Friday, August 31, 2012

Almost a Month!

Wow I can't believe it has almost been a month that I have been on my mission! :) it has been a great month to say the least. A few items of Kynsie Business...
Grandma - HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW!!!!!! i  am so sad i am missing the big shaaaabang! oh wait :) its a good thing we aren't having one! haha :) i love you. i always think of you when i see my cute little book mark.
A few funny things.
i get so excited at the littlest things and Hermana K thinks I am a geek and that i love simple pleasures too much. She always just starts laughing and shakes her head.
EWW the most NASTY thing happened today. We were going to do laundry and I opened up a empty washer and there was a GROSS soggy BLACK SOCK in it. I didn't know what it was at first and so i grabbed it and then when i realized i was like AHHHHHH and threw it and then everyone was looking at me and then Hermana it out for me and put it in the lost and found. What would i do without her??? haha but when we are cleaning the showers I always have to get the wet hair out for her cause thats what grosses her out! so we work well together! :)
This week has been another amazing week. I always feel like I learn and grow so much each week. i think the mtc is refining me into the person that Heavenly Father needs me to be for His missionary. I am trying to break a few bad habits of not saying "thats gay and freaking" i blame you for the first!  hahaha just kidding. :) I am trying and its going pretty well but i feel like i need to be the best person i can be and i have so much motivation. How can you not when you are around the spirit and amazing people all day! It is great
Ummmmm I am being rushed for time. 11 minutes left and it stresses me out. I can't think and type and watch the time go tick tock. haha.
 So "hector" or hermano henderson is one of our investagators. We have been working with him and he accepted a "baptismal date" but he has not been willing to pray all that much. Hermana K and I have been trying so hard to get him to pray. We were talking to him about prayer and he still just didn't really want to. I was asking him if he thought it was important and we read some scriptures and then we asked him about it after. He still was all mas o menos about it and then hermana K says Que le impede? Aka whats holding you back? it totally caught him off guard and he is like...Umm I don't know. He said he would. we were super excited. Then we taught him how to pray and then he said his first prayer with us. it was sooo cool. We leave the room and then hermana k gives me this huge hug cause she is sooooo excited. i was too but just not hug excited. :) hahaha I just pat her on the back and then she and i just started laughing. All the hermanas know i am not very touchy and i was like i am NOT that bad...but I am.
proof right there!
the cool thing about teaching is that it is getting to the point where we know it is fake but that the spirit is helping us as if it was a real person when we go into teach hermano henderson is Hector and I don't think of him of our teacher. It is really sweet to see how Heavenly Father is helping me with my spanish and with bearing my testimony. the spirit is so strong here and it is just a very neat feeling.
on sunday, brother rogers (1st counselor in bp) was talking to us about the end of our missions and i got super sad. I realzied how i really don't want to come home. even though i miss it, the experiences i am having here are indescrible. i watched this talk by elder bednar on sunday night. It was called Characteristics of Christ. The whole talk was focused on how Christ turned out in love and compassion when all of us as natural humans turn in. He talked about being like Christ and always turning out even when we want to turn it. I wish you could all see it. The other thing he talked about is that A testimony is something we believe but how Converstion to the gospel is being true to what we know to be true and living the gospel.
I hope you all are doing well. i miss you all so much. Last sunday when we were walking home from the temple i was like you guys if you want we can just walk to my house and get some treats and hang out for a bit. :) we decided that probably wouldn't be good. haha It is always so good seeing Brother jarman! it makes my day. It was fun to see Sister jarman again as well as Mr. mendenhall! I just love them all. well i got to go hunting for the newly oranged dotted Elder Tucker Austin!!! wooo hooo :) its about time another awesome person gets here ;)
i love you all so much. keep reading the book of mormon. it will bless you so much as you do.
remember who you are and to Whom you belong too. :)
Hermana k. Rife

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