Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Been a little busy with school are Sis. Rife's last couple of letters and emails!

We got this one in the mail August 17th!

Dear Family,
Sorry I won't have time to write all of you little notes but I wanted to share a few things with you.  My Love for the scriptures has grown so much in the last few weeks!  One of the reasons why is because we study them ALL the time here.  I just wanted to tell all of you to set a goal to set apart at least 15-30 minutes a day to read the scriptures!  As a family, even though it is hard, read them & pray together as much as you can.  The spirit is with us a lot at the MTC & one of the reasons is because we are constantly on the Lords time table & trying to do what he would have us do. I feel like I am constantly saying prayers to help me learn & understand.  I am learning to humble myself & rely on God at all times.  One of the other things  I have noticed is I feel happy & at least calm most always.  That is one of the ways the Holy Ghost works!  Another thing I have learned is if a situation or person is bothering you, you can't pray for the situation or the person to change.  You have to humble yourself & ask Heavenly Father to help you accept it or to change something about yourself, so that it can be okay!  We need to look inward before criticizing  & we need to look outward to serve & love others!  I am not trying to be all preachy so I hope you don't take it that way!  Something really neat happened today though.  I was reading my patriarchal blessing & a sentence stood out to me that never has before.

"He wants us all to be with him once again, You have a calling to assist in that mighty work."

President Holister also shared a quote from Elder Nelson at a MTC devotional. Elder Nelson said, "You as missionaries were identified as honorable, valiant & loyal in the pre-existence."  He then said, "you were plucked out & put on reserve on a shelf to be a missionary at this time."

Tyler & Tan Especially, I encourage you to keep yourselves worthy & clean to serve a full time mission because that quote will apply to you!  The promises I've been made as a missionary are amazing & they have been a blessing as I have thought in the hard times...can I do this?!!!  I want you all to remember that the Lord won't leave us without his help.  He loves us so much & wants us to have the desire to become more like him.  We really can come closer to him by doing the little things.  Reading, Praying & Serving.

                                     :) Hope you all are well!  Love you!!!
                                                                        <3 <3 , Kynsie
                                                                 ( Those are hearts!!!)

Grandma got a little note that day too:

Dear Grandma,
How are you?  I hope you had a wonderful week cause I sure did!  I was so excited when my district leaders companion Elder Baldwin told me I had a letter with lots of stickers & from a Jean!  :) I knew it was you!  We just got home from the temple. It is always a bit hard to walk out to a view I have seen so many times before & realize that I can't go home but its okay!
Anyway the temple was great!  It always is.  I always see Sister Hasara.  Thanks for your scripture.  I have been studying a lot about the Holy Ghost!  I Love you!  Hope you are doing great!  Talk to you soon!
                                                                              Talk to you soon,
                                                                               <3. Hermana K. Rife

Email from August 22, 2012    YEAH...Some pictures!!!

Hi i will email later wanted to send some pictures. hermana kelly and me. In the picture the elders go....elder smith, mann, brown, seastrand and baldwin. then sisters mills and rowe, me and kelly. we read our white bible in the laundry bin and we found some awesome sunglasses in the lost and found. and ummmm when we snuck out of the mtc and then me doing headstands on the bed! haha

talk to you soon

Kynsie and her companion Sis. Kelly at the Provo Temple
Class  Time

District at the Provo Temple

Kynsie and Sis. Kelly escaping from the MTC 
(Don't worry it was just to pick up a prescription on the south side of BYU campus---They had permission!)

Laundry Bin Scripture Study  :)

Guess you'll find anywhere to study the scriptures!

They found some awesome glasses in the lost & found...and put them to good use!  

Kynsie back at doing her amazing tricks...standing on her head on the top bunk!!!
( This daughter of ours!!!)

Another Email from August 22. 2012
Well another week has come and gone and it has been another great week! I hope you got my pictures I sent earlier. I didn't have time to send them and they were all actually Hermana K's pictures cause i didn't have a card reader but thats okay! It looks like we just have fun but don't worry we do actually work hard as well.
Well this last week I have seen tons of people. Chelsea, Ari, Brooke Harper, Dr. Singerland (he says hello, i have seen him a few times but i can't remember if i told you already), the Jarmans, Cory Mendenhall, and Neil A. Anderson....No big deal! :) More on him later.
A few things.
Every sunday we watch music and the spoken word. It is such an amazing program. I enjoy listening to it every week. I don't know if this week you saw it but Stanford Olsen sang with the choir and he was AMAZING! The more and more I am here the more and more i realized how strongly i feel the spirit through music....:) It is amazing. We had Sister Mary Cook from the YW presidency speak to us in Relief Society.  She talked a lot about how rescuing can be jus as important as saving souls. We have talked a lot about that these last few days. I encourage all of you to reach out to others and find who needs our help. They don't have to be in active they can just maybe be having a hard day or something it can be that simple and make such a huge difference. This keyboard is terrible by the way. AH! :)
On Sunday Night, the Jarmans came talked to us . They did a fantastic job as well. They are wonderful people and it was perfect to get a hug from Sister Jarman. I know I am not touchy but I miss hugs. I even hugged Hermana K because I wanted a hug so bad! ;) Sister J talked about how our prayers can be answered. Alma 8:10. Brother Jarman talked about the bom as well and the power it has when we read it with investagators. It was fantastic.
On monday we had the TRC it has changed and now we teach members as members instead of them being fake investagators. We taught 2 twenty minute lessons. Hermana K and I decided to talk about sharing the book of mormon with others and testifying of it. We took some of what brother and sister jarman said and used it. In the TRC and in Lessons Hermana K normally talks a lot cause she isn't scared to and knows spanish really well but i have been working really hard on just trying to practice what i have been studying. It was the neatest thing. We always pray for el don de langues or the gift of tongues and in those lessons I felt Heavenly Father helping me. I was speaking really really good. I was spitting out sentances and words that I hardly knew and was conjugating them in the right tenses and everything. IT WAS SOOOOO AWESOME! We walked out and I looked at Hermana K and she was like WHAT THE HECK?!? I said I have no idea. She just said El Don De Lengues es verdadero. or is true! :) it was funny
On Tuesday Last night we had the chance to hear Neil A Anderson speak (dad you had a training by him? cool!!) Anyways he was Soo soo good as well. He talked about 10 things that president monson would say to us if he were with us. 1- Follow the Prophet 2- Do your Duty, That is Best. leave unto the Lord the Rest. 3- Trust in the Lord and prepare to be an instrument in his hands.  4-  Let the Lord shape your back. Whom the Lord calls he qualifies. 5- Smile and Enjoy your self. The Prophet is always happy and positive. 6- Love the people you serve and truly care about them. 7- NEVER ever ever ignore a prompting. 8- Testify of the prophet Joseph Smith 9 - Become converted to the savior Jesus Christ and Testify of him and 10- Witness the Power of the Savior. He testified of the knowledge of Pres Monson being a special witness as well as he testified as knowing i was just a really neat talk. The spirit was very strong. We also got to sing a song called the Wounds in Jesus Hands for choir and that always brings the spirit! Yesterday was president Monsons birthday so Elder anderson said welll i thought we should sing to him. He put a picture of him up on the screen and we sand happy 85th birthday to him. then elder anderson said..."He looks pretty happy and like he loved it! " of course it was just a picture! :)
I love hermana K. Seriously she is Great! We get a long so well and we always are laughing and crazy together! It is a lot of fun. Sometimes we read and pray in the laundry bins. She is pretty much convinced that eating tootsies in the shower is the best thing since sliced cheese and we get each other. She gets my weirdness and I only thought our family did get the fullness of it! haha :)  I am glad she accepts this crazy girl.
I have been made fun of this last week. about my nostrils flaring when i laugh. Elder Seastrand was going on about it forever and I keep finding him staring at my nose when i laugh. He thinks it is hilarious. He told me the other day.  " it is like you are a little mouse sniffing around for cheese and food" hahaha :) funny funny elders. The elders in our district are great. They always find something funny to say. Whenever they talk about home or things of the "world" music, movies, etc hermano harker says bye bye babylonia. He is a nerd but totally funny. He just got engaged! Woot! He was on cloud nine when he came to class and told us.
Just so you know dad...I have 30 minutes and I just write you guys! I don't write anyone else and my fingers and hands cramp after from typing as fast as i can! So don't worry family comes first!!!! :) haha
 I had an interview with President Hollister last night. He is such a good man. He told us a quote that i really like. He said "Every morning you should pray and say Heavenly Father, I'm yours until bedtime, Lets do something great today!" The first day that I said that in my morning prayers was monday and that was the day at the TRC....coinsidence??? :) haha i don't think so.
I am learning spainish. I really do love it here so much. I feel like I can't learn enough. We have been working hard as a district on Spanish. On Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays we are only speaking spanish until lunch so that is hard to do but it is doable and i feel like I am learning so much from it. I really love this gospel. I love love love the book of mormong. I don't want to put it down when i am reading from it. I know that it is the word of God. I hope that you are taking the time to read it. The more we learn about the gospel the more we have a desire to perfect ourselves and become like our Savior. I love you all so much. It is wonderful hearing from you. I have a few letters to send home but I am not quite down with them yet. So i will try to finish them after the temple. I love you! Keep up the great work. Be good to each other and serve each other! Thanks for all your mail and letters it is the best thing EVER hearing from home!
Love Hermana Kyns Rife
I miss my name. The other day chels yelled KYNS and it was such an awesome thing ! She leaves next week crazy huh

Then to add one more thing to the week....we received some little notes in the mail on Friday the 24th!

Dear Family, 
Sorry I am not very good at getting you all personal letters.  I will keep trying to write you all back.  Tan & Ky-I owe you both letters!  Along with Dad & Mom too!  Tell Grandma Thanks for the donuts and bookmark.  Elders Loved the donuts!  & said Thanks Grandma!  The bookmark is pretty!  I'm using it in my scriptures.l  I didn't write lots cause I've been sick so I took a 1 1/2 hr nap instead of writing.  

                                                                            Be Good,
                                                                            Be Happy,
                                                                            Rely on the Lord!
                                                                            <3 <3 <3 Hermana

Lamest Birthday Card Ever but I am thinking of my favorite Daddy-o!  :)  I just wanted to tell you how much you mean to me!  I am so grateful for you in my life!  I Love getting your letters.  They are spiritually uplifting as well as super funny!  Hermana K always says, "Dang! I want your dad."  I read her parts of your letters a lot.  That poem was really great as well.  I hope you know how much you mean to me & I Love you so much!  You are such an example of Christ & your testimony is shown by your words & actions!
                                                                            Happy Birthday!!!
                                                                        :)  Love, your 
                                                                            Little missionary
                                                                            Kynser Kell

I wanted to write you and tell you that I Love you!  :) I am very grateful for you!  I am grateful for your willingness to Love and help your children.  I want you to know that you can do great things & that you have many abilities.  When times get hard Remember Heavenly Father Loves you &will help you through all things if you rely on him to help.  I Love you lots.  Thanks for your Love & support!  Hope all is well!  
                                                                         <3, Kyns

Then she added that she needed some things if possible. 
tape with dispenser
Piano Books ( She described where they were and what they looked like.  Not too sure I was very successful in finding those for her!!!)Then she added that some chocolate would be LOVED AS WELL!  haha dark chocolate M&Ms!  haha but any chocolate will do!  

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