Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I am being prepared for Utah

Hello Family! 

I hope you all are doing really good! It sounds like your week was crazy. Ky Ky!! What are you thinking little lady? I hope you are feeling better. :) I love you little lady. I will pray for you so that you can feel better. (1/25/2014 -- Kylee was playing around with some tiny magnets that held up pictures on a decorative magnetic board.  She wanted to see if she could get them to connect with each other with her tooth in between! Her brother Tanner had been successful doing this with larger magnets on each side of his cheek a few months earlier. Kylee and Mom had watched this and thought, pretty cool!!!  So....!!!  Well... she got bumped somehow by her niece, Kinley while attempting this and the magnets jumped and somehow down her throat they went. To say the least, not much fun! We had to take a trip to the hospital. Had a procedure done to try to retrieve the magnets which was unsuccessful. Then a weeks worth of X-rays to track the magnets path through her system.  I'm sure you have figured out the end of this story! We all learned that magnets can be VERY dangerous and they are not something you play around with.)

This week was good. I can't believe how cold it got though. I could say that Heavenly Father has been preparing me in different ways to go home but especially with the cold. We had icicles on our car and ice on the stairs. I was a bit in shock and freezing. It is okay though, hermana draper gave me an extra coat and scarf so I survived. That exchange was so special. We saw so many miracles. I felt the spirit so strong throughout the day. We had a really special lesson with a recent convert. We were talking about the plan of salvation and the family history. The spirit was so strong and the hermana told us about how she felt that she needed to do the work for her mother and aunt. I know that those people are waiting for the work to be done.

At the end of the night we had a lesson and we watched a movie about Finding faith in Christ. At the end, we invited them to do a reading, praying and going to church challenge. The little eight year old girl, her name was Ashley, asked at the end if we would teach her how to pray. She said I can't do the challenge if I don't know how to pray. As she said the last prayer, I couldn't help but start crying. I just pretty much lost it in the car after. Hermana Draper asked me if I was okay. I was but it is just a hard thing because in a short time, I won't be able to just go into people's homes to teach them about Jesus Christ. I won't have this calling. It is bitter sweet. That exchange was one of my favorite ones. 

I know this Gospel is true. I know that Jesus Christ lives and loves us. Well, I hope you all have a better week. I am grateful for your love and prayers. Please keep them up. I hope you all know how much I love each one of you and how grateful I am for you all in my life. Sorry this email is kind of short. I am having a really hard time focusing. Remember who you are and to whom you belong to.

Off Finding the Tens of Thousands
Love you! Hermana Rife

The Ice!  So...Cold!!! 
And...If you know Kynsie at all, you know she hates the COLD!  :)

On exchanges with Hermana Draper
(I think they are trying to show off the Ice on their car!)
According to news reports, they are experiencing a portion of this "arctic chill" that we've heard about.  When I heard about it on the news,,,the thought came to me... maybe Heavenly Father is helping Kynsie prepare to get ready to come home...this will help make it easier for Kynsie to want to come home a little bit!  :)  So..When I saw the title that she had put with her email...it made me smile. 

Mia, Leah and Kynsie at Primary
"We taught their class.  Cuties! "

I was looking at the Houston Texas Mission Blog this past week and found a few more pictures of our cute missionary that we didn't have so I thought I would add them to this post.

Eating at a "Back to Basics" training of some sort.  Hermana Hill is on the left with Kynsie next to her on the right.

Some sweet sister missionaries  :)

Kynsie at a specialized training session

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