Monday, October 21, 2013

A little news from your missionary

Hello my dear family!

Thank you for your emails! It was great to hear what you have been up to. Thanks for sending me all those photos too! Steinia and Alex & Justin and his wife, they looked so cute! 

Thank you so much for the package! I loved it! :) Mom you know me way too well with all the treats. I think you can read my mind or something. I can finally start having PB and J's again. I have been buying honey and spreading out my jam so that it lasts me longer. I think i might be good for the rest of my mission! I am so excited! :D Thanks for sending it. ***side note*** Thanks for sending the tanks too. I actually was hoping for a shirt because a few of my shirts are a little see through and the tank won't cover. So I might send them home or bring them home with me. thank you though. I just don't want to open them because I won't use them. Maybe Kendra will use them.) 

It was fun to see Brother Leseberg and Elizabeth. He called me by my name and it felt so foreign to me. 

This week has been good. It has been busier than normal but it is great.  We have had about 6 or 7 set citas every day. In many ways it is wonderful because we are teaching a lot but i feel like we are running all over the place at times. It is better to have a good balance so that Satan doesn't get us going so fast that we miss opportunities to serve and help others along with finding the truly prepared people. 

Olivia is a l.a. in our ward, she is such a beautiful woman! I love her a ton. We have been visiting with her since I came to bear creek. We are teaching her brother JR as of last week. He has such a tender heart. Both of them have gone through a lot in their life but they are such strong people. Last week, we talked to Jr and we ended up teaching him a few times. we felt strong to teach him the word of wisdom and he broke all his cigs in half and threw them away. He has been going strong ever since. He hasn't picked one up even though he has wanted too. Yesterday, He and Olivia came to church. It was great to have them there. I feel like Jr has such a humble heart and that he wants to do what is right and is willing to make the needed changes in his life to get there. 

I am having the chance to play for the primary program and in sacrament more. It is nice. I am also teaching a part member family's children lessons. I feel like the fathers heart is being softened. They are a super solid family and I feel like we have a few part member families who are going to be accepting the gospel soon. It is so wonderful! 

This week we had the chance to go to the temple. Love it. We are going to be going hopefully this weekend as well with Ana and maybe carlos and the youth to do baptisms. It will be so awesome to go. I am excited for them! 

I am so grateful for the experiences that I am having and for all the things I am learning. I know that Heavenly Father loves each of us and that He is involved in the details of our lives. My dear friend and former companion, told me this today... <"No experience or trial goes unwasted" In Doctrine and Covenants it mentions when The Lord told Joseph smith that all he was going through at that time, afflictions and sufferings would be to give him experience and that it would be for thy(his) gain.>

It really is true. Sometimes in our life, we don't understand why things are happening but we have to learn and remember to just rely on the Lord, but everything we have in Him and we will come out stronger from it. We have to remember to see things or attempt to see them from His perspective and what there is in store for us. :)

I love you all a lot! I hope you are still reading and praying and doing great things. Have an amazing week! I'll be here off finding the tens of thousands! Remember who you are and to whom you belong too.

Love, Hermana Rife

pictures just old shoes and me emailing! temple and american flag at the temple. I love america. Hermana hill doesn't. my goal...convert her into a prideful american!  whooo hoo. :D 

I will be probably be spending a little bit of money on my card today. I need to buy some new black flats. I haven't had any since july and the pair that i have been wearing since last year is getting pretty beat up. I just thought I would let you know so that you would know. I also bought another journal from the temple because I am almost done with my other one. It was 15 dollars. 

Kynsie and her old worn out shoes!  :)

Kynsie emailing!  

On exchanges with Hermana Anderson 
" We ate corn on a stick with all the chili and delicious things there could be."
"It doesn't get more Hispanic than that!!!  It was delish!"  :D

Beautiful Houston Temple
"This week we had the chance to go to the temple.  Love it."

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