Monday, September 17, 2012

Mom & Dad
Sorry I forgot to tell ;you a few things.  I've seen Lyndsay Wygant and she is doing great as well as Gentry Frandsen ( I went w/her to Europe) and Ilekia Arakai (a girl from H.S.) and Rex Saito's ex-girlfriend.  I just got back from the temple and saw Sister Nixon and Sister Jarman!  It was cool!  I'll send those names home but I need a bigger envelope!  :)  Hermana Kelly's Birthday is on the 18th of this month.  I was thinking maybe you could send her some cupcakes or brownies or something!  I don't know what do you think?!  I also saw Tucker.  He is doing so great!  I see him daily!  He's so cool!  :)

                                                                    okay love you lots
                                                                          got to go to dinner & class

Hi Sweet Girl!  I just wanted to say hello and I hope you are doing great & having a super fun time at school! Keep working hard.  I love you lots!  Are you still in dance?  Keep smiling!!!

                                                                           <3, Kynsie

 Hope you are doing great!  I have been thinking & praying for you!  Keep working hard in school & being friends with Everyone!  I Love the MTC!  I Love this gospel & I am so grateful for our family!

                                                                           2 Nephi 31  -  <3 Kynsie

Tanner got a Letter!!!

How are you bud???  I Loved getting you letter & pictures!  They were so fun. Your teeth look great! :0  It sounds like you had a lot of fun at Seven Peaks!  It sounds like you have a busy schedule at school!  Are you liking your classed?  I bet mechanical drafting is so sun!  I always thought that seemed cool!  :)  The MTC is still great!  I love the spirit here!  I also love getting your letters.  It makes me super happy!  :)  I enjoy learning Spanish as well as gym time!  We go play volleyball & frisbee a lot & it is a lot of fun.  Be Good!  Choose the Right! and help Mom.  Love you tanny!  Miss you lots!  Write me soon!

Tan!  You snuck outta camp? Bud!!! Ha Ha Be Safe!  :)

                                                                             <3 your hermana Kyns

 On the back there was a letter from Kynsie's companion:

Hey Tanner!
Thanks so much for writing me :) !  I feel pretty honored to be a part of the Rife's fan club!  :)  I also love the outdoors.  I love taking pictures of people (only happy ones :) )  I saw parts of you video & congrats on getting the braces off.  It's liberating, eh?  Well hope to hear from you soon!  Be Good. No, But really.

                                                                              Hermana Kelly ( Your sister's #1 favorite companion)

Kynsie also wrote Kendra!  But I'm not sure where she has put her letter!  She likes to snag them up when they come for her and she somehow disappears with them!!! Kendra will have to post it later!!!  :)


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