Thursday, January 9, 2014

"WELCOME TO WALLER, Hermana Rife...Welcome to Waller." (Email from Monday, January 6, 2014)

Hello Family,

How are you all doing other than tired? If I could choose a main point of your last email it would be complete exhaustion. I think that you all need to start following the missionary schedule. It is amazing what it can do for you. Its easy...Go to bed at 10:30 and get up at 6:30. It will give you a good eight hours :) I never thought I would be counseling my parents on the "early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise" ;) Even though ya'll are tired I think that you have accomplished some great things. The house looks great. Very different from what I knew but it looks great! I am also glad to hear ya'll enjoyed bringing in the new year. We tried to wake up but it didn't work. The alarm went off at 11:57 and Hermana Durham mumbled, happy new year and we let it ring and ring until it finally went off. To say the least...You aren't the only one who is feeling this horribly tired hit. :) Even though I am tired...The mission life is still beautiful and I am enjoying it.
Monday, I was in a bit of shock. it was hard to say goodbye to a few people but I knew that it was for a reason. Stephanie and Alicia started crying which made me feel horrible and then JoAna was pretty upset as well but they will be okay. The new hermanas that will teach them have a lot of good things to teach them. It was draining as always saying goodbye to people who you have come to love so much and appreciate. President Pingree called me tuesday morning and explained what he had felt and why he was transferring me. He asked me about my concerns and we talked a little bit. I started crying on the phone with him. I felt bad because I know the Lords will is better than mine and I know that He knows what's best but that didn't mean that it was going to be easy. President Pingree is so sweet and he talked with me a little about what I was feeling.He confirmed what I felt when I got the call about getting transferred that it was the right thing. I am so glad he did because the change ended up being very different from what I expected and a bit hard. After he talked to me, it became a trust in the Lord type of situation. It is still like that but I feel good about what happened. He told me how he felt really weird about transferring me my last transfer but that He really felt I needed to come to Waller. He told me that I would be companions with Hermana Durham who was in my zone and we did an exchange together. She is great and that I would continue to serve as the sister training leader in my zone until the end of my mission. I am grateful for that chance that I have to continue serving in this position.

To tell you a little about Waller. It is the area touching Bear Creek so it is still in my same zone. It covers 3 cities and it is in the middle of no where. :) I think there are more cows here then people but there are still people to teach. It is super country and dirty and completely different from any of my other areas. Especially Bear Creek. Bear Creek 2 is one of the most established Spanish wards in our mission and Waller is a branch and if I counted correctly yesterday, I think there were about 26 people including children. There were 7 sisters in our Relief Society. It is a bit different from Bear Creek to say the least. 
The first day was really hard. We got back from transfers after driving about an hour from the mission office. We ate some lunch at this gas station/lunch bbq place and then we planned a bit. As I we knelt down to pray, it was my turn, I tried to say a prayer and was trying to hold back tears. I didn't want hermana durham to think that I didn't want to serve with her because it wasn't that at all. As I prayed, I just felt so much peace and just felt like even though this was really was going to be okay and going to be for a reason. It has been an adjustment and I feel like this last week has been the slowest week of my mission but I feel like I have been just loved up and down and that Waller has a lot of good and important things that need to happen during this time that I am here. 
The second day we were here we did service and we were scooping up horse manure. yep. You got that right. Ali told me, you are such a city girl, this is how you scoop it. :) When we were leaving I told hermana durham....Hermana I have Horse Manure in my shoe. Hermana Durham Just looked at me and said..Welcome to Waller Hermana Rife, Welcome to Waller. That has been our saying whenever something that would only happen here happens. :) It has made things more enjoyable. 
We see English Members here and they are so nice. We met the Lemons and Smuins and They are just the best. Sister Lemon told me you will have to tell your family, that we have adopted you and that we might just keep ya here. :) They were both the biggest blessings and made me know that everything was going to be okay. We have been seeing lots of little miracles here. We feel like there is going to be a big miracle that happens and we are excited and looking for this special family. I really like Hermana Durham. She is super cute and today is actually her birthday. She is from California and has about 9 months on the mission. Her brother is on a mission right now too. She really likes to eat my food that I cook so it makes me feel like i am sort of a good cook. Or maybe she is just good at faking. :) Both could work. haha I am excited for what I have to learn from her this transfer. 
Well here is my address:

Hermana Kynsie Rife
P.O. Box 1113
Waller, Texas 77484

-My Address..Yup. We are so redneck here...we have a po box instead of an address. :)

for whoever wants to finish out strong in the writing :) I hope someone does...:D I love you all a lot. I know that this work is true and that Heavenly Father has a perfect plan. I know he loves each of his Children and it is for a reason that He puts us where we are and who we are with for a reason. I am so grateful for the chance I have to be a missionary and to represent our Savior Jesus Christ and spread the Good News to whoever will listen. I love this work. I hope you all have a great week. Thanks for the email and pictures. I loved them!

Remember Who you are, and to Whom you belong to.
Off finding the tens of thousands

Your texan who is becoming more texan and country by the minute,
Hermana Rife

The Alvarez's
"We skyped from their house at Christmas.  They are so sweet.  :)"

"Us last night at the Smuins' house"

"My new sweatshirt that I got for 2 bucks! 
So comfy and warm.
ps...It is colder here than in my other areas.
I would call this the deers.  It is for anti hunters.  :)"

Hermana Durham and the scenery of Waller!

My address...
for whoever wants to finish out strong in the writing :) I hope someone does...:D

Hermana Kynsie Rife
P.O. Box 1113
Waller, Texas 77484

Yup!  We are so redneck here...we have a po box instead of an address.  :)

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