Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I've been HIT!

Hello Family,

how are you all doing? I hope well. It sounds like it was a bit crazy this last week for you all with the water. I am glad that everyone is well and that you were able to help with other peoples houses. 
It rained here yesterday really hard. It will not be raining at all and then it will just pour. Hermana Knappen and I were dripping. It was super funny because we had appointments and we are like are we going to show up to peoples houses dripping wet. It worked out okay though. We looked pretty rough but whatever! :) We were walking to one of our appointments with Hno Israel and we were waiting at a stop light. A ton a birds were up on top of the electricity lines. I felt a large drop on my shoulder and it was a replay of Knotts Berry Farms. I had been hit. Hermana Knappen just was laughing and laughing and I was like AHHHHH gross. Israel was looking at me like I was crazy because i was like SICK! GroSS!!! EWwwWW. Then he realized what had happened and we flung it off with an old paper. I could smell it the rest of the night though. I learned a new spanish work from it though sooo i guess it made it worth it. :) What kind of luck do i have. the chances of getting birdy bombed...happens to me! :D

We had a beautiful week. it went by so quick. We had a Mission Leadership Council Meeting, Zone Meeting Planning and then Zone Meeting, and then An Exchange. It was a really wonderful week. we were able to see a lot of miracles. We had a few that i wanted to share.

Alfonzo, Elisa, Eugenio: On Tuesday they came to our book of mormon class and really liked it. Then on thursday we went over and Alfonzo was just sad. He wouldn't tell us what was wrong but I felt like they are going through some hard trials. He started tearing up when we were talking to him. We felt that we shouldn't share what we had planned to share. A random thought came into my head of something we did in the MTC. We had then write down one of their doubts or concerns and then we began reading a chapter in the book of mormon. We didn't know what they were or where we should read. Hermana Knappen felt Alma 7. We began reading and then at the end we wrote down the answers that we felt like we had received from Heavenly Father. It was a very sacred experience. The spirit was there very strong and there was a lot of silence as we wrote. They all expressed that they had felt that they had received a lot of answers. Alfonzo told us how he felt a lot of tranquility and peace after we had read. On saturday we heart attacked them and they wouldn't stop telling us how much they loved it yesterday. They came to church on sunday and really enjoyed it. They were welcomed and greeted by a lot of people. It was wonderful. :) I feel really good about them. I feel like they will be able to get baptized soon.

I hope all of you know how much i love you. I know this work is true. It is such a special and sweet chance and blessing to be here serving a mission. I feel blessed everyday even though it is hard at times. I know that I am here for a reason and that this gospel is true. I know people can be changed through the atonement of Jesus Christ. I know that God loves us and knows what we need. I know through the gift of prayer and the scriptures we will learn about why we are here and know what we need to do in order to endure this life and return back to our Heavenly Father.

I love you all. take care. Keep doing the little things to stay on the path. Thank you for your unfaltering love, support, and prayers for me. I know it is through your prayers and faith that Heavenly Father can pull me through those hard times. 

Off finding and teaching those 10s of 1000s

Texas Forever. Actually probably just Mission forever! :) 

Hermana Rife

Kynsie and showing a little bit of Texan Personality!  :)

She has always enjoying "heart attacking"!!!  
The family they did this to sure loved it.

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