Friday, December 27, 2013

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year (Email from Tuesday, December 24, 2013)

Merry Christmas! I shall be talking to you all tomorrow. I am sad that you didn't get my package yet. It is soooo cool. :( I hope it doesn't get bad. If it does...all is well, all is well.

Well a lot of good things happened this week. Stephanie and her Family are on a cruise. We helped her out and wrapped all her Christmas Presents. She always feels so loved. She is so special. We shared a message about Christmas and we invited her to pray more frequently. She expressed about wanting to not feel empty. I know that it is her need for the Gospel in her life. Especially the Atonement. 

Joana told us that she will be setting a baptismal date for herself next week for January. :) I love them. We talked to her about the plan of Salvation and she just loved it. 

The Atonement has helped me and countless people feel that hole filled. Feel Whole. I know that Christ suffered for us so that we can get through this life as well as being cleansed from the sins we make. I am so grateful for the chance we have to celebrate the birth of Christ during this time but most importantly, what He did for us. I know that He has prepared the path and we just have to follow it. 

Yesterday, was the Christmas Conference as you know. It was beautiful. I played the piano for hermana mccleary. I had a little breakdown at the end. Knowing that, this was probably the last large conference that I would have in my mission. I received 7 christmas cards and 1 package from Aunt Holly and Uncle Greg. I got grandma's card last night. Thanks for those! :) 

On the weekend, we got to participate in many Christmas activities. I got to do an exchange with Hermana Crandall. It was SO fun. We went caroling in front of a store and had a great time working together again. She is such a sweet girl. As for the rest of the weekend, We were busy singing at christmas parties, caroling in front of stores and trying to serve and help people. 

Well I am excited to talk to you all tomorrow. I love you all a lot and am very grateful for the love and support you always give me. I'll see you all tomorrow! :) Yes, SEE is the right word. Remember who you are and to whom you belong too.

Off finding the 10s of 1000s.
Hermana K. Rife

Hermana Hill and Kynsie with Joana and Shane
"Love them!  :)"

Hermana Hill, Hermana Estrada "(she is great)" and Kynsie at the Ward Christmas Party

Hermana Crandall and Kynsie Christmas Caroling

"Me with all the treats we made for people in our ward, investigators and neighbors.  Then we went caroling with the Elders and the Bishop and his family.:

The next day after getting her email...
Christmas Day  2013...

We got to visit with "Our favorite Missionary"!!!  :)
So enjoyed her visit and hearing of her experiences and her sweet testimony!
We LOVE you Kynsie and will REALLY see you in 49 days!!!
(as you can probably tell her family is getting just a little bit excited!)

However, I must also admit that although I am very excited to see this cute girl again, I will truly miss hearing of her wonderful experiences that she is having as a missionary and feeling of her sweet missionary spirit and testimony. 
Our family had indeed been blessed by her service to the people of Houston, Texas and to our Heavenly Father.

Christmas 2013 continued for us on December 26th
when we received this: 

Inside the package...

Our family had a very sweet experience as we all sat around our Christmas tree and shared with each other the little individual "homemade gifts" that Kynsie had made for each one of us.  The last 17 months has truly been a choice experience and blessing for each family member.

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