Aunt Kynsie and Uncle Tucker are!!!!  :)

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