Saturday, May 11, 2013

Hello Family!

Hello Family!!!
Como Estan Todos? You all celebrated Cinco de Mayo and I didn't even celebrate anything. Haha. No one even mentioned it. :) I am glad you enjoyed your party though. We did have a really yummy dinner last night at the garcias house but that was about it. :) Anyways.

This week was really good. We have been so busy. I am not going to lie, I was so exhausted this morning. I have been this whole week. We haven't really been eating that well because we have had so much to do and it is getting to me. I told hermanita crandall this morning that we have to eat more often. Its just hard if we are far away from our apartment to run home and get something or go to the store and get something. I am going to be better though about taking snacks.
A neat miracle happened this week. We had an appointment at this one man's house named jose. We went and he wasn't there. We were like ohhhh man. So we decided to go back to our car to try to call him. As we were walking we saw this man outside. He waved and we didn't know if he was waving to us or to someone else. We just decided to go talk to him. We shared our purpose and a bit about what we believe and invited him to hear our message. He was like... i would really like that. He was drinking a little bit and told us that he felt really bad that he had his drink and we were right there. He apologized because he knows it is wrong. haha I just told him how I felt like it wasn't a coincidence that we saw him and he said he knows and that it was so weird that we looked over right when he was waving at his kids. He said that he is really excited to hear the message. He seems super sincere and we have an appointment with him tonight. I am really excited to teach him
We also taught another family that we found a few weeks ago, this week. Edgard y Cecilia. Hermana Gutierrez and I helped them take in their groceries and then we went back and taught them the restoration. It went really well. Hermana Crandall did the first vision and did it wonderfully. They committed to reading the book of mormon and praying about it so we were excited! Our other appointment tonight is with them so we will see how the plan of salvation goes!
The baptism was wonderful. It went sooo well. Daniel was able to come and he loved it. Him and Tirza were crying the whole time. The spirit was really strong. They were really nervous before but then after they felt so good. Elder Trotter told me that when they were changing after they were telling them how good they felt inside and how they felt so clean. On sunday, Jon told me I just feel sooo wonderful. I don't know what it is. :) They are going to be powerful boys. Then in the blessing Chris got, he was told that if he continued faithful, he would be a strong instrument in the Lords hands. I thought that was special. Jon was told that he is a great example for his family. They are a powerful family. El Enemigo was working so hard on their family this week. WE would talk to tirza everyday and she was telling us how bad things were happening all week. She said I kept remembering though what you said that it was going to happen to try to stop the baptism. After they were baptized she just said Finally. It was special. Daniel came to church again yesterday and I think his smile is just getting bigger and bigger! We just need to get in with him now. It is hard because he is working all the time so pray for the opportunity! Please :)

hmmm let me think. ooooh i have something. I ate COW FEET this week. It was....Slimy...yet satisfying! it was so weird. They wouldn't tell us what it was until after we ate it. I knew it was going to be something weird. We were trying to guess the whole time. I thought hermana crandall might die when she found out. It was a bit unsatisfying. haha :) ohhh this life in texas. It is mighty interesting! :)
Well I love the work like always. I told kate that I had a dream that i came home for 2 days to visit on mother's day and it was a pretty awful feeling. hahaha I was like where are my scriptures, i don't have them or my preach my gospel, maybe dad will let me borrow his. who is taking care of hermana crandall? I just wanted to come back to texas. Don't get me wrong, it isn't that i miss you all but just that this work is so special and I love it so much. It is amazing. Hermana Crandall woke up at 3 in the morning the other day because i was laying on my stomach and my legs were bent and my feet were in the air like how sometimes i would sleep before. She said I was like moving them like crazy and she was thinking what in the world is wrong with my companion? She said. Hermana rife are you okay and i was dead to the world so didn't answer and then she like yells Hermana Rife are you okay? I was like huh? Oh yeah? what? She told me what was happening and i started to tell her about a dream i was having and then just stopped talking and was sleeping again. My new nickname is crazy legs. We were laughing all day about it yesterday!

okay well...I will talk to you all sooon! oooon Sunday. I am going to try to skype so have it ready if you can! :) Sooo my time 8 and your time 7
I know this work is true. I know we can find happiness through obedience. Mosiah 2:22. I am so grateful to be here. Thanks for your love and support. ps...remember who you are and to whom you belong too.

Off finding the tens of thousands!
Hermana Rife

"Look what i found. Mom and grandma - you'll have to come road trip with me to texas so you can have a picture by the road street too!"

Sister Crandall and Sister Rife

At the baptism
with the elders. Trotter and Barney
(Also, Kynsie, Sister Gutierrez, and Sister Crandall)

Chris and Jon's Baptism

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