Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Hi family family!

How are you all doing? It sounds like you had another wonderful week. Wow i am so sorry to hear about Heidi. Wow. It makes me feel sick. I can't believe that. Thanks for telling me and letting me know about it. How sad. All of my siblings are going to be rich when I come home. I am going to hopefully have to get some loans from them. Ken - congrats on your new job. Look at you go! :)

This week has been really good. It has been forever though. I have felt like it has dragged but its okay. We have had a lot of good things happening. One of the days this week all of our appointments were canceling. The night before we had planned to do things God's ways and not our ways. His thoughts are higher than our thoughts style. We planned to go to a grocery store during power hour and help people with their groceries. When we went to the store it just wasn't working. We  tried this other lady and she canceled on us. So we were left not knowing what to do because we had already done our back up plans...for the whole night. We said a quick prayer and I asked hermana knappen what she felt. She said lets go to Kroger, I thought it sounded good. Maybe we could get some good contacts there. 

We got there and the carts were alllll overt the place so we said lets start putting some away. We were doing it and i caught the eyes of this man who was in his car. He was staring at us and I was trying not to smile because he probably thought we were crazy. I put the cart away and he rolled down his window and asked what we were doing and why we were putting the carts away. We talked to him awhile and then he said why did you come here. I said do you really want to know? He said...yes. so we told him we prayed. He thought it was pretty cool. His name was Kevin. He said he wasn't interested but who knows who he will tell about the mormons and when they knock on his door later maybe he will let them in because we are such a peculiar people ;) 

Then we went in and ended up talking to this other man named remy. He seemed really interested and we are going to send the missionaries to him. We were walking around the store and we saw this lady and we went up and started talking to her and I was "looking at the beans" :) haha We ended up talking to her about the church and we got her information and she said she would love to learn more. She is really awesome. Her name is Ana Quintania. (it isn't the next ana that i am going to talk about) She just recently lost her father and moved here. She told us I know nothing happens by coincidence...we were thinking...seriously. :) it was really cool because the Lord had other plans for us this night and so we changed them and it ended up so cool. We definitely bought ice cream too and I have a new favorite blue bell flavor. Butter Crunch. yummmmy :)

Hno Guilen, the old mission leader in our ward, told the hermanas about an old investigator who he thinks is ready. Her name is Ana. The hermanas had visited her one time before me. We went this last week to teach her the restoration. We gave her the baptismal commitment and I couldn't even finish it and she was shaking her head saying yes. We extended the date for the 10th of august and she said, Yes, I want to do it. I know this is my time. It was soooo cool. I was in awe. :) Her son is serving a mission in Guatemala right now. She is so awesome. We are going to probably move her date to the 11th because she wasn't able to come to church and she might go to this camp out but we will see. We visited her last night and she has been reading and she knows this is true! :)

Carlos was baptized yesterday by Israel, one of hermana rivera's recent converts. It was really special. carlos is such a special guy. He said he felt so good and he was all smiles yesterday. Friday night we took him shopping for clothes and he looked sharp yesterday in his shirt, tie and black pants. He is going back to mexico in a few months and he will end up converting his pueblo  there. 

I really like bear creek. It is an adjustment getting used to everything here but we have an awesome ward and awesome people to teach and I have an amazing companion. I love her a lot. She is very proper and I am learning a lot. Hermana Knappen cries a little. I asked her if i could tell you all this...she said i could :) She like dabbs her face soo nicely when she is crying. She doesn't look ugly. Just so pretty. I told her I like watching you cry because you look really professional and it is so pretty. she was like GREAT, my companion likes to watch me cry! :D it was funny. :) I am learning a lot from her.

Well Life is good. I can't believe it has been a year this week since I left on my mission. I am so grateful to be here. I love it so much. I feel like a completely different person and have a completely different life now, in such a small amount of time. I am glad i am here and not where i was. I also remember being soooo scared and feeling sick the days before my mission so i am glad that is over too. :D haha. I love you all so much. I hope you all know that. Keep on reading the book of mormon and praying and doing wonderful things. 

Remember who you are and to whom you belong to. Off finding the tens of thousands!!!

Your Little Texan,
Hermana Rife

Carlos looking pretty sharp after his baptism...
Gabby, Israel, Carlos, Andy (daughter of Gabby and Israel) 
and Kynsie and Hermana Knappen

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