Thursday, August 16, 2012

So basically we escaped from the CCM aka MTC

Hi Hi Hi Everyone!
Oh My Goodness, I love P-days because I love the chance I get to write home and talk to you all. It is so great! I miss you all very much and think of you often! So i forgot my little note card that has all the stuff i wanted to tell you but I hope that I can remember everything.
First things First! Thank YOU SOOOOO much for you letters and packages! I love getting letters it is the best thing in the world. I loved that little package from Ky and Ken! That note was the cutest! Ky, I hope you are doing great! Work hard in school next year. I bet your teacher will be so nice! Tan! Thanks for you letter buddy. I miss you too. I loved hearing from you.  Ty - you passed your drivers test! WOOO hooo. I talked to Zac Jarman on the phone for a minute the other day when he called and Me and Hermana K were with brother and sister jarman! I told him to make sure you two only date cute girls and NICE! :) Ken, thanks for helping kylee with that package. I sure would love to hear from my bestie....just saying! I know where you sleep so i  might come track you down!:) Tell the binghams Hi for me. I loved their little pictures. Grandma - Thanks for your letter! I am writing you one back. I will try to finish it soon. Mom and Dad - Thanks for the letters note and packages. I am so glad for the stuff you sent me. It is very much needed and appreciated! Nick, Kate, Kinley and Mila baby!! Love you all. :) Tell Tucker to get practicing Spanish!!!! :)
Okay! So The MTC is great. I really love the spirit that is here. The first week was hard but honestly after that first sunday it has been mostly full of ups. Of course we all still have our downs but it is a lot better. I am learning so much. I love it though because I have such a wealth of information that never stops flying at me. It is like I am in school again and I just love school! My spanish is coming a long. We have continued to teach our "investagators" but they are new now and also we did get our new teacher who was Santiago and his name is Hermano Henderson! He is a lot different than Hermano Harker but both are super! Hermana Kelly and I are making it a goal to learn 150 verbs and a bunch of vocab words. We know 25 flashcards already so we are on our way!
The weeks seem to kind of all blend together so I cant really remember a lot of stuff. On sunday, we had Rosemary Wixham the General Primary President speak to us in Relief Society. It was amazing. The spirit was insanely  strong. She was talking about how we need to teach the gospel simply and that we can always look back on what we learned in primary because that is the base of our testimony and those principles are the most important. The simple principles like I am a child of God and that Heavenly Father loves us. We also sang I belong to the church of Jesus Christ. When we were singing I know who i am, I know Gods Plan, I'll follow him in was awesome because the spirit testified to me that the church is so true. When ever we sing missionary songs it is the neatest feeling because there are 2000 missionaries singing and we really are the Lord's Missionaries. Its kind of hard to describe. Hermana Rowe, Mills, Kelly and me sang in the choir and that was fun! We had Elder Evans from the seventy and his wife speak to us on tuesday. I got to see Brother and Sister Jarman! I love seeing them. A familiar face and a big hug does wonders for me! :)
I wanted to tell you about my district cause i didn't get to last week. There is Elder Baldwin. He is from Arizona and he is a little guy like 5'6 but massive! He is so strong and he has a HUGE mouth. He fit a whole orange with the peel on in his mouth. He is a very happy person and Loves to laugh. Elder Mann or Elder Hombre (aka man en espanol) is the district leader. He is from AZ too and is pretty serious but has a good heart. His family always writes us letters and it is so nice! Elder Seastrand is from Holiday UT and went to BYU. I told him that he should write ken... :) haha He has been bugging me to see a picture actually pretty much all the elders have because i talk about how cute you are and all the Hermanas agree because they have seen pictures! :) He is very sarcastic but laughs all the time. He is funny. Elder Brown is from Texas and has an awesome texan accent. He makes sure to remind us to eat a lot cause the saying in texas is...."If you Ain't 280, then you Ain't a Lady" haha!!! I love it! :) I told him I don't want to be a lady then. Elder Smith is from cali and likes to surf. He is goofy and a big nerd but he makes class super fun. He always reminds Elder Seester (seastrand) to be nice to us sisters. Hermana Rowe is great! Super nice. She taught kindergarten and is from SL. Hermana Mills is awesome and super tough. She was in the air force and has given us some INSANE workouts to do but we also go play frisbee outside and i made them try to do backbends and headstands with me. haha! I love my Hermanas!
The more and more time I spend with Hermana Kelly the more I love her. She is so great! We laugh all the time together but we are able to push each other to reach our goals not only personally but also in our companionship. She is almost just as crazy as i am. haha. The other day we were changing from Gym and we had a funny experience. Basically I was standing on the chair and then I said Yo Soy (I am) Samuel the Lamanite and threw a fruit snack at her. She was like You cant throw the word of God at me and then started throwing a bunch back. it was really funny. probably had to be there.
Time is almost up. Today we had to fill a perscription so we left MTC campus and went to a building on the southside of BYU campus. I felt like i was running away from jail! We had permission though. I was was hoping I would see you guys driving on the road! :)
Okay 9 seconds left. I am going to try to write you a letter to tell you about something neat but i don't have the time to email. I love you all SO much. The church is true and make sure you are being a little better everyday.
Hermana K. Rife

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