Tuesday, August 20, 2013

"But I am showering.....":D

Helllllo Family Family! How are you all doing? I hope all is well in the house of the rifes. It sounds like you had a wonderful week! Thanks for filling me in! This week was awesome! There were so may beautiful experiences like always! Ahh The mission live. Love it. TEXAS FOREVER! 

To answer your questions so that I don't forget.  About the family vacation. I am good with either one. I would vote for texas but I guess that isn't part of the plan :D Really i don't care, both sound super fun! I think you should be careful about calling hermana rivera "sheriff" because I know that it was something that she didn't like being called before...sooo I maybe would call her by her name. I think that it would fall better with her. She is really nice so I don't think that she would say anything. Hope that doesn't offend you. It is meant with best intentions. :) Yes, I got my package. We were planning and we heard our doorbell. I looked through the peep hole and it was Jessie and Sister Maughn. They are sweet. Thank you soo much for all that you sent me. It meant a lot. i loved all of it. The gummi bears and the sprouts gift card. It was sooo thoughtful. I started crying reading your letters and notes. Thank you so much. I appreciate your thoughtfulness in sending the jam too but sadly it didn't quite make it. It was taken out at security. :( but it is okay! 

Funny story to start:  Israel, Gabby and Andy are such a wonderful family in our ward! Israel is one of Hermana Rivera's Recent converts. I love their family so much. They will drop anything to help us out. They always answer the phone and always help us with everything! They are the best. Sooo Israel, never doesn't answer the phone. He always answers. We went over  to eat and he told us that he hasn't been reading as good and it has been affecting him. He is preparing to go to the temple soon so I think that the bad guys are working with him. So we decided we were going to call him and make sure to remind him to read to stay strong. We called him and after a little bit of time he answers the phone. We heard all this weird noise in the back and Israel is like Hermanas whats wrong? We said hno, did you read today, he was like hahaha no, only a little but i'll read after and he was laughing and said is that all you needed? We said, yes, but are you going to read? He said yessss hermana's but hahaha I am showering right now soooo i'll call you later! They are sooo dedicated. Even answer in the shower. haha :) He is funny. Dedication. Dedication! :) Love them

We totally found some tens of thousands this week. Awesome things are happening in Bear Creek! La famila Gil: We received them as a referral from the english elders. We passed by on friday night and they just let us in with such a warm welcome. Luz and Abel (padres) were there. We had a beautiful and fun conversation with them and I seriously felt so comfortable in their home. It was just neat because I felt like we had know each other for a long time. They were very open with us about the things that they were struggling with and what they were expecting from the lessons. We shared with them the book of mormon and shared Alma 36. After Abel was giving us the book of mormon back and we said oh no, that is for you. He said, well thank you so much. Do you have something that you believe we should start with? We choose 2 chapters that we felt would be good for them. Last night we went back with the Martinez family (1st con. in the bishopric) and taught the restoration to them and their 2 kids, Abel Jr and Brittney. They have another daughter Yessenia but she was working and came home right at the end. It was an awesome lesson. The spirit was so strong and all of them were engaged as we were sharing about Christ's Church. After the vision, there was dead silence for 30ish seconds. It was neat. We have another appointment with them tonight! I love them all so much already. we are going to extend a date tonight! Awesome Awesome family!!!

Stephanie Long: She is one of the tens of thousands for sure. Stephanie referred herself to receiving the missionaries on Mormon.org. When we knocked on her door. Her husband opened and told us that the elders had passed by and that they were catholic. I said does a stephanie long live here because we received a referral from her. She popped her head out and said...sorry honey, I invited them to come. She welcomed us in and we had an awesome conversation with her as well. She told us how she loves the mormon messages and how they always make her feel so good and how much she loves a few of her friends who are mormon. She told us how she has always been so curious and finally she just decided to learn more. She explained to us about how she tried to find the church and the time to attend yesterday but was unable to find the time so didn't go. I was very pleased to hear that. We taught the restoration and talked about the church and how it is set up. She told us, wow, that just makes so much sense and normally it takes me a long time to process things like this. She then told us, well I guess I need to Pray and ask God if this is true. We hadn't even invited her to do so. She also committed to reading the book of mormon and asked us if we could come back! :) She is great. It is really sad because she is english so we have to give her up...its like giving a baby up for adoption....SOOO hard. :D hopefully her english parents with take care of her. ;) haha. bad joke. i know. anyways. We are going to present her to the english missionaries. Amazing experience though!!!

Temple: What a sacred experience. I loved it. The first session was in english with the new video and the second was the old one in spanish but it was really cool to listen in spanish. I will have to tell you more about it later but it was so sacred. Such a beautiful experience. I feel like Heavenly Father prepared that whole situation for me. I really feel like he prepared the whole thing so I would be able to do her work. Thank you for letting me do it. :) The houston temple president or counselor spoke to us before the saturday morning session. It was so sacred. I'll write some of the things he said in a letter. It was just so special. I love the temple.

Ana: Received the Holy Ghost yesterday. She is so great. We emailed her missionary son and he emailed us back. I guess he is doing awesome things in Ecuador and having a lot of growth! 

I just feel so blessed to be involved in this beautiful work. I know it is true. I know that Christ's Church is really on the earth and that we have such a big part in helping establish it among the earth. Not only through missionary work but also through temple work. I love the book of mormon with all my heart. I hope you all are still reading. It is how we are going to stay on the straight and narrow! I love you all so much. Thanks for all your love and support and everything you help me with! You are all so special to me. Let me know if you need anything! Take care

Remember who you are and to whom you belong too.
Off finding and teaching the 10's of 1000s. 

Love your happy misionera!
Hermana Rife

Jessie and Julie Maughan visiting Kynsie
"Thank you, Thank you so very much for taking time out of your trip to go see her.  It was so very kind of you both to do that and we appreciate it so much."

What a special day for Kynsie ...She was able to do her Grandma Grime's temple work.

Beautiful....Texas Evening at the temple!

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