Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Another Week in the life of Hermana Rife

Can I just say we LOVE getting letters and Emails from our Kynsie!  Last Friday August 31, 2012  we all got letters from her and everyone was so excited!  Today I just finished reading her email and she absolutely had me laughing so hard and then of course tearing up at the end of it! ( She must take after her Mom because she is doing the same thing from the sounds of her email.  :) )    You will have to read it.  Enjoy!!!

Hi Everyone! :)

I feel like the biggest cry baby! Honestly I cried last night when I recieved all my dear elders. I cried when I opened up that package and then I cry again when I read the emails I just got it! WHAT IS THIS???? :) I love hearing from you all. by the way it isn't crying it is just my eyes tear up! :) I have a lot lot lot to tell you. I hope i can get it all in because it is important.

Thank you for your letters and packages! It is the best ever. We didn't get mail since friday because of labor day so yesterday I got the package from you mom with all that candy and the camera cards. THANKS! and the best part was those temple names. Yesterday I got a dear elder from Nick, Kate, Uncle Rich, JESSA J (who has written me EVERY WEEK cause she is amazing!!! :) and wanted a personal shout out in my letters home! ;)), and from Ken. I think I got every one! It was so good. I was loving reading them. I don't know if I ever told grandma thank you for the donuts soooo if i didn't i am sorry and i hope you had a fantastic birthday. Everyone in my district loved them. :)

Okay sooo on sunday we watched president monsons birthday party for our fireside. It was really good and very nice to hear real music!!! :)  Bye bye Babalonia that is what our hermano harker says to us. My favorite was Phantom, Memories from Cats and OH MY GOODNESS Bring him home. That singer was AMAZING!!! Elder brown was sitting next to me and was asleep. I was like how is he sleeping. His head kept bobbing it was hilarious and then he would wake up and look at me and then close his eyes again. Such a cute boy! I love all The elders in our district. We have a great District.

On monday i was driving around the streets of Provo. If ken was working then i was  at Rite Aid and really close to her. Hermana Kelly has been Super sick with a nasty cough and cold so we had to go get cough medicine for her. It was the most bizzare thing riding in a car and being in rite aid. I was hoping that i didn't see anyone.  I was just ready to get back to the MTC not going to lie. :) Mom you will be so proud of me, through the mtc insurance we get free flu shots so the guy asked me if i wanted one and i said yes...and I got it. ALL by myself. Then he gave me two little chocolates sooo pretty sure it was a perfect trade off! ;) haha. The other day Hermana K was coughing sooo hard at night so i drug her into the bathroom and made her steam her face in the sink. we made due with what we had. I got out my vix, told her to rub it on her face, clogged the sink with lots of paper towels and then made her put her face by the running hot water with a towel on her head for 20 minutes. She kept saying, AH i can't believe you are making me do this but after she was not coughinig any more and it is super funny! A sister wanted in and said...ummm is she okay and i was like yeah...don't worry about her..She is fine! :) Some other elders have been sick too. Elder E'smith and Elder Baldwin. It is the GROSSEST thing ever we were outside studying and elder baldwin didn't have a tissue so he walks to the grass and snot rockets the mucus out. SOOOO gross and then they all keep spitting it out it the trash. I gag every time. When he snot rocketed it out i almost threw up. After telling him to NEVER do that again and stop being gross he continued to tell me that he was trying to make me not home sick because he was being like a little brother would be! :) right right...haha I still think he is great but we are working on making these little gross habits of theirs go away! haha :) We have had "You make me feel like a natural woman" stuck in our head here and then when we went to rite aid it was totally playing. I always think of dad when that song comes on. I don't know why. We might have danced a little bit to it in rite aid. :)

Speaking of not wanting to go home...I have been talking a whole lot in my sleep. I had the craziest dream that I didn't get set apart right so President Hollister told me I had to go home so that President Gagon could redo it. So I was telling him how i didn't want to go home but he made me. I got home and I was all sad and i didn't want to leave cause i was afraid to see people and then pres. gagon couldn't set me apart the right way for 3 days! 3 stinking days. So it was a long time. I fell alseep on my bed in my dream and when i woke up i thought i was at home and i freaked out. I sat straight up and realized i was in the MTC and i am not going to lie i have never been happier sleeping on a nasty old matress with sheets that smell danky! :) I was so glad to be in that position! haha. Hermana Kelly said I was speaking full sentances and I said " No, but you really don't understand, I love it here and I don't want to go home! I kept trying to convince them to let me stay. haha It was funny! I keep talking in my sleep and sometimes parts in spanish.

Last week the Fire alarm went off in our building at 6:20 so we all had to evacuate and it was hilarious because there were girls in towels and in there pjs and in robes outside and Elders and others were walking by. Lucky I had sweats on and just hadnt done my hair. We were outside for like 30 minutes and then we saw our Elders and elder brown said...why is that girl in a towel and wow hermana look really...ummm tired. hahaha. :) Nice compliment right? we joke about it now! Some girl left her curling iron on by the tissue box and it all went downhill from there. Luckily nothing bad happened.

Yesterday, I totally forgot I asked for those temple names. When I saw them under the letters I was so excited. I started crying then i showed them to Hermana K. and she started crying that she and I get to do them together. I am so excited to go to the temple in about 30 minutes. I haven't ever been more thrilled. :) So thank you for sending them. Like this is missionary work and our family that we get to go through for them and they can keep progressing. :) Pure Awesomeness.

I love this Gospel with all my heart. I feel so blessed and strenghtened by it each day. A quote Elder Baldwin shared with us was this "Sometimes we want to grow without having any challenges and we want to gain strength without any struggle but we can't grow when we take the easy way." We have the chance to learn and grow from our trials and so we need to take that chance and try to see what we learn from our trials and challanges. I love the Book of Mormon. Right now I am reading in Alma 14ish-26ish and I have enjoyed studying about missionary work and the dedicated missionaries Ammon and Amulek were in all of their trials. How they always turned to the Lord to do his will. I also loved what Elder Kopichie (something like that) said yesterday about repentance and the atonement. He said "It is a chance for us to get a new view of ourselves, the world, and of God" The atonement gives us that chance and we need to use it to decide to change and become what our Heavenly Father expects us to become. As we learn and grow and change ourselves from the natural man into the potential that we can be He will bless us so much.

it sounds like everyone is doing great! :) Love you all soooo sooo soo much. I am grateful for your examples.

Remember who you are and Whom you belong to.

Hermana K. Rife.

Ps. Mom - Holly Burgimister can get you those recipies. She was the one who told me how to do it. I used the Suger scrub. If you want some of that orange extract it is in the Bathroom I think It is in a brown Doterra bottle or you can just use lemon/peppermint exstract and candy. Kate can help you find the recipies on line! :) Talk to you soon. Glad jenn had her baby and that she is healthy and that YW is going great. Love you

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