Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Kate, Nick, Kinley & Mila Aug 8, 2012

How are you guys?  Thanks so much for sending me an email.  It was so nice to hear from you cause our family didn't email me for some reason.  Just so you know I don't have much time on email.  Only 30 minutes. So, if you want you can send me a letter on dearelder.com and it gets printed out and given to me that same day. Just another option.  It sounds like the girls are doing great.  I miss their darling faces so much.  Keep writing me cause I love hearing from you.  We just went to the temple.  When I went into the celestial room I couldnt help but think of you and the last time I did and endowment session and our family was there.  Don't worry Kate I havent been crying.  Spanish is SO hard!!! But, I hope I can have the gift of tongues.  I am sure Nick knows how it is feeling so lost and like you are not catching on.  Yes? No? let me know haha.  Tell Tuck to practice, practice, practice! 

I love you so so so much!  Keep writing!

Talk to you soon
<3 Hermana K.Rife  

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