Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Happpppy September!

Hello and Happy September! 

Thanks for your letter! How was your labor day? I hope that it was good. It was a slow day for us but it was still good. I missed emailing you all. :) 

This last week. Man it was rough to say the least. I may or may not have started crying 3 or 4 times. :) Don't worry I am feeling a lot better now. It is a new week and I know that a lot of wonderful things are prepared. 

Sooo you are probably wondering what made me cry...haha

well we definitely got dropped from a few of our investigators. we contacted this lady and she said we could come back. We went back and taught her the restoration ish lesson. She didn't like the book of mormon. We testified and did everything that we could and at the end of the lesson we asked her to read and pray about the book of mormon and the message. We promised her that God would reveal it to her if something was true. She took the book of mormon and then as she stood up told us...do you know what...I am not going to be able to take your book. You can have it back. After trying a little bit more she gave it back and said that it hadn't been lost time. It was hard. I started tearing up and then on the ride home pretty much started sobbing. I think hermana knappen was shocked because she hasn't seen me really cry for something that wasn't the spirit. She said how about we go get some ice cream...so we ate ice cream for dinner! haha :) Really healthy I know. We are at the ice cream store and I thought I am not going to let one thing like that stop me from sharing the gospel. We sat down and a nice family walked in. I complemented the lady on her toms and then i explained who we were and what we had to offer. She shut me down with a hard no. Then I asked if I could at least give her a card and she told me...this store is as far as it is going to get....haha I was like WHAT IS THIS!?!

I know that it is for a reason but sometimes I don't understand how people can tell us that they believe in Christ and then can deny the chance to learn more. I know that Heavenly Father just has other prepared people and that we are supposed to learn from these experiences. I am learning. :) Life is still good though and the mission is still wonderful. I think I was just a bit emotional last week from Grandma passing and all the sad things. Don't worry there was still success! Now it is just funny but back in the moment...not quite as funny. Still a little bit though. :)

Alfonzo, Elyssa, Eugenio: Saturday night, we had a really beautiful lesson with this family. We talked about the book of mormon and Alfonzo brought up baptism and how he knows it is super important but he feels that he needs to know more. He told us that he feels like the Book of Mormon is inspired words from God. It was so great. He told us to keep working hard because we are involved in such a great work.It was so sweet to hear after all the craziness that had happened this last week. He and Elyssa committed to prepare for the 21st of September. We are praying for it. 

Olivia and Jr: Olivia is a less active member and Jr is her brother. We have been working with them over this last transfer. This last week we went to visit them and she lost her job and felt like there wasn't any hope at all. They committed to coming to church and they came! It was great. Jr was super excited and really liked it. Olivia said that all the questions that she had been having were answered. She said it felt really good to be there. It was a blessing that they came!

Hna Lugo was another less active that we started visiting when I came. She is now super active and finished the book of mormon this last thursday. We visited her the first day I got to Bear Creek and hasn't missed a sunday since. She is super faithful now. She is such a special lady. She gives me a big kiss on my cheek every time i see her. It is a little bit much but....its the thought that counts...I don't think I'll ever quite get over my dislike of people touching me! :) haha

This morning I went to Mission Leadership Council Meeting. It was wonderful. We talked a lot about prayer and how important that communication is. I know that Heavenly Father wants to talk to us and how even though we can't be in his presence that he has given us the wonderful blessing to talk to him but we have to do it. I know that he is listening and waiting to respond to our prayers. I know he loves us.

Moses 5:8, 16 & D&C 93:49

Keep praying and reading the scriptures.

Remember who you are and to whom you belong too.

Love you lots. Until next week, take care. Off finding the tens of thousands!

Hermana Rife

Hermana Lugo on the day she finished the Book of Mormon
with the "twiners"!  We will have to ask Kynsie if there was something behind these blue skirts and black shirts when she gets home.  ( I'm trying not to get too excited about the fact that she hit her 5 months to go mark this past Sunday, September 1, 2013)  We are getting closer!!!

Texas Forever!!!

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