Monday, May 20, 2013

What a wonderful day in the neighborhood! A beautiful day in the neighborhood...won't you beeeeeee my neighbor?

Okay well I send my greetings to all of you in provo. My family.

I have to warn you right now. I think that i have lost it. Hermana Crandall probably thought i was over the top this morning but i couldn't stop dancing around to Mormon Tabernacle Choir and doing crazy things. You know how I get sometimes. I just have a lot of energy. I love my mission though. Seriously, I think we should all move to texas and eat mexican food and pb and j's for the rest of our lives. Just saying.

This week was another really good week. It has flown by it was a little bit hard though because I feel like we have been teaching a lot of people but they aren't progressing as fast as i would like. I know and I have to remind my self that they are progressing step by step and that it isn't easy to make the changes but sometimes I just wonder...why don't you get it. haha :) They don't always put in the time they should to try to know and to make it a priority. I can't get mad though because I was guilty of the same thing. Life sometimes gives you so many things to do and we forget or push off the things that are really the most important in life. It happens but we can't and shouldn't let it happen. I know that i want to be better and not ever let it happen later on in life.

I have been studying a lot about the atonement and Jesus Christ and how i can be a better missionary. I told dad a little about it in his letter but we had a district meeting on repentance and using the atonement. It really inspired me to be a better missionary. We always have to be improving little by little every single day. Repentance is not a bad word or a punishment but a gift and it is just a complicated word for change. (elder pliego) I really love the members of my district. I feel like i have been placed in the district and this ward for a reason not only for the people that we are teaching but for the missionaries that I am around. Elder Trotter and Barney are so fantastic. I really love and respect them a lot. It has been so great to serve with them in our ward. Elder Trotter is going home in 2 weeks along with Elder Crane and some of my other favorite missionary friends and I am so sad but I know that we will be friends after so its okay.

This week we were knocking and we started teaching this guy named allen. He spoke english. He told us that he believes Christ is his savior and that he doesn't need to go to church or be baptized. He told us that he reads the bible and so we started to share a bit about our beliefs. As we were discussing some different things, this guy pulls up and he was selling steaks. His name is Daniel. Our conversation went about like this. D = daniel and H = us the hermanas

d: ya'll are Jehovah witnesses? h: nope we are from the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints. have you heard of that church? d: nope. h: what about Mormons? d: ohhh yeah. where do you live? do you live in normal houses or in like camps? h: nope we live in houses with our families d: so you aren't like a cult or like the Amish? h: nope we are totally normal people. d: really? I have heard that Mormons are like really rich. Are ya'll rich? h: ummmm haha I don't know. later on in the conversation. Do you ya'll party? h: like go to parties...yeah and but we don't do drugs, or drink or anything like that. d: ohhh okay. cool. Well Whats the word of the day ladies? then we started talking to him about the book of Mormon. We ended up getting him a book of Mormon and he committed to read and pray. He gave us his email and we exchanged information and then he told us to talk to him in 2 months and he will have it finished. He travels for work so he doesn't have a permanent address.

It was a good day and he was really funny. We had the chance to teach a lady named suzanna. she really liked the lesson and said she would read and pray. Sooo we will see how it goes. Well I hope you all had a good week. It sounds like you are all busy. I can't believe school is almost over as well. I am glad tanner had a good birthday. Hopefully he should be getting my card soon, if not already. Kendra is on fire! dang look at her goo. That is sweet that she is having so much success. I am glad to hear all is well.

PS thanks for the peanut butter and jelly it was fantastic. i loved getting it! The Arredondos say that you are soo nice. :)

Well until next week. I love you all and hope you all are still reading everyday. It is worth it. So many blessings come when we do what is right. Off finding the tens of thousands. Talk to you soon. I am going to send some pictures toooo. Elder barney has this fish eyed camera so we took a picture and elder trotter just sent me a super horrible but funny one. I think ya'll might get a kick out of it!

LOOOOOVE YOU  - remember who you are and to whom you belong.

bye. hermana rife

Hermana Rife and Hermana Crandall  with one of their little cuties!  
(She didn't tell us the little girl's name.)

Here is Kynsie and her companion showing us an interesting concept!!!

"we went to this place to eat with the garcia family and it had a sink to wash your hand in before you eat.
Brilliant Egh?"

Kynsie's Zone at the Temple

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