Thursday, August 16, 2012

More spottings of Sis. Rife by Bishop and Sis. Jarman

Tuesday Evening I opened up my email to find this:

The email stated,  "I had a delightful visit with Sis. Rife today.  She is a delight!"  

We were not sure who has sent this so we called the number it was sent from and heard Bishop Jarman's voice ,  He said he was eating in the cafeteria with some colleges and he heard someone come up to him.  It was Kynsie and her companion.  She told him it was great seeing a familiar face.  They had a nice little chat and he even told us that he had taken a little video of her and would show us that later.  He also told us that he and Sis. Jarman were on their way up to the MTC right then for the dinner and the devotional with Elder Evans and that they would most likely see her again!

Later that evening Sis. Jarman called and reported that they had seen Kynsie and that she and her companion are such a cute pair and doing well.  
Kynsie is part of the choir up there and had sung "Redeemer of Israel" and Sis. Jarman said it sounded absolutely beautiful.  I was so glad to hear this because Kynsie just LOVES music and being a part of it.
Thanks for your reports Bishop and Sis. Jarman.  It is so nice hearing them.  It makes it seem like she is still so close to home.  :)

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