Monday, August 13, 2012

A Familiar Face!

Thursday evening I was out watering our plants and I turned and saw Bishop Mark Jarman walking towards me.
I said to him,  "Did you see someone WE know at the MTC today?"  I was very excited to hear his response!  He smiled and replied, "I sure did."  Steve was outside as well and so Bishop Jarman began telling us about seeing Kynsie. :)
He heard someone yell "Bishop Jarman!" He turned to see a young woman running down the hall towards him. 
When she got to him she gave him a BIG hug, and stepped back suddenly and said "oops, maybe I shouldn't have done that"

He told her that she was fine!!! :) 

Her companion finally caught up to them and said "hey, I thought we were supposed to stay together 24 /7!  "
He asked what news he could report home for her and she said, "Tell them I am doing just great!"

Bishop Jarman then followed up by telling us that her companion seems to be as sweet as Kynsie is.

We were thrilled to hear back from her even if it was second hand. We are thankful to have such close ties to the MTC during this time in our lives. 

 Kynsie with Bishop Jarman
Kynsie and her companion Hermana Kelly

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