Sunday, December 8, 2013

Our Reason to Celebrate the Season (Email from Monday, December 2, 2013)

Hi Family! 

I am glad you all had a good thanksgiving. Thanks for all the pictures. It was fun to see them. I can't believe how bit mila is. She is like a child, she isn't a baby anymore. It is so crazy to see. Everyone looks older and different. I think it is strange looking at our house. I was looking at it and thinking "that is my house and where I used to live" It seems strange. Anyways! I am glad frisbee is back in town and that the christmas traditions have begun.

Well our week was great. It went by quickly because we had a lot of things going on. I had mission leadership conference and zone meeting. Elder Valdez always asks how kendra is doing and sends his hellos. I love elder valdez - he is great. We have new zone leaders and I really miss working with Elder Valdez and Elder Torres. 

We had a great thanksgiving. We cooked the whole thing for Olivia, Jr and her family. We made a turkey, mashed potatoes, deviled eggs, green bean casserole, stuffing, rolls and pie. We didn't make the rolls. It turned out fantastic. We played pin the feather on the turkey with a turkey i made and we all decorated a feather of what we were grateful for. It made me feel so good that it all went so good. Olivia had expressed to us that she HATED the holidays because they just were horrible because of things that are happening in her life. She told us thank you so much for what we had done and making her thanksgiving great. She told us that we are like family to them. It just makes me feel so special inside. I don't think the feeling of serving someone ever gets old. It is the best feeling someone could ever have. 

We had an awesome lesson with a new family called the Flores Family. They have a daughter who is 15 and they are really great. They are very open and told us how they feel something with Mormons, especially the ones that work at chick- fliet? The chicken sandwich place that is opened by members. It is amazing what a good example can do. We talked about all their questions and talked about baptism. They told us, we are open to listening and to finding out of what you have to say is true. It was great! We were hoping that they would come to church but they didn't make it. The arguetas didn't either but we will get them this week that is coming. :) 

I am doing really good. I am enjoying my mission so much. I hope this week is smooth for you all. I love you all so much. Remember to remember the things that are most important and to never let Satan interfere with the decisions that we make. It isn't worth letting him win. I'll talk to you all soon. Have a beautiful week! Remember who you are and to whom you belong to.

Moroni 7:45-48

Love you lots. Off finding the 10s of 1000s and bringing the spirit of Navidad! 
Hermana Rife

The turkey Kynsie made to play "Pin the Feather on the Turkey"!

"Our Thanksgiving Turkey
The Bird...GROSS. It tasted great though!"

Alicia, Hermana Hill and Kynsie. 
"She is so Fun!"

Thanksgiving Pies

The two above pictures are with Jr. and Olivia and their family.
A Wonderful Thanksgiving 
"I don't think the feeling of serving someone ever gets old. It is the best feeling someone could ever have." 

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