Tuesday, August 14, 2012

3X5 cards all around Aug 8, 2012

We were thrilled to get another letter in the mail from Kynsie and the kids were even more thrilled when they saw a 3 X 5 card addressed to each one of them individually.

Dad & Mom
You get a shared one.  Sorry I am running out of time.  Thanks for being such good parents.  I am grateful I have had the church in my life!  I miss you all so much and think of you often.  I hope I hear from you soon.  I missed and email this week.  You can also write me on dearelder.com ad it gets printed out and given to me same day  - or email me before Wed. 

Love you lots
Your Hermana K. Rife

Whats up Brother?  What happened to writing me every week?  Hope you are staying away from those gifls or when I come home... :) 
So how is reading your scriptures coming? Ready any good ones lately? My advice to you is to read them lots.  There is SO much knowledge.  Start preoaring to be a missionary now!  I miss you.  Tell me what you are up to.  Ready for school to start?  You and Tanny being nice to each other?  what about your drivers license?  You got it yet? Be good, make good choices and try to be a little better each day! 
Love you!!! :) 
You sis
Hermana K.Rife
p.s. you can write me on dearelder.com for free.

How are you little buddy?  I miss you and your funniness! I need some of that around here!  What have you done this week?  Did you do anything fun with friends?  Guess what a n elder in my district put a whole apple in his mouth cause it is that big.  He looks like a gorilla!  He kind of reminds me of you cause he is silly!  Tell me whats new!  Make sure you are being sweet to Kylee and staying calm when you get upset!
I bet you are cause you are such a sweet heart under all that muscular boyish skin!

Love you bud
- Hermana K.Rife

Kylee Babe!
How are you?  I hope you can read my whole note! Are you going to write me back?  or color me a picture? 
Have you been reading books?  What have you been doing?  Guess what!  They have lots of treats here! I bet you would like the food.  Its yummy!  Have you been playing with Tanner?  what about Kinley and Mila?  You are such a good aunt!  I love you cute girl!  Be happy!!! :)  Give mom and dad lots of hugs for me okay?  I miss you. 
<3, Hermana Kynsie Rife

p.s write me on dearelder.com

I know this is short but I just wanted to tell you that I went thru "Grandmas Temple" today.  It was beautiful.  I thought of you and how I wished I could have gone through it with you before I left.  We will have to when I get home! How are you?  I keep thinking about you!!  I miss your and moms good cooking!  the food in the MTC is sketchy but I have been eating it.  I have also been working out a lot!  Hermana Mills was in the Air force.  She is super tough and has been giving us work outs to do!  I hope you are doing great!  Whats your favorite scripture and a spiritual experience you have had? 

Love you los 
Hermana K.Rife

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