Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Hello Family!

Hello! Hello!
How are you all doing? I hope you had a lovely memorial day. I missed grandpa's pancakes that is for sure. I am sorry to hear about grandma. She will be in my prayers. I will try to write her again. Its hard to see things happen like that. Hermana Crandall just found out that her father had a mini stroke or something like that and he passed away for 3 minutes but then was revived. He is doing a bit better but she is really worried. Please keep him, hermana crandall and her family in your prayers.

This week was a good week. We had a lot of success. A few of my favorite things of the week were the following. Fransisco; we met him and his uncle one day walking and they told us that we could come back. We were on exchanges and hermana gibson was with me and we went back to teach him with the orsornio family. It was an awesome lesson. We talked to him last night and he told us that he is continuing reading and expressed to us again that he felt like we were really sent from God to come find him. He told us how because of a few of the decisions he has made in his life he rejected Christ for a while and it brought him pain but he knows that he needed to get close to God again. He really is very prepared to receive the gospel. We have a lesson with him  and I am so excited for it! He is awesome!

Morenos: we had another lesson with the family. Jesus was there this time (the dad) We were able to teach the plan of salvation and they all were listening and sitting on the couch. It was a great lesson and my doubts about the husband really being okay and wanting this too were definitely blown to pieces. He was way into it and told us how they saw the movie the other side of heaven and both of them were really impressed with it and with the service that the missionaries do.

 He said it is something I want for my children is to go on missions and serve. They are an incredible family. They have been reading and praying. Jesus was able to offer the first prayer and he set a great example for his family. One of their little ones had a birthday so what made the cherry on the cake (aka something awesome after something soo awesome is that they gave us tres leches) I know that is totally worldly but it was this can't get better! :) All of the bad, not so wonderful experiences of a week or more are made up by those kind of lessons. Soo awesome.

To end the week - La family Rodrigous: Chris received the priesthood this last sunday. It was so special. Daniel was able to be there as well for the event. He has come to church every week that he hasn't been working. Cool huh? 3 times. He began to cry as Chris received the priesthood. It was very powerful. We haven't been able to get in and teach Daniel but this last week as we were at tirsa's, we talked about if she was talking to him. I mentioned that maybe we could invite him to listen to the missionaries and give him a book of mormon. She felt that would be a good idea. We were able to give him a book of mormon on sunday and as I was bearing my testimony about the book of Mormon and families he began to tear up again. It was really special. I know he is going to be baptized. Hopefully I will be able to be here when it happens. Tirsa told us that Jon asked his dad why don't you get baptized and Daniel told him...well I don't see why not! Tirsa has told me so many little miracles that are happening in their family because of these decisions. She said that they boys have better attitudes and there is more peace in their home and a lot of blessings. It is something really special to be a part of!  :)

Yesterday, was a good day. It was really relaxing because we just kind of hung out all day. It was nice to have a little time.  We were able to meet a really cool guy last night and at first he was a bit agressive when he was talking to us but we continued talking and then we explained the story of joesph smith and testified of the savior and he felt the spirit testify to him. We also taught edgard y cecilia -  they are good people but need to put in their part. I think that they were inspired more last night to do so.

well, we have a busy week again. Time is flying by. This transfer has gone by so fast. I can't believe it. We have transfers next thursday Ps. Elder Trotter says he is going to come to our house....I may or may not have told him that he could borrow a few things we have...our mover...just so you know. okay not really. i told him that he could borrow the continuous atonement by Brad Wilcox and the movie Anastasia. I didn't think you would mind. He lives in Salem. Sooo hopefully that is okay :)

Well I love you a lot! Keep doing wonderful things. School is out for ya'll frijolitos locos!!! Here are some pictures. Hermana Gibson and I on exchanges. She is soooo cool. Love her. We had an awesome time. A picture of us riding our bikes. We definitely rode like 11+ miles because we didn't have miles to drive :)

Off finding the tens of thousands. Remember who you are and to whom you belong

Love hermana rife

I lied about the pictures. I don't have my camera card. sooooorrry. next week! 

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