Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Hello Hello!

Hi family,

How is everyone doing? It sounds like everyone is doing quite well! I hope the internet gets back up and running! This week seemed like forever long but was good.
You are all probably wondering what happened.....ready ready? I am training! surprise surprise! haha With 14 missionaries I don't think anyone had the chance of escaping that. Sister Pingree told us that we are getting a bigger group this next transfer and even bigger the next so it should be an adventure. My new companion is Hermana Crandall. She is from spanish fork.

Kynsie and her new companion...Sister Crandall

She is really nice. She is a hard worker and positive and we already laugh together so I am really excited for our time together. It was kind of funny because Hermana Gutierrez and I were in the office a few weeks ago looking at the pictures of the incoming missionaries, and I saw hermana crandall and I said, that girl looks so familar. I think that I know her! Now, we are companions. Soooo maybe. It was a premortal connection! ;)

President Pingree told us tuesday morning that we were going to train. We spent a lot of time on tuesday and wednesday visiting members and trying to get Hermana Gutierrez's stuff in order. haha She has SO MUCH STUFF. basically the whole back seat and the whole truck was STUFFED with her stuff. It was crazy. haha. She is opening a new area in the heights which is down town and training, so it will be busy for her but good. She will do awesome!
On thursday we had transfer meeting and ate lunch and then came back to tomball with hermana crandall and we got to work! We went knocking during power hour and oh boy did we encounter a surprise. We started talking to this lady named patrica. She is pentacostal. Oh my. She ripped both of us to shreads. She was like going on and on about where is that in the bible and it was a disaster. I was doing the best I could to give her the references I knew in the bible about the restoration and the apostasy but it was hard because she wouldn't even listen to what we did say and when we tried to testify of the things we knew...she just would interrupt us and she was saying like I don't mean to be rude but shouldn't ya'll be a little more prepared and shouldn't y'all be able to do this and that. We tried to show her about the book of mormon and she was like. uhhh no! Show me in this book the bible. I don't need no other book and on and on. It was super hard. I was just being nice the whole time and then when I said I am sorry but we have to go teach an english class...she was like oh I know you are all packing up because you don't have the answers and all this stuff. It was crazy. Poor hermana crandall was like...ummm are all people like her? I said no, because she was one of the meanest people i have come in contact with in texas. She told us that she would come to our church if we would go to hers and I felt bad that I couldn't give her more references in the bible and so I told her that I would look up some more scriptures and maybe we could talk a little more. It made me realize again..how much I don't know about the bible even though I have been trying to study it. I told her thank you for helping me have the desire to study more and that we would talk to her in a week. This week I have learned SOOO much about the apostasy and about how the churches actually were established. I am reading Jesus the Christ. It blows my mind. I have been preparing and reading a lot in the bible too and it has been helping me. If she will not listen we are going back to bible bash because contention is not of the spirit but we do have to follow up. I want to get a member to come with us to to do the restoration. We will see. It definately humbled me and made me want to study more. I am glad we had some good knocking experiences so that hermana crandall doesn't want to go home! haha :)

On friday it was great because we were able to find about 4 new people to teach who we have appointments with this week! We are excited to teach them about the restoration.  It has been an awesome weekend. It rained a lot on saturday and all of our appointments were canceling but we went and taught Brenda and found some people to teach. Yesterday was a really busy day. We were asked to teach young women's, as well as gospel principles and Chris and John were getting their interviews AND it was hermana crandalls first sunday. I felt like we were running all over the place. The lessons all went really well and hermana crandall did awesome her first day. I helped her figure out some stuff that she could say to help teach the gospel principles class. We got to teach the young women's class in english so that was really nice. We taught them about the restoration and why there was a need for it.
John and Chris passed their interviews and did really well from what elder trotter said. I was really happy. Tirza came to church yesterday as well so she is officially reactivated! :) Yay!! They are getting baptized on the 4th. This saturday. Daniel, their dad, wasn't able to come home this weekend yet and Tirza told us that he said he thinks he will be home this weekend for the baptism so that is really exciting. Please pray that he will be able to be there. Tirza is changing. She looks a lot happier and I think she is happy to be back. What a special family they are!
randomness of the week...or day...This morning we were doing some service at the Ruiz's house and the elders found this baby frog, like the ones we used to catch in nebraska, and then this SICKO worm. He was super chubby and was white. It was gross but a good find. Elder Barney just came and said put out your hand and gave me the frog and It reminded me of when we used to catch them. They are cute! Wellll I don't know what more to say...:) 
I love you all, hope you are well and I pray for you always! Remember who you are and to whom you belong to. :) Let me know when Matthew and Tucker are calling so that we can figure out when i can call. I think...it will most likely have to be in the night time...so just let me know and we can work something out for mothers day! Oh by the way the arredondos are coming to provo next week so they are going to drop a little something off to you! :) 
Okay random question. Whitney Hoopes is getting married or got married? I saw something about that in the last email and I was like WHAT? I didn't hear that news.
Off finding the tens of thousands
hermana rife

"Found a picture of Amy (Bingham) in an ensign! haha :)"
It is always fun to see someone you recognize...even if the picture was from a few years ago!!!  :)

Elder Pliego, Sister Gutierrez & Sister Rife
"Saying bye to Elder Pliego!!!"

Texas Skies and Kynsie's Church Building!

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