Wednesday, April 24, 2013

pssss HELLO

Hi Family!!! 

How are you all doing? It sounds like you had another busy busy busy week. Tyler looks sharp in his tux. I knew he would though. Speaking of tyler....Aaron Perry, Sister Annette Burrnet's granddaughter called me and said hey we are passing through tomball and wanted to come say hi. We had an appointment close to where they were so we went and said hi. I had NO idea who she was. I felt so bad and then after I realized that she and her sisters or cousins were always hanging out at our house last summer with Tyler, Tanny, and Max. I was like ohhh I remember now! She is nice. I don't really know how she got my information but its okay. She and her father were here on business for Doterra and so yes. They were with a member of their ward who ended up giving hermana gutierrez a quick trim and she was SO grateful because this other lady messed up her hair. She seems nice and it was nice that they wanted to say hi! 

Anyways. Okay for the weeeeeeek! Our investigating friends are doing really good. Chris and John aren't going to be able to be baptized this weekend though. We were a bit bummed because they weren't able to come to church. Something happened and they couldn't. Tirza their mom feels so bad but they can't because they haven't been to church 3 times. :( We are just pushing it back one week but it is still a tiny bit sad. It will be okay though, it is in Heavenly Fathers hands. I know that we are working for him and He knew this was how it would be. They are doing really good other than that little thing! 

We met this new girl named Diana she is 14. She is the neighbor of one of our old investigators. She is super sweet and has lots of good questions about the different churches. I am excited that we are getting to teach her. We invited her to read the book of mormon and she is like um okay i can't this weekend but after I will read it. She wants to come to church and told us that if she finds out it is true then she will get baptized. I have a really good feeling about her! I love sharing the restoration with people. It can be so powerful if the spirit is strong and if they are wiling to open their heart a little to listen! 

Benardina is doing well. We helped her son kevin work on a school project about a zebra. It was intense and he is only in 1st grade. She didn't know how to help because she doesn't speak any english and didn't know what the teacher wanted. I think it helped her to know that we love her and that we really are there to help her. We also got to see her a few times this week to teach her. Her prayers are progressing and she is still reading the book of mormon! We just need to get her married and then baptized. :)

it is....Miracle time! About 3 weeks ago, we ate dinner with the Arzacs. They are from Argentina! We invited them to pray about people to share the gospel with and then to give them a pass-a-long card. They said well, we don't really know anyone here but we will try.  At english class hermano arzac said Hermanas I need a book of mormon. He said our neighbor found us and we are sharing the gospel with them. We were really excited. This last week when we ate with them they explained to us more about her and they are planning to give her the book of mormon and invite her over for a family night. It was neat how they prayed for someone and then she found them. Heavenly Father has it planned out and at times we just need to ask. :) 

This week I made swedish pancakes for Hermana Gutierrez and I. She loved them and it was really fun. I wanted to print a picture for Grandma Jensen but I don't know if I will have time. I hope I will. Oh the good memories with swedish pancakes. 

This week, I caught a frog. I kissed him and he didn't turn into my prince. I guess I will have to wait a few more months...haha  Just kidding. I didn't kiss him but we did catch him and then we saw our friend rupert the snake again. "Oh the oddessy of a sunday" okay. sorry other random story. Hermana Gutierrez likes to make up songs sometimes. We ran out of miles so we drove half our miles 3/4 way to church then walked the rest of the way and then after church the lopez family gave us a ride to our car so we could drive the rest of the way back. The whole way we were walking that is the song she was singing. She would add in other stuff like ohhhh we almost got hit by a car, we are walking by some smelly road kill, i think i see a aligator....ohhhh the oddessy of a sunday!!! and on and on. It was pretty funny. It was quite the adventure but hey you do what you got to do to be obedient.

Okay well I think this email has gone on long enough. Sorry it is so random today. I am glad to hear all is well with ya'll. This week is transfers and I was told there are 40 missionaries coming this transfer. It is going to be quite the experience! I am loving my mission. Please pray for the Rodrigous family. Thank you for all your love and support. Ps...Guess who is coming this weekend to TEXAS?  HERMANA RIVERA!!!! yay :) I am so excited. 

I love you all and i hope you all are reading the book of mormon. Remember who you are and to whom you belong too

Off finding the 10s of 1000s

Hermana Rife

Kynsie's $1 Sunglasses Broke...poor girl!!! 

The Rodrigous Family at church 

Kynsie at the Temple

"This week, I caught a frog. I kissed him and he didn't turn into my prince. I guess I will have to wait a few more months...haha  Just kidding. I didn't kiss him but we did catch him!"

A little better view of her friend the Frog!  
Trust Kynsie!

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