Tuesday, September 24, 2013


hellllo family! how are you all doing? I am sorry to hear about the byu game. but as i always have said and even though some people will be mad at me for this comment...it is just a game. :) It is funny about all the craziness that happens when that game is on.

Once again it was quite an awesome week in the Texas Houston Mission Bear Creek area! Some awesome things happened and crazy things too so when it comes down to it you just say....woooohooo! 

The 3 Amigos: We had a few really solids lessons with them this week. We talked to them about the gospel and really worked with them on understanding the need to get baptized and follow the gospel of Jesus Christ. They felt the spirit and Alfonzo shared with us a dream that he had received the night before. We asked Elisa what she felt and she didn't understand the need to be baptized again if she has been baptized because she has already been baptized. We found out that she doesn't really understand the whole authority thing. She did explain to us how she feels really good about what we talk about and share. It was good because we figured out some more of their needs and they will continue progressing. This week we are going to re-explain the restoration and help her understand the priesthood. They are fantastic people. Alfonzo and Eugenio have a musical group, i don't remember if i have told ya'll that before but Alfonzo played and sang for us this last week. it was so fun. They he asks me, do you want to play the accordion? He just comes over and puts it on my lap and begins telling me to put my fingers here and there and everything. It was funny. I wasn't very good....but it was fun!

Ponchos: On Friday Night we had an activity for Hispanic Celebration month. Don't know what it is really called but that is what I am calling it. Anyways. So Hermana Knappen and I parked our car in an apartment complex. Then we were walking around down the road and over at some shops contacting people. It had been raining off and on all day but it had stopped. We were trying to be seen and talk with all that we walked by. We are at this thrift store talking to some people and we walk out and it is dumping buckets. We were about 7 minutes away from where our car was. We were going to be drenched and we were supposed to go to the activity in about 10 minutes. :D We went into this dollar store to by an umbrella. We ended up buying a poncho for a buck and thank goodness because the umbrella wouldn't have done anything!!! :) In the Dollar store we were able to contact this lady named Lou and she said she wants to hear more. The Lord always provides when we try to do our part. We also talked to a few other people who we feel like we planted a seed and one that we will be able to talk to again. The water was mid calf in some areas. We were really wet even with the ponchos. Hermana knappen was just laughing hysterically. :) It was a fun memory. 

Ashley is the daughter in law sort of...of one of our members. It is just hard to explain. She is english but we are teaching her because the sort of mother in law is in our ward and she wants us to teach her for a bit. So. We taught ashley the restoration this last friday. It was so powerful. We were explaining all the principles and she was just understanding and asking good questions. At the end of the Lesson we invited her to pray and she offered a beautiful sweet prayer and then we gave her the baptismal invitation for the 27th of Oct. She said I'll try, I am not promising if i am not ready but i'll prepare! :) It was great! She is such a sweet girl. We were really happy how it went.

Alysia: She is a new hermana that we are teaching. She is catholic. like super catholic but likes listening to the word of God. she likes to learn and wasn't super open the first few times that we went but has opened up a lot. The first lesson we asked her to pray and she wouldn't. The second lesson too and she wouldn't. Yesterday we told her our purpose and asked her to pray at the end and she told us that she would try but that she always prays alone and not even in front of her husband. She said a super beautiful prayer. She felt the Holy Spirit and she began to cry. It is the best feeling ever watching people pray for the first time and watching them understand things. We read with her Alma 32 and she loved it. I really like her a lot. She is super sweet and has a special spirit.

I will study D&C 39. I am glad you are doing the Family History Work!!! I think it would be against the rules to do the skype thing...:D sorry dad! haha. I know you all want to see me...but we can't make those exceptions. ;) How is your spanish by the way? Coming along??? It was fun to get your letters this week. Thanks for sending them. I love this work. I love my mission. Keep staying involved in good things! I am glad to hear everyone is doing so well. I love you all a lot and pray for you often! Take care and I'll talk to you soon! :)

Off finding the Tens of Thousands! Remember who you are and to whom you belong too.

Con Amor, hermana rife

Kynsie in the rain with her "cute poncho"!!!

In spite of the rain they made it to their Hispanic celebration and enjoyed some yummy food!

 Kynsie LOVES music!  Here she is testing her abilities on the accordion.
In her words, "I wasn't very good....but it was fun!"

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