Monday, August 13, 2012

Our First Letter

Wednesday finally arrived and we went out to the mailbox thrilled to find this... ( our mail lady is the BEST!)

Our first letter home!  Dated August 1st.

Dear Dad, Mom, Nick, Kate, Ken, Ty, Tanny, Ky, Kinley, & Mila Baby & Grandma,

Hey Guess what!!!  I survived today at the MTC without crying for the rest of the day!  I ate a tootsie pop in the shower tonight & my pb &J and I am all set! 

I found some of your little notes Mum!  Thanks!  Dad, Thanks for your letter.  I have not read it yet cause it will probably make me cry. :) 

My companion is Hermana Kelly.  She is about 5'9, has brown hair and Freckles.  she is from Washington.
She is pretty cool.  Talks a lot but thats okay.  She is nice.  Besides she liked my nail color and even tried to eat a lollipop in the shower tonight.  She loved it and thinks I am weird for wearing a shower cap and a robe. 

In the MTC they have grape juice.  It is like WAY good!  I had 2 glasses!  Not as good as grandmas but still super good.  There are 3 other girls in our room.  They are Hermanas as well and going to Florida on Tuesday.  I cant remember their names but one knows Stein, and Halee -She is from Orem.

My zone has only 4 hermanas including me.  Hermana Kelly, Rowe and Mills.  They seem great.  Our teachers are nice. I like our Zone leaders too!  Sister Gerke (Rob's Mom) is in our branch presidency. 

Our teachers were speaking Spanish... I could pull out words but not much.  It was and hour of trying to figure out their actions and picking out phrases. 

Aug 2, 2012

Honest T: didn't sleep at all last night.  I felt sorta lonely but I am okay.  I really might have you send me my zebra blanket so I can feel like I have a piece of me here! :) 

Today was pretty intense but its okay.  We spent a lot of the day in class attempting to speak espanol.
It is HARD!!! Oh my goodness! Hermana Kelly is way good at it!  We are supposed to pray and teach this "investigator" Santiago tomorrow. in Spanish!  Hope its okay.

Today I saw Bishop Jarman.  We took some pictures so he will have to show ya!  It was good to see a familiar face!  Then I saw Matt Jones and Allen Black! 

Well, this is a cool experience!  I fell stressed and it is intense but the spirit is strong.  There are lots of ups and downs but I am doing great!

We also met my Branch president! He is SOOO great.  We interviewed with him and it was so neat.  The spirit was WAY strong as he was testifying of us being here. 

Okay, well time is flying but I love you all and miss you SO  much!!! :)  Be happy, take good care of each other and look for chances to serve.

Write me all the updates! 

<3 <3, all my Love:

Hermana K.Rife

P.S.  My p-day is wednesday so I'll write then :) 

Written on the back of the envelope it said:

P.s.s.s:  I forgot my pants! :) haha
Porfavor (send) mis pantelones Rapido!
 (looks like her Spanish is coming a lot well ;) )

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