Monday, June 17, 2013

WELCOME JUNE!!! (Dated June 3, 2013)

Hello hello! 

How are ya'll doing? I hope all is well. This week has been awesome..I have some crazy news though...

1- president pingree called me yesterday...I have to come home. Okay not really but we are totally going to be a trio! I am going to be double trio training. Sooo we are getting a new hermana this thursday. Lets just say...I am like ohhhh man. But Heavenly Father has trust in me sooo hopefully I will survive. :) I am excited though. I LOVE Trios. 

2- We are going to have an english companion for the next 3 is sister folsom. The binghams cousin. So that is kind of funny! It will be fun and I guess we will have some english appointments so that might be a bit weird in an english area but who knows maybe i'll eat american food one day!

I don't have any time sooo sorry about that but I'll tell you a few awesome things of the week!

Morenos - We had a lesson with Morenos on wednesday. It went really well. We talked about baptism and about what we do at church. Juan the 13 year old is reading in the book of mormon everyday and is in 2 nephi. He said I am not much of a reader but this just catches my attention. They were asking a lot of really good questions. They are still struggling to come to church. She said that she feels like she is playing with God if she comes to check it out. I don't quite understand and maybe it could be something else behind that but we don't know. She said possibly this next week. They seem to be doing good though. They are a super special family. I can't believe how awesome they are. 

Maria Rios - One day we were going to an appointment at the Lopez's house and they canceled so we began to talk to this one lady named maria. She said we could come by and talk to her. She canceled on us 2 times so we kind of felt...Lets not go back. We ended up being over there and trying. She said can you come back tomorrow. We were like...ahhh again? When we went..she was there and we taught the restoration lesson. It went super good. When we asked if she thought that maybe there was one church that was true on the earth she told us oh yeah. It is just about finding it. We asked if we could come back again and she said yeah. What about saturday. On Saturday we were a few minutes late...i know bad hermana rife...and she said I thought you hermanas weren't going to come. She was bummed. We introduced the book of mormon and she promised she would begin to read. I feel that she is super prepared.

During District meeting we were invited to ask Heavenly Father to pour out his spirit among this area as well as that we ask him to really help us find the people who are ready to be baptized. We have been asking every prayer and I feel like He is leading us to people. We had two really other good contacts this weekend and I feel a good spirit from both of them. We have appointments next week.

I love this work so much. I seriously and so grateful to be here. I know that God is involved in our live and in our everyday actions. He knows us and he knows what we need. He is their waiting for us to ask him for help and then he gives it to us. I know that this is the work of the Lord. I am so happy to be here serving. This is the best thing I have ever done! I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior and the only way that we may be cleansed from sin is through the atonement. I know we have to use it and apply it and it will make us happier. This work is so special. 

On a little bit more crazy note. We had a Fathers Day Activity with our ward and we created this little skit. It turned out pretty funny. We couldn't stop laughing. I am sending you some picture. It was that I was hermana crandall's voice and arms and elder barney was elder trotters voice and arms. In this little Show Elder trotter was telling us the 3 most important things his dad taught him that he learned on his mission. Then we had to demonstrate them. They were tying a tie, shaving and eating whatever people gave him. It went pretty well and everyone loved it. It was fun.

It is getting warm. I bought a water bottle the other day that was bigger than my head and hermana crandall is making me addicted to cinnamon fire jolly ranchers and strawberry limade sonic drinks. She is awesome. I love serving with her! One of the pictures was Hermana Gibson and I on exchanges and the other was of our zone. Don't mind the awkward hands. It was on purpose. :D It is a funny picture.
Okay well I love you all a lot. Take care and I'll talk to you next week. have a happy week
I wrote the girls letters last week but I didn't send them soooo they will come this week.
Remember who you are and to whom you belong to.
Off finding the 10s of 1000's
con amor! hermana rife

Becoming addicted to Strawberry Limeades from Sonic

Fathers Day Activity with our ward
Sister Rife and Sister Crandall and Elders Barney and Trotter

On Exchanges with Sister Gibson

Kynsie's Zone
Don't worry about the awkward hands!  It was on purpose!!!

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