Thursday, November 15, 2012

Letters to the Girls! Sorry'll get them next week! :)

These were posted on Kynsie's blog on November 15th but they were actually written on October 15th!
Yes...Yes...I know I am way behind!!!  :)

Dear Mama,
How are you doing?  I hope you are doing so good.   I think I am only going to get to the girls today.  There is so much to do and never enough time to do it!  :)  I am trying to keep up though.   I could have spent an hour not playing volleyball but I decided I needed to have a little fun on P-Day.   It is October and it is perfect weather to play.  It's like 70 degrees.  Some days it is humid but it's fine.  My skin is always soft.  I will also have some nice tan legs & arms when I come home & a super nice farmers tan.  but it shows I was working hard...right?  :)  I really love my companions again this transfer.,  They are great & obedient girls.  We also have a wonderful district.  It is just us 3 hermanas in our zone.  In our district there is Elder Segura, Johnson, Cheeny and Sinaca.  We all have fun.  We also have 2 elders who are English Elders in our Zone that I love!  Elder Whitney and Elder Tatuaki!  They are so nice.  I have a feeling I am going to make life long friends on my mission.  Such wonderful people doing such a wonderful work!

:)  So there is this lady named Mayra Buich.  Hermana Rivera knew her from the last area.  She isn't a member but her father-in-law is and her husband is less active.  They (Hna B & R) had been trying to visit her for the last 1 transfer but it just hasn't worked out.  They always tell me, "the Lord was waiting for you."  :) Well with Mayra Buich I believe that.  We walked in their home, they have two darling kids, and we just started talking.  It was such a strong connection.  I totally felt myself.  It was the first time with an investigator that I really felt that way.  It was weird but so relieving because I had missed myself.  It's the self I am with you & Grandma.  The self who can just open up and talk about lots of stuff.  It was really neat.  We are going to start visiting her Tues. and Thursdays and the Bishops family is going to invite them over for family night with us.  Our Bishop is Bishop Escobar and he is awesome too!  :)  His wife is incredible. You can tell when you walk into someone's home the spirit.  If it is there or if it isn't.  Mom -  I know at times you feel like you fall short but honestly you are doing great.  As Hno. Henderson says..."There is always room for improvement even if it is tiny but remember we aren't sent here to be perfect but to become perfect overtime."  Just remember the little things you do right each day.  Even if it is just a few.  Those things are acceptable to the Lord.  Hna Rivera is such a good example to me of using and understanding the atonement.  She always prays for forgiveness & says Please apply the atonement & help me be better.  It really works.  I always feel like I can be a better missionary in some way but I am realizing that our sacrifices of our best effort are enough for God.  He knows our soul and what we are trying to do and be.  It has been very awesome to feel the power of the atonement and Jesus Christ in our lives.  Through the atonement people truly change.  It's really awesome.  Just today Heavenly Father put someone in our path.  We went to go pick up some elders pants because we have to sew them and this guy was pushing his car.  We got out and started helping him.  He was like can I buy you all dinner or something?  We were like no, no, it's okay.  He asked us what church we were from.  Then he told us that he has been looking for a church.  He gave us his contact info and he got ours and he is coming to church on Sunday.  It was awesome.  Well I need to write in my journal & get to bed but I love you a lot!  I decided I needed to wtite you a good letter cause I haven't yet.  Sorry Estoy un floja (slacker)  :)  But keep reading & praying, seeing the tender mercies in each day & recognizing what you are doing right.  Heavenly Father loves you!!!

Hope PTA & YW is great!

Con amor  <3  <3

Kylee Lady!
Hey Hey good-lookin!  How are you sweet girl?  I put your horse picture that you sent me on my desk & I see it everyday when I study!  It is my favorite.  I always tell everyone about you & show them you in our family picture in my scriptures.  A lot of my friends in my ward love seeing pictures of our family!  :)  It is fun being in Texas.  Even though its cold where you are it is Hot here!  :)  I haven't seen any cowboys or cowgirls yet but a few cows.  I don't know where they are!  :)  The other day I saw 20 vultures eating an armidillo on the side of the road.  It was sick!  But we took some pictures of it.  Vultures are some ugly, ugly birds!  There are lots of squirrels here too!  They run around eating acorns!  Well write me soon.  Give jugs to everyone in our family!  Love you!  Keep trying to be like Jesus!

<3 Hermana Kynsie Rife

           Adios means Bye                                                                                        Hola means Hello

Dear Grandma,
How are you doing?  I wanted to say "hi" to you on the phone when I called from the airport but I know it was hard.  I promise that I am and was Happy!  I was just crying cause I missed you all and missed your voices but I am so happy & I wish you all could know the amazing things I am getting to experience not only in the MTC but also in Texas.  It is really neat.  :)  Yesterday, we had an awesome experience.  So...Thursday, we visited Nora and she was looking really tired and so stressed.  She didn't look well at all. She told us how she just didn't have time.  We had a stressful lesson.  Her son is in jail and she told us that on Sundays she needs to visit her son.  So we basically told her all the blessings of coming to church.  I felt the need to just promise her if she came to church, she wouldn't be stressed about money and other things.  So she told us she couldn't promise and we left.  We were kinda sad but knew we did our very best.  So yesterday was raining way way hard.  We were sitting in church & I turn around and Nora & her other son Edger were there.  She looked amazing and gorgeous!  So good!  We talked to her after and Hermana R. asked why she didn't go to the jail to visit her son.  She said cause it's raining and I never go when it is raining.  We decided to pray for rain every Sunday.  :)  haha but she and her son decided to stay and both were just sucking it up!  :)  We have another appointment to teach them this week.  I really know she felt the difference and she looked different.  She was glowing.  So happy.  It was awesome!  :)  Well, I need to get going but I love and miss you so much.   Take care my grandma dear!  :)  Thanks for your example to me of such a strong woman.  I tell people about you all the time and your amazing testimony to me.  I actually told Nora about how you always paid your tithing, prayed, went to church and the Lord followed through on his promises to you and your kids!  :)  

Love ya!  :)  <3<3
Hermana Kynsie

Little side note on a post it note came with the letter!!!
Next week!
Love you boys!
Dad, yes we have a car.  We live in E 618.  It's on the first floor but I don't think you'll be able to see it cause it's the inside.
Love you all!!!  :)

(Steve had been looking on google map trying to see where exactly she lived! )

She sent pictures too!!!
(I'll post them later.)


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