Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Waller. Waller. Waller. (Her email this week was a day late because of MLK Day! :) )

Hello Family,

Another week has passed by so quick. To Answer your question. I would love to sing in the Choir with Kylee. You can sign me up. One more detail. Hermana Hill's Parents as well as Hermana Crandall's Parents have asked me to let them know when I return so they my attend when I speak. Do you know what time it will be at as well as the Address? Sorry to be a bother. I just want to let them know. Thanks for finding out for me.

We had two other really great lessons with the sanchez family this week. This week, Jesus their dad was there so that was also great. We were able to explain the restoration and then the plan of salvation. The spirit was very strong both times. I feel really good about them. They told us that they are very grateful that we are coming. They always ask us...when are you coming again. I feel like we can say whatever day and they are okay with it. They are a really special family. We thought they were going to come to church but then they texted us on Sunday morning and told us that they wouldn't be able to make it. It kind of made me sad but then when Presidente Bayles asked us about them, we told him and he said well at least they are thinking about coming. Normally you don't even get any communication. I am glad he helped us see it in a positive way. He is a really good man. We had two other guys who we invited to church show up so that was great.

This week seems like a blur. We are on exchanges right now. I am in Canyon Lakes, it is part of the old Bear Creek ward. I am with Hermana Koch. She is really sweet. hmmm Let me think. We also had interviews this week. Let me just say that was a bit interesting :) but good.

I feel like all the lessons we have been having have been really great quality. It has been really special because I feel like we are teaching with the spirit more and working in more unity. Speaking of the Book of Mormon, I am sort of behind still. I am in Alma 55, I think. I know I need to catch up a little bit but I am not two far behind.

I am feeling the Lord's hand in my life. I know that he is with me. I am grateful for the chance I have to serve in this area of Waller. Thank you for your letters. I am glad you survived the Klondike. It has been really nice weather here sooo not looking forward to the cold. I love you all a lot. Stay Strong. Remember who you are and two to whom you belong too.

Off Finding the Tens of Thousands,
Hermana Rife

Us at Interviews - January 2014

Kynsie with Hermana Durham
"Us with matching clothes...We didn't plan that and we are color coordinating.  :)"

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